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Chapter 8

Jacky's POV

Michael just got home from work as I was waking up. Mia was still asleep.

"Hi Jacky," Michael greeted.

"Hey," I replied.

"Your brother should be here any minute to verse me at halo."

"Seriously? I thought I could skate through this trip without seeing him."

*Laugh* "well I don't think your that lucky. See ya," with that said Michael left the room. So now I'm alone again with my toughts and a bowl of cheerios.

Andy's POV

I swear I hit every red light from Pavlov surgical to Michael's house. My sister is so not worth this! Well at least i get to verse someone at halo who might actually beat me. All my friends SUCK at halo.

So I knock on the door and Burton let me in. I went to the kitchen to get some food and who else but my lovely sister Jacky was sitting right there.

"Oh hello nitwit brother" Jacky welcomed in her annoyingly high voice.

"Still come at me with all your rude remarks I see, sister dear," I replied in the exact same pitch of voice as her in a mocking tone.

"Shut up"

"Well, see you later, sissy" I said s I grabbed an apple and left to go play halo.

I didn't see her for the rest of the day, I think she went shopping with Mia or something. Michael beat me at halo but I was a close second.

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