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Chapter 9

Mia's POV

I'm starting to get curious, if dad has more children now, can I abduct the throne? Or do Jacky and Andy count since their not royal blood? Any ways I don't think dad would let me because Andy and Jacky don't have any training. But I'll ask anyways.

Today Jacky and I went shopping and she has an amazing sense of style! She picked me out the cutest pair of shoes to spice up my tweed suits. Why didn't I think about that?

As we were talking I found out she has a boyfriend named Holt. The way she described him he sounded alot like a young Michael. But then she said his last name is Mosscovitz and he's Jewish! Michael always says everyone in his family is Jewish except me. I will have to talk to Michael about this.


"Hey Michael I'm home," I shouted throughout the mansion hoping he was close enough to hear.

"Hey baby," Michael said as he walked into the room and kissed me on the neck.

"Hey are you related to a Holt Mosscovitz?" I questioned.

"Ya he's my cousin on my dad's side, why?"

"Oh nothing I just found out he's dating Jacky."

"Wow really? Talk about a small world. By the way where is Jacky?"

"She's at her brothers."

"Ah brother sister moment! How cute."

Andy's POV

So I go on Facebook and there's all these posts about Allison being a whore and cheating on me! No it's not true. It can't be. Ally's not that kind of girl. I should call her.

"Hello," Ally greeted. I could tell she'd been crying.

"Hey baby, it's me."

"Andy? Have you seen it?"

"Ya and I know it's not true, I just need to hear it from you."

"It's not true, I swear!"

"And I believe you. Is anyone bugging you outside of Facebook?"

"Ka babe I'm coming down this weekend to talk to some of the guys and then I'll pick you up and take you to New York until this whole thing blows over, Okay?"

"Thanx you are the best boy friend, like, ever!"

"I know, love you baby."

"Loves ya too." I hung up the phone, kick out Jacky, and left.


So I just got into town and all I've had time to do was beat up some of the guys. So now I'm on my way to Allison's house.

I walk into Allison's house (I haven't knocked on her door in years) and her dad is sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me. He gave me this big speech about he's grateful I'm taking her away from all this but I better not try to put any moves on her. The whole time I just nod and stare wide eyed at the shot gun he was polishing.

But at that point in time Allison had come down the stairs with a big red suitcase. She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and feet around my waist as our lips connected in short kisses because both her parents were now in the room. She quickly hugged her parent's good bye and we left. When we got into the car she started fussing over how nice my new car is.

I took this opportunity to say "Bay, please don't forget, I love you sooo much and nothing can change that. You are a sweet, beautiful girl with an amazing personality no matter what those jerks say." While i said this I looked her straight in the eye and put my hand over hers.

"How did I ever deserve a guy like you?"

"What the hell are you talking about? I don't treat you half as good as I should."

For the rest of the ride we just talked like normal. I can't believe someone would say those evil things about her.

Allison's POV

This place is so foreign. How could Andy love a place like this? It's so big and busy and crowded. The smog is so thick that I can't breathe. I guess Andy likes it because it's his one chance to get an amazing job, which I guess will be handy when we someday get married.

Wait a sec. If Andy's got this amazing job, soon he'll be rich! It's a very comforting thought to know that the boy I love is gonna be rich.