I do not own the Smurfs. Thank you all for reviewing. Johan&Peewit are not a couple or lovers in this FanFic..Scruple is the one who asked Peewit in a mocking tone of voice 'Is Johan your lover' and it was more or less a taunt towards the blond…
Not That Far
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"I don't get why Scruple asked that kind of question."

"Maybe he wants to be your lover, Peewit?" Johan jokingly asked his blond companion.

"No way in heck. I would rather drop dead than become his lover." Peewit replied and made a gagging sound. "I would rather fall off a cliff or become deathly sick or something."

Johan laughed and after a minute Peewit grinned widely at him.

"Or maybe he wants to become your lover, Johan. After all he asked if you were my lover."

"I would rather die." Johan informed him.

"Harsh, Johan. You haven't even properly met him." Peewit commented while snickering and holding his sides. "Ha ha ha."

"How much further is his house? So we can straighten out this misunderstanding." Johan asked him.

"Again with the we." Peewit said and then groaned. "I'm so hungry, Johan. I went to go back and eat."

"Stop complaining. You ate an hour ago. Don't you want us to clear up this misunderstanding?" Johan asked the blond teen.

"I don't care anymore, Johan. I'm hungry and I want to eat." Peewit groaned as he held his stomach. "I would rather eat then find Scruple. Scruple can wait, but not my belly."

"It is a miracle you are not heavy, Peewit." Johan commented calmly and he sighed to himself.

"How can I when you always bring me with you whenever you go out of the castle." Peewit muttered and his arms are crossed across his chest. "And I almost always end up being the distraction or something. Plus you tend to say I'll tell you later. It's always later."

"How much further is his house, Peewit?" Johan asked and Peewit hummed for a moment.

"Just a little further." Peewit replied although to be honest he was lost. "Hey look a mushroom! Here I come mushroom!"

"Peewit, Don't that mushroom is poisonous!" Johan shouted and Peewit quickly dropped it. They wandered around for a few hours and when they were about to give up.

"Hey that's Scruple's home." Peewit cheerfully informed Johan.

"What are you doing here Peapod?" Scruple asked the blond. Peewit looked at him and his stomach growled.

"Hey, Do you have any food?" Peewit asked him and Johan smacked himself on the forehead. "My name is Peewit not Peapod!"

"Peewit and I are not lovers." Johan informed Scruple.

"Good for you." Scruple commented flatly and he honestly didn't care.

"I would rather die than become your lover and so would Johan." Peewit said while holding his stomach and he looked at Scruple. "Anyway, Do you have any food? I'm hungry."

"I would rather drop dead than become your lover, midget. " Scruple stated bluntly and then looked at Johan. "I would rather die."

"I'm not a midget! You are not that much taller than me!" Peewit yelled and Scruple laughed at him.

"Hah! You are hilarious, Peapod! You are in denial!" Scruple said loudly. Johan shook his head and grabbed Peewit by the shoulder.

"What is with all this shouting?!" Gargamel asked loudly.

"Let's go Peewit." Johan stated in a low and firm voice.

",But Johan. I'm hungry." Peewit complained, Scruple rolled his eyes, and Johan shook his head.

"We did what we set out to do. Let's return to the castle." Johan told the blond teen.

"You can stay for dinner, Peapod." Scruple told him.

"Peewit not Peapod." Peewit said in an irritated voice.

"Whatever you and Johan can stay for dinner." Scruple said to him and he figured having a guest or two would annoy Gargamel.

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