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Get Scared-requested by emmausgirl94-(Kid FlashxJinx)

Kid Flash could run, create windstorms with his own two feet, and even move his particles through solid objects if he wanted to.

However he was especially good at darts.

It wasn't often that darts came in handy with crime fighting, but he had to admit, it was fun to rub his special skills in his girlfriend's face, because she couldn't aim for her own life.

This annoyed Jinx greatly, because her powers and aiming went hand in hand. If she couldn't aim then what was the point of using her powers at all? However at the same time, how could she ask her overly confident and arrogant boyfriend to help her? The answer was she couldn't, he would just have to figure it out for himself.

Kid Flash was fast, but he could also be slow. Nonetheless he eventually figured out that Jinx's moping had to do with her lack of skill for darts, and so he so selflessly offered to help her. She turned down his request of course, but after a bit of probing she managed to get over her feelings and oblige.

"Close one eye if you have to," Kid Flash suggested for what seemed like the thousandth time as Jinx tried to focus on the target in front of her. It seemed to taunt her with its consuming colors, like an angry eye giving her the death stare.

"I know, I know but it isn't working, it's no use," she huffed after failing to come close to the bulls-eye once again.

He smirked, leaning against a table and surveying his annoyed girlfriend with a mocking stare. "Well I guess some people are just un-teachable."

"Not. Funny," she snipped.

"Alright, alright," he said shrugging, "but don't expect me to be all cheery. It's hard work watching you fail."

Jinx's eyes narrowed into slits. He really shouldn't test her temper when she was holding something so pointy in her hand. "I said…stop."

Flash put his hands up peacefully. "Hey I'm stopping; I promise…" he glanced up at the ceiling, another smirk making its way onto his face. "Hopefully you'll stop soon too, this is seriously painful."

"Ugh!" she grunted angrily hurling the dart at the target with great force. Both of them watched with a mixture of surprise and proudness as the tip struck the pierced the bulls-eye perfectly. As Jinx nodded firmly at her accomplishment she turned around to face her boyfriend, her arms crossed. "Do you wanna know what I was thinking of hitting when I threw that?"

Kid Flash looked unsure when he answered, "Uh…my…head?"

Jinx half laughed, half scoffed. "You wish it was your head."Now it was her turn to smirk as she glanced downwards. Flash followed her gaze and then gasped in horror, his mouth suddenly very dry. He made a sprint for the door but on his way out he heard her cackling threateningly

"Get scared…get very scared."


Beast Boy was starting to get abs.

It was a matter of time! He practically did curl-ups and lifted weights every day! Not to mention the constant calls for help in Jump City. He was extremely proud of the fact that he had muscle, and he wanted the others who lived in the tower to take notice.

So he dumped all of his belts into the washer, and then the drier, until they were exactly a size smaller.

Finally, after much squeezing and squirming-not to mention grunts of pain-the goofy Titan managed to wriggle himself into his now incredibly snug accessory….well…almost. It wouldn't fit up his hips all the way so it fit nicely just below his waistline. Hey, anything for showing off, right?

BB hopped around the tower, eager to let the other Titans know that he was a man now, and that they should seriously consider calling him something other than Beast Boy.

Now let's see…where would I go if I were a spiky-headed workaholic?

He snapped his fingers as a sudden thought occurred to him. The training room!

Once he had hopped his way over to the sliding doors of the workout room, he peered his green head to check inside for the Boy Wonder. What he instead found was a disgusting display of the masked hero and Starfire in a heavy make-out session.

With a jerk of his head, Beast Boy struggled not to throw up as he made his was to ops, and plopped himself on the couch, exhausted from hopping all that way. He was focused so hard on not focusing on what he just saw, that he almost didn't notice the pale empath sitting next to him on lotus position.

"Gah! Geez, Rae don't just creep up on me like that!" he complained, casting an annoyed glance toward her direction.

Raven opened on eye so she could survey the changeling in disapproval. "I was already here. I'm pretty sure there could be an elephant stampede and you wouldn't notice."

Beast Boy was about to retort with a comeback-it was actually good this time according to him-when he suddenly noticed that Raven wasn't wearing her clock….and that a lot more of her back was exposed then he realized….and that her shoes were off so it was just her pale moonlight skin glinting back at him….and she actually looked….good.

Suddenly that damn belt felt a lot tighter.

"Oh, boy, I've lost him," Raven rolled her eyes to herself as she took in his slack jawed expression. Although why he looked like that was beyond her. She sighed and rose from where she sat, unconsciously stretching her back muscles.

The room became so much hotter.

Raven scratched her head and let her fingers run through her violet hair then rubbed her shoulder lightly.

Beast Boy suddenly wanted to be that shoulder.

And then she bent down to retrieve her shoes so her perfectly shaped butt was in the green Titan's face. He could just make out the slight outline of a thong. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Beast Boy's belt snapped and flew outwards, whacking Raven in the butt with a hard slap.

After that she slapped him even harder, and he was seeing stars in a whole new way.

Mar'i Grayson-(RobxStar)

Oh, no. It was happening again!

One minute Starfire and her friends were fighting Warp, then the next; she was blasted forward into the future once more. She could tell because the city looked much older, including the tower.

However unlike last time, Titans' Tower wasn't in the disastrous state it was in, with its cracked windows and dusty furniture. In fact, it seemed rather well put together from what Starfire could see.

"Hello?" she called hesitantly, "Someone is there?"

She passed room after room reading her teammates' engraved names on their doors when she suddenly paused in front of one. This room used to be Terra's old room before her betrayal, but now it had a different name engraved on it.

"Mar'i?" Starfire asked herself, cocking her head to the side. She peered around looking down both ways of the hall before typing in a code and entering the mysterious room.

Once inside, Starfire was surprised to see a rather peaceful arrangement of blues, greens, and purples. There wasn't much furniture in the room other than a rocking chair and what she recognized as an earthly cradle in the center.

Quiet as a mouse, the curious Tamaranian floated over to the wooden structure and leaned forward, surveying the creature that lay inside.

It was a young girl, perhaps just under a year, with a dark tuft of hair growing on her head, and skin as pale as snow. Starfire was so smitten with the sight she couldn't help but let out an "aw!" which was much louder than she had intended.

At the sound of her voice, the baby started to wriggle and make noises of awakening. Starfire, in a moment of panic, saw a slightly open window and flew out immediately, thankful to be out of the area. She would have to figure out how to get back to her time somewhere else.

Little did she know that right after she left, the baby girl's eyes opened, revealing two emerald colored orbs.

Just Squeeze and Run-requested by Annalise (DickxKori) (My Personal Favorite)

"So what's the stupid dare again?"

"Oh, come on Dick, take it like a man! You lost the bet remember?" Gar reminded him as Vic and Wally laughed in the background.

Dick sighed. He wished he never made that stupid bet. But once you fail at a game of beer pong you just have to get humiliated. It was basically the rules of high school.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. So I just…squeeze and run? Seems sketchy."

"That's the point," Vic jumped in, "but make sure you book it outta there before the hottie gets too naughty."

"Right," Dick muttered, adjusting his sunglasses. He began walking down the hallway, looking for any girl with her back turned toward him.

Just squeeze and run, just squeeze and run.

Finally he saw a fairly tall and slender girl standing by her locker with her back completely turned toward him. The back of her head was covered by a purple hoodie, so Dick couldn't guess for the life of him who it was. All he had to do was just squeeze and run. Two easy steps and then it was over with. It wasn't like he didn't enjoy a good butt squeeze; he was just partly concerned with the aftermath.

He was really close now. The girl was so unsuspecting. She was so deep in whatever she was doing that she didn't even notice the footsteps behind her. She was murmuring something to herself. Something along the lines of 'lip and tongue' but Dick wasn't really concerned about that.

Finally in one final stride he reached his hand out and grabbed the girl's left butt cheek, giving it a firm squeeze. Wow, she has a toned butt, Dick thought, slightly impressed.

It was when the girl turned around that his heart caught in his throat.

Crap, I forgot to run.

It was Kori Anders. The hood had been hiding her unmistakably ruby hair. Dick gulped nervously. She was going to kill him.

Sure enough she slapped him across the face, causing his head to snap back. Then just as suddenly she grasped his face with her hands and smashed her lips against his, her tongue automatically gaining entrance to his mouth. She probed around for a while, while Dick was still too shocked to even respond.

Finally she released him and wiped her lips smiling. She looked up at him, her eyes glowing as she spoke.

"What can I say? I lost a bet in beer pong."

The End

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