This idea had been in my head for a while and that's all I have to say I don't want to expose to much.

A Place in the World.

Shortly after the museum closed for the evening Teddy was walking with Sacajawea through Central Park they stopped in front of one of the lakes talking about the tours they both had given (because remember now the museum becomes "alive" at night).

"You should have seen all the families I had their children seemed completely in shock when they saw a person they learned from history teaching to them but they were all so happy to be there". Teddy said but Sacajawea was silent.

"What's wrong"? Teddy asked putting his arm around her shoulder.

"It's just a silly thought". She said with a hint of depression.

"If you ever wish to talk to me about it remember I'm never to far away". He said kissing her hand. "Besides nothing you tell me can be more silly than what you tell me of "Bronze Head Teddy" at the Smithsonian". He added, Sacajawea chuckled at the thought of her experiences at that museum.

"Come along dear we better get going". Teddy pointed out that they practically spent the whole night in the park. They hopped on Texas and rode back to the museum.

When they were back in the museum Larry was a bit frantic and not the usual frantic.

"Lawerence what is the matter this time"? Teddy asked.

"We had a meeting and I heard the word on the grapevine is that a few new exhibits coming, some familiar and a new one McPhee is gonna tell me the details in the morning". He explained.

"Very well, dear I suggest we get to our places". Teddy said. They went back to their exhibits. Teddy was still wondering what Sacajawea was thinking off.

Sacajawea was sitting in her case opposite Lewis and Clark not arguing that they're lost rather arguing other the latest Yankee/Red Sox game. She was thinking of all the happy families that she see's coming through the museum each day and has always though what it would be like to have a child of her own. She laughed at the thought since she and Teddy could not produce a child since they were made of wax...Little did she know.

Well that's the first chapter hope you like it and I will keep coming up with ideas.