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Food Fight- requested by I Am (RobxStar)

Really it started out as nothing, just a simple cooking lesson. She had insisted on learning on how to make Earth foods, and he had been more than happy to help. However it wasn't a task that could be completed easily. Sure they had already baked a fluffy blueberry pie, but Robin had done most of that. Starfire insisted that for their next attempt she would assist more.

"Robin, are you sure this recipe is correct? It says to stir the eggs with the batter but they form such unappealing lumps."

Robin peeked over from where he was, setting the trays up to assist in the baking of chocolate chip cookies. He snickered as he caught the disarray appearance of his best friend.

Her face, hair and entire front of her apron was coated in a thick layer of flour, her hand sticky with the uncooked dough. She held up an egg in each hand, staring at them with a confused expression on her face that Robin felt quite adorable.

"That's because you have to crack the eggs, Star. Be careful though, you don't want any eggshells in the batter," he explained, smirking slightly.

She nodded, turning back to the enormous bowl of batter, staring at it determinedly. She cracked her neck, bringing the two eggs together, and began smashing them repeatedly.

Robin was at her side in an instant. "Here, let me," he said hastily, taking the mauled eggs from her hands. She smiled gratefully as she handed them over. Robin glanced in dismay at the batter below, but sighed in relief when it appeared to be clear of eggshells. He carefully cracked the eggs one at a time, being extremely cautious of the tattered brown casings. Starfire made little noises of amazement at how quickly and efficiently he had added the eggs.

"There," he breathed accidently wiping flour on his forehead. At this sight, Starfire could not contain a giggle.

"What?" he asked, his inquisitive expression raising his mask.

She chuckled once more, pointing to the white on his face. "You have been tainted by the flour," she said cheekily.

He glanced upward, going cross-eyed as he did so. He then placed his hands on his hips. "I've been tainted in flour?" he questioned skeptically, his eyes scoping her from head to toe.

She followed his gaze and blushed. "Oh, I was not aware…"

Her expression was so hysterical that Robin burst out laughing. She pouted then smiled mischievously. She turned to the batter and stirred it forcefully, bits and pieces flying everywhere. She then scooped a glob with her fingers and flung it at his cackling form. It also stuck on his forehead, but it dripped down his nose.

He halted his laughter, wiping some of the substance off with his finger. His eyes narrowed playfully. "Oh, that's how you like to play, huh?"

He too, withdrew some batter from the bowl; however he took out a much larger amount. Instead of throwing it though, he tauntingly smeared the sticky substance all over her face. He smiled at her shocked reaction. She paused for only a moment, and then the food fight of the century commenced.

It was a mad dash to the dough. Robin preferred to roll it up in balls before he launched it at Starfire, while she on the other hand just threw it like crazy. Soon they were both incased in dough and flour. When they ran out of ammo, Starfire merely tackled him to the ground. They fell over laughing.

Almost immediately their laughter died away. It took them a moment to realize just how close they were. Robin turned a bright red as he wiped a dripping blob of dough under her eye. She gave a small smile, her emerald eyes shining brightly.

"Robin?" she asked softly, and he felt his breathing hitch from the ways she said his name.


This was it.

"Do…Do you…?" he voice trailed away.

He frowned slightly, his hands clenched and unclenched from nervousness. "Do I what?"

Her expression grew serious. "Do you like…no…do you love-"

Oh god, she was gonna say it. And he had to answer.

"Yes, Star?" he gulped.

"Do you love pie?"

Before he could question her, she reached up to the counter and slammed the pie in his face, its contents splattering everywhere.


Carnival- requested by missPink (BBxRae)

Was this a date? No, but he kinda wished it was. Wait…what? What was he saying? So soon after the whole Terra thing too. If he ever, ever mentioned that to her, she would lose it. She would send him through a portal to hell before he could explain.

"So…are we just going to stand here?" Raven deadpanned.

The sound of her droning voice jerked Beast Boy out of his thoughts. His face went red and he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as he remembered that it was only him and her standing there. They had gone on one of their rare trips to the carnival, and again, they went their separate ways.

"Uh, well Robin and Star just got in line for the Ferris wheel and I'm pretty sure Cyborg is trying to creep on some chicks," the green changeling gestured to the half-robotic man talking to a cluster of girls a few yards away.

Raven snorted. "Wouldn't be the first time."

"Ha, yeah…" Beast Boy gave her a toothy grin, and she raised her eyebrows in response.

"So…" she said after a moment of awkward silence. "Can we go home now?"

Beast Boy folded his arms and narrowed his eyes slightly. Was she joking? Wait, no, scratch that, Raven would never joke.

"Um, I'm pretty sure we just got here, Rae."

She gave him a murderous look.

"-ven," he finished, squeaking.

She stared at him a moment longer and then sighed. "I don't suppose there's an empty space to meditate here," she wondered out loud.

"What?!" he asked in disbelief. "Come on Rae-I mean Raven, you've gotta have some fun at the carnival! Robin never lets us go to places like this!"

"With good reason," she muttered.

Beast Boy sighed in exasperation. There was no getting through to her! "Whatever," he said grumpily, turning the other way. His eye caught something interesting, and before Raven could protest he grabbed her hand and jerked her over to the location.

"This better be good," she growled, rubbing her arm.

He nodded, smiling mischievously. "Just thought I'd win you another prize to go with that chicken I got you," he smirked.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Thanks, but no thanks." She started to walk away when she felt a green kitten tugging on her cape. "That doesn't work on me you know."

The kitten looked at her with bulging green eyes. Raven cringed. Was she really going through with this? Yes, anything for Beast Boy to leave her alone. She nudged him aside with her foot and leaned against the supporting beam of the game stand. She huffed at his satisfied expression, and then his features narrowed in determination.

As Raven waited for her "green hero," (Pfff yeah, right) to win her a prize, she tried to locate her friends. She spotted Cyborg scarfing down a rack of ribs by the concession stand. She smirked as she saw a worried mother guide her child away from the bulky cyborg. She then located her other friends, talking to each other eagerly as they boarded the Ferris wheel's car. She thought she saw Robin take Starfire's hand and rolled her eyes at that. About time.

She felt a finger tapping on her shoulder. She glanced reluctantly to her left to see Beast Boy holding something behind his back with that cute grin on his face. Wait…did she just say…?

"Told you I'd win you another prize!" he exclaimed, shoving an obnoxiously large plush doll of himself towards her. She surveyed it thoroughly, her lip curling in disgust. "Uh…thanks."

Beast Boy beamed and then-and she didn't mind it as much this time-took her hand to lead her to their next destination.

Jealousy (RobxStar)

"Hello, my little bumgorf!" Starfire exclaimed, as she ran a hand down the back of her beloved Silkie. He let the unmistakable sound of purring erupt from deep within his chest as he nuzzled against her touch.

He loved his k'norfka more than anything in the entire world, even better than Zorka berries, which was saying something. He made a sound of adoration as she continued to pet him and coo.

Suddenly a pair of arms encircled his k'norfka's waist, pulling her away from him. She gave a startled noise, and then burst into a chorus of high pitched giggles. He growled in annoyance at her sudden absence. Who would have the nerve to take her away?

Of course it was him. It was always him.

He always took her away from Silkie. It wasn't fair. He surely was pure evil with his green hands, and red chest. His skin was pale and pasty and his hair was an eerie ink color. His eyes were soulless and hid evil amongst them.

He had never been a threat before, but slowly, discreetly, he slithered his way between the bond Silkie and his Starfire. A bond that had been unbreakable, until now.

"Robin!" Starfire squealed, turning around and wrapping her arms around his neck. Silkie watched in disgust as he pressed his lips to hers.

Ugh. What about lip contact did humans find so enticing? His k'norfka had been unsure about this particular action at first, and with good reason. However this brightly clad devil had brainwashed her into believing this was an appropriate and completely normal thing to do. That demon!

When they finally, finally broke apart, the devil thought he could touch Silkie. He reached a green hand out but the mutant worm shrunk back hissing. The devil jerked his hand away.

"Whatsa matter Silkie? Are you mad at something?" Robin asked, glancing inquisitively at Starfire.

She shrugged in response. She bent down, patting her legs. "Here my little bumgorf, come to your k'norfka!"

Silkie leapt into her tan arms eagerly. Glaring at the devil with narrowed slits.

Starfire beamed down at her little pet. She looked up at Robin. "I do not know what came over him. But I believe he has been calmed." She brought her arms away from her body, toward him.

Robin smiled. "Good." He reached a hand over to caress the slimy worm's back. He reared in panic, hissing at the soulless devil. If he thought he was going to touch him after what he had done than he was out of his mind!

Silkie lunged out and bit the Boy Wonder's hand.

"Ouch!" Robin cried, yanking his hand away.

"Silkie!" Starfire scolded, bringing him level to her face. "What has gotten into you?" She placed him on the sofa and glared at him.

"It's okay, Star," Robin spoke, placing a hand on her shoulder. "He didn't get me too bad. Besides, maybe he's just jealous." His last words had been a joke, but Silkie didn't think it was amusing. His anger intensified when the devil made the "I'm watching you sign."

Starfire turned to him, a mischievous smile crossing her features. "But do you still wish for me to cover it with the healing kisses?"

Robin jut out his lip like an injured puppy. "Yes, pwease."

Starfire giggled and kissed his hand. She started to pull away but he grabbed her hips and turned her to face him once more. Their lips meant again and Silkie had to turn away in disgust. Any second now and it would end, it would go away.

But it didn't.

That devil took her face in his, his hands running down her back. He let out these unusual noises that made Silkie growl. As the devil grabbed onto his k'norfka's waist once more, he backed them up until the fell on the couch and onto him!

Silkie yelped in pain and fell off the sofa, squirming on the ground.

Starfire broke the lip contact with a gasp, at his side in an instant.

"Oh, my poor Silkie! Here let your k'norfka tend to your wounds!"

She scooped him up and flung him over her shoulder so his head faced Robin's dazed once. He gave a noise of evil amusement at the devil's unbelieving face.

Fastest Boy Alive- requested by Sofia Michelle (FlashxJinx)

"You can't be serious."

"I am."

"What? So we get together and now you decide to just fly off?"

Kid Flash shrugged. "Well, I'm actually running off."

Jinx gave him a murderous stare in response.

"Ok, sorry, that wasn't funny," he put his hands up in defense. "Hey, look it's not really my fault. Robin wants me to go around looking for Titans so we can form a Titans South. I've already got Argent to join, and you and I are gonna be in it, so really there isn't a lot left to do."

Jinx huffed. "Whatever."

Kid Flash pulled her into his arms with a grin. "Aw, come on, don't be like that! I'll take you out for a really nice dinner after I'm back."

She sighed. "Alright, but it better be somewhere nice."

"It will be," he promised, kissing her. He paused for a moment, pulling away from her.

"Ugh, what's wrong now?" Jinx complained her hands on her hips.

A mischievous smile crossed Kid Flash's features. "Well, I've got a little bit of time to kill…and seeing that you and I have nowhere to be at the moment…" his voice trailed off as his fingers walked up her arm lazily.

"Oh, no," she said immediately drawing away from him. "You know I'm not that kind of girl."

Kid Flash snorted. "Oh, come on. They don't call me 'Fastest Boy Alive' for nothing."

Jinx rolled her eyes. "I know. You remind me constantly."

"Fine, be like that." He folded his arms and turned so his back was towards her. His lip jut out in a pout. He waited a few moments and then tried not to laugh when he heard her sigh again.

"What…exactly do you want to do?"

"Well…" he tried to sound casual, "I was hoping to get to first, but I wouldn't oppose to stealing second."

"Wow, you're really prude you know that?" she questioned sarcastically.

Flash turned around to face her. "I'll take that as a yes!"

And before she could reject him further he grasped her hand, and raced her to the most intimate place a girl can imagine. A clump of bushes.

Do You Play? (RobxStar)

"Wow, dudes check this out!" BB raced over to the sofa, peering over the edge to investigate what lay beyond.

"It's a piano, big whoop," Raven droned, floating past it and to the comforts of her own room.

"Question is, how did it get here?" Cyborg questioned.

Robin waltzed over to the randomly placed instrument and inspected it, searching for some kind of tag. He found one dangling on the edge of piano's seat. He cringed at the name scrawled on it.

Bruce Wayne.

Robin ripped off the tag and crumpled it in his fist before anybody else could find it. "I don't know, it doesn't say," he lied smoothly.

Beast Boy and Cyborg glanced at each other, shrugged, and then raced to the gym; a sparring match had been declared earlier that day.

Starfire floated over to the piano and touched it hesitantly with her finger. The black wood was smooth and polished beneath her finger. She looked up at Robin with an inquisitive expression on her face.

"Robin, what is this whimsical device? It seems to bring joy amongst humans from what I have read. Does it provide tasty snack? Or perhaps it is some form of roller coaster?"

The Boy Wonder tossed the piece of parchment he had ripped off before turning to his best friend with a smile.

"No, Star, this is a piano. It's a type of musical instrument. You press these keys and sound come out."

"Oh, I see," she responded in interest. "But why would someone wish to give us such an instrument?"

Robin's shoulders slumped. "Probably some sort of sick joke," he mumbled, thinking of all the piano lessons Bruce had forced him to attend.

"Oh, Robin, do you perhaps play the piano?" Starfire asked, eagerly shaking his arm.

He pulled away lightly. He shook his head, his cheeks reddening. "No, I-I never have."

She frowned for a moment surveying his expression, then her face lit up in realization. She gasped out loud when she noticed her discovery.

"Oh! You do play! You are a liar! Will you please grant me the pleasure of playing a song, Robin? Oh, why would you wish to hide something like this?"

Robin groaned, smacking his forehead as he tried to hush Starfire. "Well, it's not exactly the manliest thing to do in the whole wide world. Cyborg and Beast Boy would make fun of me if they found out."

Starfire nodded, her eyes displayed her understanding. "I see, but Robin, you should not be afraid of them, you are one of the manliest males I know."

Robin perked up at this. "Really?"

She giggled then nodded. "Now, play the instrument please." She dragged him over to the seat, plopping down beside him.

He scratched his head for a moment, familiarizing himself with the various keys. He cracked his knuckles in one smooth motion and began to play. The song he chose was a mere exercise he had once learned, but he made it more complicated as he went along with it. The music echoed around the room, its melodies sailing and twisting in the air. His fingers glided gracefully along the keys, Starfire watching his every move.

When he had finished, she placed her head on his shoulder and sighed. Robin forced his heartbeat to remain at normal speeds.

"That was glorious," she whispered.

"Thanks," he laughed nervously, before clearing his throat. "Now you try."

Starfire bit her lip in concentration as she reached a delicate hand out. In one quick motion she pressed a key and squealed in excitement as it made a noise.

Robin laughed. "Now that was glorious."

Old News (RobxStar)


"Yeah, Star?"

She tapped her index fingers together nervously. "Well, um…I was wondering…since we have known each other for quite some time, and I have my complete trust in you as my best friend…that maybe…you would wish to tell me…your name?"

Robin cocked his head to the side. "You already know my name."

She laughed nervously, flicking her hair over her shoulder as the night breeze played with it. They had been sitting atop Titans' Tower for quite some time now. It was their discreet way of telling the others that they wanted alone time.

"Well…you misunderstand me. I wish to know…your true name."

"Oh…" Robin tugged at his collar. Should he tell her? They had been friends for a really long time now….maybe it was time she knew.

"Okay," he said after a moment. "But on one condition."

Starfire regarded him with a slightly wary expression. "Yes? Explain your terms."

"You have to tell me your real name first. Your Tamaranian name," he explained.

"Oh, I suppose that is reasonable," she pondered. "My given name is Koriand'r."

"…Wow," he said after a moment. "That sure is different." He tensed when noticed that he fiery emerald eyes were fixed on him in wonder. She was waiting for him to follow through on his part of the deal. "Um, Richard…Richard Grayson."

"Richard," she breathed, testing the name on her lips. "Richard, it is a marvelous name."

Wow, he loved the way she said it. It made his stomach do flips. "But, my nickname is Dick."

He was surprised when he saw her face fall. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said quietly, her eyes showing her disappointment. "It is just that…I had hoped that I was the only one to know you name."

What? Now he was confused. "You are," he insisted.

It was her turn to cock her head to the side. "But friends Cyborg and Beast Boy refer to you as "the dick" quite frequently."

Scoot- requested by Sofia Michelle (BBxRae)

Great, just great.

Practically everyone in the tower had left for the day. Cyborg had gone to fix something or other for Titans East, and Robin and Starfire had attempted on going out on a "friendly outing." At least that's what the Boy Blunder called it.

Usually being alone in the tower wasn't a bad thing for Raven, but today was an exception. She had to spend twenty four hours, alone, with Beast Boy.

The empath shuddered. Okay, so it hadn't been all that bad so far. But he was bound to come in complaining about something, and she was just at the climax in her book. Sure enough, just when she was sure the protagonist was going to spend the rest of his life in an Azar-forsaken prison of darkness, the green changeling entered the ops room sighing obnoxiously.

Raven raised her eyes from her book in annoyance. "Can I help you?" she asked in her same expressionless voice.

"Um…yeah! You can start by actually being fun, and spending time with me instead of just sitting around, reading!" he complained, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation.

Raven merely stared at him for a moment before shrugging and returning to her novel. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of satisfaction when Beast Boy groaned in response.

He plopped down on the sofa, not quite next to her, but close enough for her to feel the vibrations of his bouncing. She rolled her eyes, sighing.

"Can you cut it out?" she droned.

BB gave her an evil look before she returned to her reading once more. She felt him scoot a little closer to her, and in turn she scooted away. Again he moved his being slightly closer to hers. She looked up with a suspicious glance before scooting away once more. There was an evil smirk on his face as he moved next to her once more. Raven tried to keep her eyes on the words in her book, although they were just blurry squiggles in her mind now. She really couldn't focus.

She scooted over once more…and suddenly there was no couch beneath her.

The empath let out a strangled yell before toppling over to the ground. Beast Boy peered over at her disheveled form and burst out in hysterics. In a matter of moments however, he too was tossed on the ground, encased in black energy.

"Hey!" he shouted, "No fair!"

"All's fair in love in war," Raven reasoned. She watched her friend's eyebrows shoot up to his hairline at this comment. "…And this is definitely war," she added quickly.


Go-Karts-requested by Shadow Kats Meow

He had always wanted to take her there, and now seemed like the perfect moment. The Go-Kart place; where else would be the ideal location for a splendid first date? Starfire loved power and force, and games. She would certainly love this place.

Perhaps a little more than Robin had anticipated.

"Ahhh!" she cried joyfully, ramming her kart into Robin's. His own mobile rocketed backward making his stomach heave painfully. He kept telling himself that as long as she was having fun, that that would be alright with him. However he didn't know how much more of a beating he could take. Seriously, when would he lose a lung? It was sure to happen any second now.

Starfire, unaware of Robin's pained reactions, steered her Kart towards his, ready for another attack. Thankfully, he managed to swerve out of the way. He had a feeling that she was confusing Go-Karts with Bumper Cars. Oh, boy. How would he explain THAT to her without getting injuried?

"Star," he heaved as she rammed her Kart into his once more. His eyes rolled painfully in the back of his head. "Um, Star?" he wheezed.

Her eyes filled with sudden horror. "Oh, ROBIN! Have I injuried you?" Her voice was full of worry.

"Not yet," he strained, "But enough with the bumping now, if you don't mind. I think Go-Karts are more for driving then they are for hitting."

"Oh," she said, her face turning pink. "Yes, I believe you are correct. How foolish of me. My apoligizes."

"It's fine," he assured her. He hated it when she felt down. He wanted this first date to memoriable, and he wanted to leave her feeling like she needed to go on more with him. That was his mission. "Maybe we can go try the bumper cars later."

She squealed in excitement, her eyes glowing fondly at him. He smiled back at her, but he was cringing inwardly. What exactly had he just agreed to? Whatever it was, it didn't matter. As long as she was by his side.

And it didn't even seem that bad when he coughed up a lung later that night.

Over exaggerating – (my personal favorite) (RobxStar)

Beast Boy was completely and utterly bored. It was a hot summer's day, too hot in his opinion. Cyborg had been in the gym all day refusing to budge, even when the changeling begged him to play video games. Raven was in her room as always, meditating. He wasn't sure where Robin and Starfire were, but it didn't matter anyway.

Beast Boy sat in his room and cranked the AC up to full blast. Content with the coolness on his oddly colored skin, he began to doze off…

He woke up with his teeth chattering. WOW! It was freezing! Desperate to replenish the heat in his body, he raced to the hottest place in the entire tower: the roof. He left the door open as he leapt onto the hot concrete, sighing as he basked in the rays of the scorching sun. He felt better already. He was about to head back down when he heard a giggle. His ears perked at the high-pitched, happy noise. If he didn't know better he'd say that sounded like Starfire.

Sure enough the redheaded Tamaranian was floating a few inches above the ground several yards to his right. Her back was to him, and by the looks of it she didn't seem bothered by the heat at all.

She's lucky, Beast Boy thought.

Upon closer observation he also noticed that she wasn't alone. Robin stood next to her, but unlike Starfire, he was visibly sweating. They seemed to be staring up at what looked like a cluster of butterflies, floating aimlessly around.

Starfire laughed once more as a butterfly landed on her finger. She turned to Robin expectantly, her huge emerald eye glowing brightly.

"Please, what do you call these strange creatures?" she questioned, holding out the monarch on her little appendage.

The Boy Wonder laughed heartily. "Butterflies," he told her.

Starfire nodded in amazement then turned her attention back to the colorful winged insect. It flapped its wings upon her finger for a few more moments before joining its comrades once more. She looked a little disappointed of its absence before she was once again taken over by the magic of the colored swarm above her head.

Beast Boy saw Robin staring dreamily, not at the butterflies, but at the Tamaranian herself. He craned his neck ever so slightly when he reached his gloved hand to grasp her tan one. Starfire looked back at him, smiling. He returned the smile and then they both grew serious. Beast Boy's eyes bulged as they leaned in ever so slightly.

"Ahhh!" he shrieked sprinting down the steps and away from the rooftop. He shouldn't have seen that, he shouldn't have seen that.

Meanwhile on the rooftop the odd couple halted their leaning and snapped their heads at his outburst. Robin let go of Starfire's hand and they worriedly made their way over to the steps, but of course the green changeling was nowhere to be seen.

Starfire looked quizzically at her teammate. "What was that peculiar noise?"

Robin placed a hand to his chin in thought, their romantic moment completely forgotten between the two. "I'm not sure, but it sounded like Beast Boy."

She gave a little gasp at his discovery. "Perhaps he is in need of assistance?" Her eyes sparked with worry for her friend.

He nodded. "Yeah, I'll check the hallways near the training room. You check any area near the ops room, okay?"

Starfire nodded as she flew down the steps, seeking out her little green friend. Robin followed soon after that, his face a determined mask.

"Ahhh!" Beast Boy continued to yell as he ran down the hallways. He was so dead! He bolted into Raven's room without second thought. Normally he would have seriously debated on whether or not this action would cost him his life, however he was in panic mode.

"Raven, Raven!" He screamed scrambling onto her. She shrieked in surprised before pushing him off of her angrily.

"Beast Boy!" she snarled. "What are you doing here? This better be good!"

He nodded vigorously. "I just saw something Raven. Something that may possibly cost me my life."

She stared at him blankly. "I highly doubt that."

"It's true!" he huffed. "But…I can't tell you. It's a secret."

"Okay," Raven continued indifferently, bringing herself in the lotus position once more.

The green changeling looked around eagerly for a few moments before finally blurting out what was on his mind. "Ok, fine I'll tell you. Robin and Star were totally making out!"

Raven opened one of her eyes casually, just so she could roll it at her teammate. "Um…"

"It's true! Are you calling me a liar?!"

The empath sighed; clearly she wasn't going to be able to meditate right now. "Beast Boy, think about it. You might have thought you saw them but honestly, does it seem like Robin would just toss aside all of his morals?"

BB scratched his head. "Well, um…whatever Rae, I know what I saw!" He dashed out of her room out into the hallway once more. If she didn't believe him that wasn't his problem.

He began to look worriedly over his shoulder. Would Robin come after him? Would Starfire? He was so deep in his worries that he barely noticed Cyborg until he bumped into the cybernetic teen.

"Hey, BB," he greeted the changeling enthusiastically, "What's up?"

"Cy," Beast Boy, cut in, ignoring his greeting, "can you keep a secret?"

"Well…yeah," Cyborg answered, his tone immediately becoming wary. "What is it?"

He took a deep breath looking around once more before exploding. "I totally saw Robin and Starfire making out!"

"I know right?! It was with teeth and tongue and everything! And now I'm so dead!" he whined, his voice shaking.

Cyborg placed his hand on his hips. "Uh…do I even wanna know?"

Beast Boy's eyes grew wide with terror. "I'm so dead because they'll know that I saw them! Robin will totally slit my throat with his bird-a-rang. Then Star will totally go all warrior princess and blast me! Or…or…worst of all-"

"What could be worse than that?" he asked his eyes equally wide with fear.

Beast Boy lowered his voice to a desperate whisper. "Robin will call…Batman to take me out personally. Cyborg, I'm too young to die!"

The half-robot patted BB on the back comfortingly. "Wow, dude, I am so glad I'm not you."

The green Titan dropped the act for a moment, his expression turned skeptical. "Well, you're not much better! Now that you know, they'll totally kick your butt too!"

Cyborg gasped and then shook with fright. "No!"

"Just, lay low dude. We let Robin know-"

"Let me know what?"

The two fools flipped around, their eyes betraying their panic before they forced themselves to calm down.

"Uh," Cyborg spoke first, "…know that…we've been training hard core in the gym!"

Robin cocked his head to the side. "Oh, so that's where you guys were. Star and I heard Beast Boy scream so we thought you were in trouble. Well…at least I know you're okay. So, how did you guys make out?"

"Make out?" Beast Boy squeaked. "We didn't make out. What makes you think we made out with anyone? Not that you've made out with anyone…Hahaha," he laughed nervously his eye twitching.

Robin frowned. "Um…yeah…"

"Well we gotta go, uh, you know…train some more. We'll see you soon Rob!" Cyborg bellowed grabbing Beast Boy before booking it in the direction of the training room.

The team leader stood in the hallway bewildered what had just happened exactly? Suddenly Raven exited her room, her face shielded behind one of her books. She passed Robin and he glanced at her quizzically.

"Don't look at me, I don't know a thing," she droned, not even glancing up.

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