The room's light dimmed and flickered, at the same time creating a buzzing noise. It was just enough to summon Aelita from her slumber. She opened her eyes and looked toward the light, but as she did so, the light started to give off a continuous bright illumination.

Figuring it was time to get up, she rolled herself out of her bed and proceeded to gather her toiletry items. She was almost out the door when it hit her. She dropped everything she was holding and gave out a little gasp. Her eyes widened, taking in the setting that surrounded her.

"That's impossible," she whispered to herself.

It wasn't right. She shouldn't have been here, not now. She should have been on Lyoko with the others. The tower needed to be deactivated. She needed to stop XANA.

It was not a dream¸ she affirmed. All of this she could recall clearly. She remembered being in the ice sector, dodging the krab's lasers, and the other's taking her cover while she ran for the tower. Immediately before she would enter the tower is where it cut off. After that moment in time, she somehow appeared back on earth in her room.

So did I deactivate the tower, or not? She had no memory of making it to the tower. She didn't have the slightest idea of what happened at all beyond that point.

Jeremie, she thought. He would know.

Aelita, still clad in her pajamas, raced through the girl's hallway, down the stairs, and to Jeremie's room. She opened the unlocked door. "Jeremie?"

Aelita stepped back and observed the room. It was Jeremie's room, she was sure of that, but the inside was completely different. The Einstein poster, computer, and assorted clutter had vanished. The space was instead taken up by various instruments and memorabilia from what looked to be some rock band. What really shook her was the person in the bed that had gotten up and stared right at her – it was not Jeremie, it was Herve.

"God, what the hell do you want?" Herve directed at her. It was evident he was still tired, but not enough to add an edge of annoyance to his voice.

"What- What are you doing here?" Aelita stumbled. Why would Herve be sleeping in Jeremie's room? And what was with his attitude? Herve always seemed annoyed with her and her friends, but he never sounded this forceful before.

"God, what's wrong with you, girl? Are you retarded? This is my room." Herve then countered, "What are you doing here?"

"Don't goddamn talk to me like that!" Aelita snapped. She was then taken aback by the words that left her mouth. She never talked like that. Where had that come from?

"Get the hell out. Go!" he yelled at her.

"Go screw yourself!" She slammed the door.

Aelita walked a bit down the hall before leaning against the wall and slumping to the floor. She didn't get why she had been so rude to Herve. Not only that, but she still had no idea why he was in the room instead of...instead of... who was it, again?

Aelita panicked, not being able to remember the name. Even the appearance of the person slowly went blurry to the point where she had no idea what person she was supposed to be thinking of.

She looked around the hallway, suddenly confused as to why she was even there. What was she doing on the boys' dorm level? She couldn't recall why. All she knew was that she was tired and wanted to go back to sleep. She gave up, and retired back to her room.