"He hopes that she never breaks her promise, because if she does…it will completely break him."

Campbell will do anything to make sure Maya never leaves him...After all, she's his anchor: the one thing keeping him tied to sanity….

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Starcrossed Stargazers

Chapter 2: Let the Games Begin


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He's thinking.

What he wants to do…it will be risky.

'There are so many ways this can go wrong.'

He is currently sprawled on his bed and starring up at his, suddenly very interesting, once-white ceiling stucco.

If he even manages to get her…p-pregnant…her parents might force her to get an abortion. She might want an abortion. And as soon as the kid was gone, her parents would never let her see him again.


At the terrifying thought of life without her, his fists tighten and grasp at his bed linens.

Nonetheless, he makes sure to stop his left hand from gripping too firmly; because the photo strip from their first "date" (if one could call it that when Katie "accompanied" them) is still clasped in his fingers.

Sighing he takes it out and looks longingly at the blonde, bright-eyed girl smiling in each and every shot.

He wants to be with her forever, so, so badly.

So he'll go through with this…no matter the risk.

'I just have to…go about it carefully…'

Cam is calmly walking down the empty halls of Degrassi. It's almost six, so WhisperHug's practice should be over soon.

He was hoping to surprise Maya with a visit, since his own practice had ended early.

On the way to the music room, he passes by Mo and Marisol holding hands. An excited Imogen and Adam talking about some new instrument follow the two lovebirds. Seeing only an empty hall after them, Cam can't help but wonder why Maya is still in the music room if all of her band mates have already left.

He feels a surge of worry, and trepidation pounds in his gut. He starts to walk towards his destination a little faster and his breathing cycles a little quicker.

He hears some sort of laughing as he approaches the music room and his first thought is that there is someone else in there alone with Maya…

…A male someone.

When he finally reaches the wooden door he sees something that makes his stomach jolt and lodge in his suddenly desert-dry throat.

Maya is there.

And so is Zig.

And Zig has her in his arms.

He has her thrown over his shoulder, with her facing away from the door. They still haven't noticed him yet.

"ZIG! Let me down!" She's still laughing in between her words.

"No way! Not until you give me back my keys Maya!" He smiles and Cam feels hot anger coursing through him.

Zig has his hands on Maya.

Zig looks like he is about to say something again to the girl on his right shoulder when he notices that Cam is at the door. He smiles at the older boy and asks, "Cam! Thank god you're here! Tell your girlfriend to give me back my house keys!"

Cam just raises a brow in reply, and Zig (as if sensing that the Icehound thinks he has crossed some sort of friendship boundary) hastily puts down Maya.

When her feet finally touch the ground, Maya begins to speak (completely unaware of the tension between the two boys), "Cam, he's lying! Defend my honour!" Maya turns to face Cam as she says this and her wide smile falters a bit upon seeing Cam's irritated countenance. "What's wrong? Tough practice?" Worry laces her tone and he controls his fury at the male next to her long enough to send a tired smile in her direction.

"Yah." His glance shifts to her jacket pocket, where he is certain she has hidden the keys, and he sighs, "Give him back his keys and let's go."

She sends him a worried gaze before getting the accused keys from her inside pocket and returning them to their rightful owner. Cam is pretty sure she says some sort of farewell to her band mate but he is so focused on trying to guise his fury that he really can't ascertain what they are saying.

She grabs her bag from the corner, behind a set of drums, and makes her way to her boyfriend.

As soon as she is near him, his arm wraps itself around her petite waist. He pulls her against him and gives her a long kiss right on her lips. He notices her flinch again, and his anger exacerbates.

Nevertheless, the second his lips leave hers, she smiles warmly at him.

She doesn't get what the kiss actually was, she's too innocent to see the meaning behind it. Zig does understand the message though, and he awkwardly looks off to the side because now he is more than just a little uncomfortable.

Zig knows that the kiss was a warning from Cam: a blatant warning to stay away from Maya.

Said warning was triggered by some primal need on the part of Cam. It was something he had no control over, he just knew he had to do it and he did. That same primitive instinct is still throbbing inside of him when they finally reach his billet home. He calls out a greeting as he steps through the threshold. It is met with no response, only a soft echo that bounces through the empty house. He cannot help the momentary rush of excitement that flows through his entire body when he realizes that the Clarksons aren't home.

Maya is still talking to him. She's been doing that the entire time during their walk to his place. He has given her short responses, because that's really all he could really manage at this point. He is still unbelievably angry at Zig for even daring to touch Maya.

Once their shoes are off and settled by the front door, he takes her up to his room in the attic.

She sits on his bed casually and takes her backpack off her shoulder. She places it on the ground in front of her, adjacent the bed. She goes to take today's French homework out of her bag, but Cam quickly stops her by taking her hands in his and stealing her lips in an unforgiving kiss.

She seems a bit surprised at the force behind it. After all, he has never kissed her like that before. But, once the initial astonishment washes over, she reciprocates.

As she does, all she can think about is the fact that she loves him more and more every day. And she reiterates in her head that no matter what Katie says, Cam is different from other jocks.

Cam, on the other hand, can't get the scenes of Zig and Maya together to stop replaying in his head.

He sees them smiling.

He sees them hugging.

He sees them kissing.

That last image is enough to send him over the edge. He decides then and there that he isn't waiting any longer. He is going to ignore every warning going off in his head and heart, and give into that primal instinct that's screaming at him to claim her and make sure nobody else ever dares to so much as look in her direction.

And so, he throws caution into the wind as he gently pushes her onto his bed and tells his hands to crawl under her shirt.

His hands are just about to comply with his demand when they both hear the downstairs door open.

They are forced to stop once they hear footsteps come up the old wooden stairs.

Safe to say, the rest of the night is spent doing French homework.

Well, she does her French homework.

Cam makes a list.

It was during lunch with her and her friends when Cam had found a way to subtly spin abortion into the conversation.

After Media Studies, the group had been conversing about ridiculous shows. Among the long list was "Pregnant in High School". Then the topic swung over to teen pregnancy, the perfect segway for Cam to bring up abortion. Of course, once the topic was brought up, it was Tristan and Tori who ruled the conversation.

"It is wrong on so many levels, you're killing a kid!" exclaimed Tristan.

"Tristan you are being totally black and white! You have to think of the situation. I mean, what if the girl was raped huh? Or what if it's some teenage pregnancy where the parents couldn't take care of the kid?!" Tori rebuts passionately.

Tristan is adamant about his stance, "Well then there is adoption. There is no way you can justify taking away a baby's life!"

"Technically, not that I'm picking sides or anything, but wouldn't the child technically not be alive anyways?" Zig ventured an opinion, and as usual, it started another round of Tristan and Tori's "spirited" debate.

Cam zoned out the three freshman and focused in on his girlfriend, who was currently munching away on her turkey sandwhich right next to him.

"What do you think Maya?" He asked, as innocently as he could.

Swallowing the food in her mouth, she replied. "To be honest, I agree with Tristan. No matter what the situation is…I still think it's like murder." At his questioning look, she elaborated, "By aborting a child, you are taking away someone else's right to live… and that's not something anybody should be able to do."

Cam just nodded and outwardly said something about agreeing with her opinion. Mentally, he was crossing off the first item off his checklist.

He is completely and utterly disgusted with himself.

He had tried to justify intentionally getting his girlfriend pregnant.

He had created a plan to his girlfriend pregnant.

That was just straight screwed up.

He glances in her direction when he thinks Madame Jean-Aux isn't looking.

Maya smiles back at him brightly and her blue eyes shine with trust.

She trusts him.

She trusts him to not hurt her.

He can't do this.

'I'm terrible. The fact that I even thought about doing that to her… manipulating her like that…'

Cam is frightened by how far he is willing to go to keep her. His selfishness regarding her terrifies him. So he makes a decision, then and there, that he needs to stop tempting himself. From here on in, physical contact with her must be kept to a minimum.

He will do anything to protect her, even if he is the one who she needs to be protected from.

He tries to distract himself with his studies.

Then somehow, her top is being thrown in his direction.

Against his better judgement, he looks up. He sees her and his heart begins racing so fast he is afraid it will shatter his ribcage. His palms get sweaty, his body temperature increases tenfold, his hands are itching to feel her skin, and she is just so close…

The door is closed, it would be so easy for him to just grab her and drag her body under him and—'No!'

He can't think straight. His mind is jumbled. Some poor excuse about his billet mom coming upstairs makes its way out of his mouth. His body screams at him in anger as he throws her top back at her.

She leaves.


He needs to chase her away… he is afraid of what he'll do to her.

She… broke up… with him.

He still hasn't quite digested the fact yet.

'She…broke up…with… me. She broke up… with me. She… broke up with me…'

It registers when she sees her talking to Zig in the hall after school.

He leaves whatever discussion he was just in the second he sees her. He quickly makes his way towards the duo.

Maya's voice is the perfect mix of exasperation, sadness, anger, and hurt. "You don't like me!"

'You're right," Cam thinks, 'I love you'.

She keeps walking away, towards the school doors, and Cam is desperately trying to think of something, anything that will make her stay. He needs her, doesn't she that? Doesn't she see that she can't leave!

"Then why don't you ever want to kiss me?"

Her voice is broken and all he can think of is that he is the cause. He is to blame for her distress. No matter all his efforts, he had still managed to find a way to hurt Maya—his anchor.

"You shouldn't have to try."

Her voice is a whisper, and Cam can do nothing but float amidst the sea of students leaving the school as his anchor washes away.

Dread drowns him as he realizes his worst fear has come to fruition.

'I… lost her.'

A quiet knock on door wakes him from his mournful thoughts.

He considers ignoring it. Maybe the Clarkson's will just think he is asleep or something. It is night, afterall.

But then, the knocks sound again. This time, the rhythm is frantic, rushed, and urgent.

He forces himself off his bed and grips the bronze, metal handle.

In front of him stands none other than the goddess that had been plaguing his morose musings for the past six hours.

Cam is shocked and relieved and happy and confused and…

With the shear amount of emotions pounding and rushing through him, it takes him a moment before he orients himself enough to realize she is crying. But, why?

He gathers the courage to ask her. She gives him a weak smile.

"Pageants are stupid." She answers with an adorable sniffle that makes his heart skip a beat. He is still trying to process the fact that she is right here, in front of him, when she continues.

"I am so sorry. Will you forgive me?"

It takes a few moments before he realizes that she actually just said that, and it wasn't some teasing figment of his imagination. She is still looking at him with tear-filled azure eyes, which are showing a mixture of hopefulness and fear.

Within a second after his realization: she is in his arms, his bedroom door is shut, and his lips are on hers.

Breaking for air, he keeps his hold on her and their eyes meet.

"Nothing to forgive." He smiles.

She flinched when he said this, but he is too caught up in reacquainting himself with her warmth to care.

He brings his forehead against hers, their noses lightly touching. His eyes close as he relishes the feeling of her skin on his. Words start to leave his lips. "I'm sorry too. I do appreciate you. I do think you're the most beautiful girl in the world. I think your smart and funny and talented and I just… I'm new at this, but I promise you I'll try harder so that you know just how much you mean to me."

She's hugging him tightly now, her arms firmly around his waist and holding her body against his. He returns the hug and buries his hair in her blonde locks (doing his best to avoid the blue, feathery, sparkly…thing (?) on her head).

'I will do anything to make sure I don't lose you ever again.'

He sees the bracelet on her wrist he can't help but feel some sort of primal, possessive sense of satisfaction. Around her tiny wrist is shining, tangible proof that she is his.

"I kissed Zig."

Her words from earlier that day blare in his head.

He turns and punches his bed in frustration before sighing deeply into his pillow.

'Maya not being with me is one thing… but her being with someone else is… is…'

He punches his bed again and again and again.

It hurts. His heart hurts so, so much.

His logic is screaming at him to let go of her. But he can't.

He doesn't think his heart will ever be capable of forgetting her.

So, he finds himself walking through the dry, tall grass of the Battle of the Bands venue.

Secretly, he thinks a part of him is here hoping he comes across Zig... and the infuriating niner gives Cam an excuse to punch him.

More than once.

Then, she sings to him.

Every pessimistic or angry thought is gone as their eyes lock over the crowd.

She smiles and his heart skips multiple beats.

No… forgetting is not possible.

His logic can't possibly expect him to simply forget the future he had always dreamed of sharing with her.

She starts to take off her bracelet and that possessive part of him lurches in displeasure. His hand grips her wrist and stops her.

"I'm not gonna let you get away that easy."

He catches her smile with his lips.

'Never, ever again.'

He decides that he is okay with being selfish now. He is going to be with her, she is going to be with him, and he will make sure she's happy.

It's all in her best interest, really.

"I want you. I've always wanted you."

Her words from earlier made it clear, she is happy when she is with him.

Thus, it is in her best interest that she stays with him.

Coach Tyson's words ring through his mind and he decides that it is for the best. The only way she will be happy is if she is tied to him…


They enter Drew's apartment, for Whisperhug's post-Battle of the Band's bash.

Cam has Maya's hand enclosed in his as they walk in.

Despite the bustling large crowd of people that they have to manoeuvre through, his grip on her remains firm.

They stay for a few hours, and by that time, the party has officially reached "someone-is-going-to-call-the-cops" status. Anywhere that isn't illuminated by the flashing, multi-coloured lights beaming from the rotating, modern disco lights is pitch black. Everyone is sufficiently wasted, and all those that aren't are pretending to be. Some how, most of Degrassi is "fitting" in Fiona's apartment; which by this point seems more like a club in Vegas.

Maya's had a… few to drink.

Cam knows.

After all, he was the one who offered them to her.

She and him are dancing against each other.

He can't help but feel VERY happy that she is currently not speaking with Tori (after her learning about the kiss), Zig (after Tori found out about said kiss), and Tristan (after Tori told him about the kiss).

He gets her all to himself tonight.

As of right now, she is in his arms and his face is buried in her hair as they dance to some sort of remix to some sort of top 40 song. Cam doesn't really care what song is playing, all he can think about is the fact that his lips are on the soft skin of Maya's neck.

The chorus comes around again and now Maya has turned around to face him and pulled them as close as humanely possible.

Their bodies are pressed together tightly and Cam indulges in the taste of her mouth. As he does, he tastes the distinct bitterness of alcohol he made sure she drank.

The music continues to blare at a deafening decibel and people are bumping into them left and right and forewords and backwards and god her right hand is trailing down his chest.

She made it clear the other day that she wasn't afraid to go… further. He just had to play his cards right.

He feels the metal banister of the staircase against his back and knows that so far, the game is going just as planned.

He compels her up the staircase and then they're in the upstairs bathroom.

He closes the door, locks it, then is quick to push her against it and bring them together once more.

Any semblance of innocent intentions is long gone.

They are making out to the point where they won't even stop to breathe. Her hands are running up and down his chest and back; whereas, his hands are mercilessly roaming her hips and stomach.

They are still moving to the rhythm of the music playing downstairs (which is still much more than audible) when Cam realizes just how close he is to feeling her sweet, supple skin against his.

A jolt of excitement courses through his entire body as his hands slowly make their way under her shirt.

She reciprocates, and his pleasure increases as soon as her dainty hands come to touch the taught muscles of his bare back.

At some point or another their shirts come off, and Cam is excitedly exploring every inch of her exposed skin, as she is with him.

As he feels her start to trail heated kisses down his neck, Cam knows he's just found cloud nine.

Maya is on cloud nine.

The sensations Cam is bringing are just overwhelming. All she can see—hear—smell—feeltaste is Cam.

His addictive touch, alongside the music pounding within in the walls and floors, and the augmented confidence she gained some time after her third drink spur her on.

She has wanted this for so long, the physical proof that he loves her. After all, that's what couples do right?


Any prior confidence disappears the second she feels him try to unbutton her jeans.

And then she realizes, she's scared. She terrified. She can't do this. No. It's too soon. She loves Cam but she just… no, no, No!

Finally retiring from her trance, she realizes what is happening and wants nothing more than to stop and tone it back down.

She thought she wanted more; but now that she's reached the crossroad, she is honestly too scared to go any further. Especially not here: at some party in some bathroom with so much alcohol in her system she probably wouldn't even be able to remember her first time.

One of the two buttons on her jeans come undone.

Her mouth leaves his; an opportunity he uses to trail heated kisses along her neck and shoulder.

Her hands leave his back and soft hair. S starts to push slightly against his chest. She takes a much needed breath, before speaking "C-cam…we need to stop."

Cam has always been reserved, kind, shy, sweet, and totally respective of her. So, she expects him to stop.

And then she is left completely shocked when he doesn't.

'Maybe he didn't hear me?'

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, she tries again.

She detaches her mouth from his (both of which had ended up together once more), and tries again.

"Cam, please stop."

She is looking right into his eyes this time. But, it's as if he's somewhere else…because despite her protests, he dives in and kisses her again (harder) and he keeps on undoing the second button.

She's worried now.

Cam's not huge, but he is a lot stronger than her.

She is trying to push his hands away from her, but her attempts are fruitless.

She is scared now.

'Why isn't he stopping?!'

She struggles and struggles but he isn't stopping. She feels him unzip the zipper and reach for her hips…

In a burst of terror-induced adrenaline she kicks at his leg.

His mouth leaves hers as he hisses in pain. The second her mouth is free, she pushes his off-balanced body away from hers and screams at him,


By the time he looks up from the pain in his shin, Maya has already put on her shirt and is running out of the bathroom.

'Dammit, what happened!?'

He quickly throws his shirt on and tries to chase her.

He can't let her get away. He has to explain and make her understand.

He sees her blonde waves at the bottom of the stairs and tries to keep track of them as she pushes her way through the huge crowd.

However, his efforts prove fruitless as her small frame is swallowed by the mass amount of people dancing, dizzying smoke, and blinding lights.

An empty feeling engulfs the pit of his stomach as he realizes his game has ended…

And he lost.

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