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Not That Far

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Hey, Peapod." Scruple said carelessly and Peewit glared at him.

"My name is Peewit."


"And what are you doing here in the castle?"

"Job hunting."

"Did you forget last time you were cau-"

"The King must have forgotten by now. It's been three years, Peapod."


"Peapod, My name is Scruple." Scruple stated in an irritated voice and Peewit rolled his eyes at him.

"I know." Peewit said cheerfully. ", but I don't care because my name is Peewit not Peapod."

"You're the King's Jester not his adviser. I was stupid to believe you three years ago."

"As if you never lied to someone." Peewit commented carelessly and Scruple couldn't deny it.

"Peapod, You are a midget." Scruple told him. Peewit's right eyebrow twitched and he tackled him.

"Compared to Johan you are short!" Peewit said loudly, Scruple pushed the blond teen onto the stone floor, and tightly held his wrists.

"Is Johan your lover, Peapod?" Scruple asked mockingly, but then he was grabbed and lifted off of Peewit by a taller male with black hair.

"Hey, Johan." Peewit commented cheerfully.

"Hi, Peewit. Still causing trouble?" Johan asked calmly and Scruple raced away.

"He called me a midget." Peewit replied in a sulky voice.

"Oh, He's not that much taller than you." Johan said to him.

"Hey, Where did that guy go?" Peewit asked while glancing around the area.

"It doesn't matter." Johan replied calmly to the blond teen.

"I'm going to get him. He asked me…Is Johan your lover." Peewit told him and Johan looked at him.

"We can go together to find him and inform him…We are not lovers." Johan told the blond teen. Peewit started laughing and Johan frowned at him. "Why are you laughing, Peewit?"

"It's always we with you, Johan. You always take me with you." Peewit managed to say in-between his snickers.

"You are my companion."

"As if I could ever forget. Anyway , I know where Scruple lives and it's not that far away."

"Let's go, Peewit."

"And I shall lead the way, Johan!"

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