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Unfolding- Chapter One

Teddy Lupin


Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

Teddy Lupin. Even if the name was uttered once in a Potter or Weasley household, everyone's attention was caught. All the adults, and even the children, were very protective of their Teddy, with his curly turquoise hair and gray eyes.

Teddy had a passion for the color pink that no one ever understood. He alone knew that it was because his mother preferred her hair bubblegum. It was the only distinct thing he remembered about her.

He also had a soft spot for animals. His godfather Harry had told him that his dad was a werewolf. That alone got Teddy interested in all magical creatures, and defensive over shunned ones, like werewolves and elves.

Teddy never truly had a solid home. Everyone treated him as family, as their own child or sibling, which in a way he was. He had his own room, his own place, in everyone related to the Weasleys, Potters, Tonks', or Lupins. He would usually stay with Harry and Ginny, but spent a lot of time with Bill and Fleur too. Molly, though- well, she was VERY motherly to Teddy, in a very different way than his own mother would have been.

Teddy was the sweetheart of the Weasley/Potter/him clan. He was great with the little ones, and Hugo actually offered to trade Rose for him once. His best friend, Victoire, was the polar opposite of him, except for both of their great looks. Perhaps that's what brought them so close, eventually leading them to a relationship.

Teddy missed his parents, even though he never really knew them well. He couldn't possibly ask for a better godfather than Harry, though, who always welcomed him with open arms and treated him like his own brother, sometimes even son.

Teddy Lupin could never have wanted a better life. He knew his parents died for a good cause, and that they would be proud of him. He loved staying with Bill and Fleur, Ginny and Harry, Hermione and Ron, even George and Angelina. He loved, with all his heart, his great big family.

Even though they may not be related by blood, Teddy loved his family more than he thought possible.

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