Trekkies and Travelers:

It was about two weeks since the museum got the news of a few new exhibits coming most unfortunately for Larry were all to familiar including General Custer, the Wright Bros. and of course the three men whom he call the "Terrible Trio" the like of Al Capone, Ivan the Terrible and Napoleon Bonaparte, but he had a sigh of relief when he heard Amelia Earhart was in the mix. The museum was still baffled when the last exhibit did not have a description all it said was "New Frontiers" there was a lot of talk about what it might mean.

Jed and Octavius were having there usual rambles.

"I'm tellin' ya feather head what can this new exhibit be". Jed asked his equal sized friend.

"Well I know when I hear frontiers it makes me think of Star Trek". The Roman said Jeds jaw dropped to the floor.


Larry heard the noise and ran into the diorama room to see a war ready to take place.

"Alright everyone put down the weapons before I close the doors on ya". Larry ordered before getting hit by roman catapults. He promptly grabbed Jed an Octavius who stopped the "war".

"Oh great it's Gigantor". Jed moaned.

"What is it now Larry can't you see we are in a fight for glory". Octavius said.

"What's it about now you two". He asked.

"Skirt boy hear is a trekkie and I'm tryin' to convert him". Jed spoke.

"Okay 1: I'm gonna have to agree with Jed on this. 2: If your guessing what the new exhibit is about I have the file right here". He said as he looked through he bag. He turned to see Dexter took the file.

"Ohh great here we go". The night guard said he leapt at the simian. He of course missed, Dexter climbed up onto a certain presidents shoulder and gave him the file.

"Lawrence you have to learn to not be so rash with animals in a way they are our relatives". Teddy said giving Larry the file.

"Yea but, I hope the monkey is a distant relative". Larry said under his breath. "Hey can I get everyone's attention for a second please". Larry called in the lobby of course no one listened. Teddy then blew his hunter's bugle and everyone stopped in their tracks.

"Thank you Teddy, now everyone now I know ere have been all curious about the new exhibit coming, some more than others". He said eyeing Jed and Octavius who held their pint-sized heads low.

"Here's the official report". He said opening the booklet but the paper was not there. He turned to see a smiling Dexter and a wet piece of paper.

"New Frontiers: This all new exhibit will highlight the life's of various children who have joined a wagon train with their families to make the journey west and build the young United States". Teddy memorized, suddenly everyone began talking about how this kids will be like...except Larry who was still trying to strangle Dexter.

Sacajawea was ecstatic this might be the chance see was hoping for.

Yea I know this chapter sucked I didn't give Sacajawea any dialogue which in a way is sort of in character in the first movie after Larry broke her out of the case she did speak very little.