Grim Reaper of Iwa

Chapter 30

Going to be honest with you, this chapter won't be very long. This is the End of Part 1. Part 2 will begin with the Tournament Arc.


It took some preparation, but Tsunade was ready this time. After making sure Sakura and Kakashi were stable, she began preparations for Erza's eye transplant.

The girl lay on an operating table, ready for the Kyuubified Sharingan Eye of Itachi to be implanted. Naruto and Renji behind the viewing glass in support of the girl.

Tsunade took a steadying breath before implanting the eye, fully connecting it to the girl. That is when things went wild, almost like it did with Sakura. Erza's new Sharingan Eye made both eyes snap open. The Sharingan eye then shifted from its normal form to that of Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan and then to two other forms. That of the three pronged shuriken with a uzumaki swirl background and then to the Rinnegan…but it didn't stay there as it shifted back to a normal eye like her other Hazel eye. That is when her pupils dilated.


Erza found herself in an odd landscape. Every color was either black or red. However, on the black waters, she saw a man with a red moon illuminating him. "Who are you?"

"My name is….Itachi." The man said simply.

"Wait….your Itachi Uchiha…the same guy that Orochi-teme always ranted about?" Erza asked.

"It would seem so, but who are you?" Itachi asked.

"I am Erza Uzumaki! I was once a captive of that snake freak but Naruto Uzumaki save me and the other remnants of the Uzumaki Clan. Of course there still aren't many of us, but whatever works." The red headed girl replied without fear. Sure, she had heard of what he did, but there had to have been a good explanation…right?

"I see, but why have you implanted my eye into you?"

"Lady Tsunade said something about Sakura not being able to handle both eyes, so she gave Sakura one and me the other."

"I….should have thought of that myself." Itachi said uncomfortably. After all, it wasn't often that he was wrong. "Next question. Why did you need my eye specifically?"

"Because I lost my original eye to Orochi-teme and I needed a new one." Erza replied simply but then a fire ignited in her eyes. "Plus, I have the Kyuubi's energy implanted in it as well to stabilize it. I will share with Naruto the pain of being a Jinchuriki….or a pseudo one anyway. That way, when I am older, he will take me as well! I wish to protect him and be at his side!"

Itachi smiled at the girl's resolve. Truth be told, if he didn't like her answer, he was have killed her. "Well, that does explain, the beast's presence in here." Itachi said, pointing over to a chained up beast. "But I suppose it could help you control it more since it is not a part of Kyuubi anymore and has taken mind of its own….even if it is just a raging beast."

Before Erza could ask what he meant, Itachi merely pointed his finger at the beast and it seemed to blow up before reconverging on itself as a ball of red energy, then it fused with a another ball of blue energy and turning purple.

"Um….what are you doing?" Erza asked in confusion and awe.

"Stablizing the power of your Susanoo." Itachi said without emotion. Then the ball turned gold and expanded to show its new form. It was a golden version of Kyuubi with Itachi's Susanoo's old weapons in its hands.

"Whoa!" Erza said before it disappeared. "Thank you mister Itachi! Even though I have no idea what a Susanoo does, I will use it wisely.

Itachi chuckled. "I am glad to hear it Erza. Now, keep that mindset for the future and protect your precious people." He then walked over to the girl and put his hand on hear head. "Trust me you will be happier for it." With that, he gave her the last of his chakra before disappearing with a calm smile. He would let her figure out the rest of her powers on her own.


Once the vision was over, the girl glowed much like Sakura did and the group saw an image of Itachi smiling at the girl and then at them for a second before disappearing altogether.

"Well…that was new." Kenji replied.

"Right, so what next?" Naruto asked.

"We should let her rest." Tsunade replied and she shooed the two out of the room. She already had enough headaches with Naruto's new friends and what not, adding him into the mix just made it worse.


"So what is the problem?" Jiriaya asked Onoki straight up.

The short old man sighed. "Naruto will have his hands full, no doubt there. It would seem that things are worse than they were when Gato took over. The town was burnt to the group and in its place, Gato's Son's version of town is now in place. Chuck full of burning street, quickly breaking down brothels, and casino's coming out the ass. That shipping town is truly no more, but I dare not tell Naruto just yet. He needs to train a bit more to pull this off."

"That we can handle, but will he be able to handle what has become of the town?" Jiraiya asked seriously.

"I doubt it, the boy is too emotional, but it does work if we want that little prick killed." Onoki stated. "However, I have sent spies to the place and have learned that that the man has employed Rogue Konoha ANBU, other low class Shinobi, a few other businessmen, Ronin, and Pirates to help him with this little Tournament. No doubt they will be in the Tournament itself."

"That it?" Jiraiya asked.

"Pretty much, yeah." The Tsuchikage replied. "But I have sent Roshi and Han ahead to keep an eye on things for the time being. They will help Naruto when he needs it the most."

"Good, he might need it." The Toad Sage replied.

"Thankfully Kumo will be sending a Team to help him. Most likely one with his future fiancé." Onoki replied, making Jiraiya smirk. The treaty was almost done, so Naruto also had to deal with that as well. Still, the brat was living every man's dream.


Amarini Iyashii smiled darkly as his son's form on the operating table, his mother in tears. "What have you done!?" she screamed.

"Tsunami my dear." He started, only to get a glare from the woman and while it secretly hurt him, he brushed it off. "I had Dr. Amachi improve him. He is now the living embodiment of Sin. The Grim Reaper might be able to Summon versions of Sin, but he can't fully utilize Sin itself! Young Inari now can. I am so Proud!"

"You are a monster! My son didn't want this, I DIDN'T WANT THIS!" Tsunami screamed at the forced hushand. Oh yes, the man reappeared one day as things just got progressively worse in Wave and force her to marry him. It was horrible.

"But I did my dear." Amarini said with a smirk. I wanted it in myself, but I could have died, so I used my son and he survived because of his young body. But as you can see, this have changed for him. His looks are no longer young."

It was horrible yet true, Inari was once a mere child and now he was a 16 year old boy. He wasn't overly muscly, but lean like a ninja. Plus, due to the accelerated growth he endured through all the screaming that made the good Doctor nearly go deaf, he body was riddled with scars.

Ignoring his wife for the second, he calmly walked over to his son and bent low to his ear. "You've done it my son, now to can experience the joys of Sin itself! Kagaure can even be your wife if you so choose, I am done with her since I have your mother now." Inari woke up and growled like a feral animal. He struggled to break away from his bonds and looked to be succeeding, making his father smile insanely. "Just remember, this is all the Grim Reaper's fault."

Somehow, in Inari's now twist mind, the Sin of Wrath apped the words of his father and all he saw was red. "ARGH!" he roared, thinking only one thing.

Kill Naruto Uzumaki, the Grim Reaper.

Tsunami looked in fear at his son before sobbing as she was powerless to stop any of this from happening and her heart and spirit were breaking. Please save us Naruto. She silently pleaded to whoever was listening.


Naruto sighed as he stared at the sunset with peace one his face, but inside, he was worried. Wave was now an unknown once more. Just how bad was it there?

"Kurotsuchi, do you think we can save them again?"

"Oh I am sure of it. We just got to win that Tournament." Kurotsuchi replied calmly as she sat next to her boyfriend. Misa and Fu were making sure little Erza was ok. "So all we have to do in train."

"Yeah, we only have two weeks for that now." Naruto replied grimly.

"Didn't I say not to worry about it?" Kurotsuchi replied.

"Heh, but I need something to keep my mind off it."

Kurotsuchi smile slyly. "I have a few ways and since I have you all to myself at the moment, I have the perfect thing to do to pass the time."

"And that would be what?" Naruto asked.

"This." She then smashed her lips against his before sliping her hand down his pants.

"I like it." Naruto replied in a husky voice before attacking her lips again, making her moan.


A lemon for another time since I don't have a lot of time right now and I have been procrastinating for too long. Anyway, Like I said, this is the end of Part 1. Part 2 will come later as I deal with Part 2 Foxfire! You all asked for it so much that I said, what the hell.