The King of Genovia is my Step Father?

Hey guys this is my first fanfic ever so please don't hate but instead read it and tell me how to make it better. I own nothing. R&R please.

Plot line: Imagine its 6 years into the future after PD10 and King Philippe has been remarried to a farmer girl (Julia) after Mia turned 21, had taken over the throne, and married Michael. Philippe never told Julia he was once the king of Genovia. Julia had 2 kids before she meet Philippe. Their names are Jacky (age 16) and Andy (age 18).

Chapter 1

Philippe called his new family down to the kitchen table to tell them some news. Just then Jacky came running in at the speed of light like she was about to explode glitter.

"Today Queen Amelia of Genovia came to school to do a presentation. Isn't it weird that she has the same last name as us? Anyway she my new favourite celebrity." Jacky announced. Philippe worried that she had already found out about Mia being his daughter.

"Actually, Jacky, that is why I have called this family meeting. Let's just wait until everyone gets here before I tell you." Philippe replied.

5 minutes later everyone had showed up. Oh how Philippe loved his new family. Not that he didn't love Mia and his mother to death dealing with a teenage girl could be difficult and his mother could be a handful most times. He loved Julia more than he had ever loved Helen even though Julia was 8 years younger than him.

"There is something I must tell you that I'm am extremely mad at myself for not tell you guys earlier." Philippe prepped himself for the next sentence. "6 years ago I was the king of Genovia. I had a daughter named Amelia and when she turned 21 I abducted the throne and Mia became Queen."

"Philippe your joking aren't you? I thought you were just a simple farm boy!" Andy Questioned.

"I'm not joking. But that not all I have to say, my daughter Mia and my son in law Michael Mosscovitz are coming to visit tomorrow. I know this is very short notice but for royalty short notice arrivals are not unusual." Philippe explained.

"Philippe why hadn't you told me? I would have understood!" Julia pointed out.

"I guess I just thought you might think of me differently." Philippe replied.

"Wait you said Michael Mosscovitz, the creator of the cardio arm and founder, CEO, and president of palvo surgical, is you son in law?" Andy blurted out.

"Why yes he is"

"He's like my role model! I can't believe I'm actually meeting him! I sent in an application to intern at palvo surgical for the summer, do you think you could put in a good word for me?" Andy asked excitedly.

"I'm sure I could but Michael doesn't play favourites" Philippe responded.

So that's the first chapter of my story. I have no idea where I'm going from here so review and give me ideas. I'll defiantly try doing POV and diary format on this story but later. R&R please.