Hello my lovlies this is just a one shot piece. Set between at the end of ME2 after everything in the game. The relationships have been established etc. This is my own Shepard.

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Ami Shepard wandered the halls of the Normandy, dressed in her civvies she pulled at the loose fabric. Denim was so different to plated metal. Something was preying on her mind. When something bothered her, she took it straight to the source. It was difficult when the source didn't want to be found.

'Thane? Thanie?' In the middle of the CIC she stomped her foot, 'oh come on! This is ridiculous!'

Kelly shuffled over, 'is there a problem Commander?'

Shepard huffed and puffed. She brushed her hair; which had somehow managed to grow past her shoulders, normally she kept it in a short bob, over her shoulder and away from her face.

'Yeah have you seen Krios?' She pouted biting her nail. 'I can't find the damn assassin anywhere!'

Kelly scratched her head and tapped on her data pad. 'I'm afraid not. In fact I haven't seen him in a few days.' She looked at notes, 'nope, nothing. Sorry Commander, have you checked with EDI?'

Shepard nodded leaning against her computer, 'yeah I checked, she said he didn't want to be found. I swear that AI has a soft spot for him.' She scowled 'won't tell me where he is' she grumbled.

Kelly laughed, 'why don't you just order her to?'

'Well if he doesn't want to be found I won't force him.' She sighed, 'I haven't seen him in a few days, kinda miss him. Especially now I'm back on the Normandy I thought we'd be spending more time together.'

Kelly nodded in agreement. She tapped on her data pad again and then grabbed Shepard's hand. She dragged her to the elevator pushing her inside she followed in after. Shepard tried to say something but Kelly held up a finger and she fell into silence – rare thing for Shepard. Kelly then dragged her out of the elevator and into the mess hall. It was quite late at night so there was only a skeleton crew on meaning that the hall was empty. Kelly shoved her into a seat and ran in the kitchen. Shepard kept quiet although the strain was almost killing her. She bobbed her knees up and down, tapping on the table with her fingers. Kelly swore and slammed a cupboard door. Opening another she bent down and practically climbed in.

'Ahaha!' She held up a box triumphantly, grabbing a couple of utensils from the draw she plonked the box on the table.

'Wha-' Kelly held up her finger and Shepard slouched in her chair with a exaggerated sigh. Kelly opened the box and took out a tub, a couple of glasses and a bottle of something sickly pink. Shepard looked at the bottle in horror, anything that colour couldn't be good for you.

She took the lid off the tub, pushed a spoon toward Ami and poured them a couple of drinks.

'Spill.' She said digging her spoon into the creamy substance.

'About what?' Shepard said innocently. She munched on the strange contents of the tub. It tasted like vanilla fudge. Felt like the texture of ice cream without it being cold, strange stuff. But nice.

Kelly gave her a look, Shepard gave in.

'Oh where do I begin?' She dug a chunk out the tub, 'I miss him, after I spent a month on the Citadel sorting out this Cerberus business, I thought when I came back we would spend some time together, just us you know. We kept in contact over vids and stuff. We hadn't talked much since the uh.. night before uh.. the -cough- the Collecters. We decided we weren't going to worry about the future and we were gonna just be happy,' she shoved the heaped spoon into her mouth, 'amnd nmow iths futhked.' She said through her food.

Kelly rubbed her Commander's arm, she hadn't seen her in this much of a state since Kaiden. She waited until Shepard had swallowed and eaten another spoonful before saying anything.

'I thought you two were ok, I mean you have been back about a month and a half.' She nudged the pink drink toward her. Drinking her own she gave a little cough, she forgot how strong this stuff was.

Shepard downed the glass, 'oh god Kels, that is foul. It tastes of strawberries but it's got some kick. What in Illos is it?'

'Miranda suggested it. Says it helps, after the third or fourth glass anyway.' She smiled and drank the rest of hers sticking out her tongue, she refilled both glasses.

Shepard bonked her head against the table and spoke through the metal. 'That's the thing. We were ok. I mean about two weeks ago he became grumpy whenever I touched him or disturbed him, he's not eating properly.' She propped her head on her hand her elbow resting on the table, carving a canyon in the fudge cream she held in front of her, 'I'm scared he's regretting this Kels,' she shoved the boulder sized portion into her mouth.

'Oh nonsense.' Kelly prodded her in the head. 'There's no way. Have you even spoken to him about it?' She forced down another glass. Shepard mimicked her.

'I've tried but he just walks off or ignores me.' A tear dropped onto the table. Kelly was shocked. Thane must really have a place in the Commander's heart, she cried when Ashley died, and again after Horizon but they were the only times Kelly had ever seen her vulnerable.


'Yes Yeoman Chambers?' Her voice rang in the hall.

'Where per chance is Thane Krios?'

'May I ask why Yeoman Chambers?'

Kelly's tone grew cold, 'no EDI you may not. Where is Thane Krios?'

EDI replied after a moment or two. She may have been unshackled so she could in face withhold the information, but she had no reason to. 'He is in his adopted quarters.'

'Thank you EDI.' She said sweetly, 'that will be all.'

'Logging you out Yeoman Chambers.'

Kelly looked at Shepard. She had buried her head in her hands, the spoon sticking out her mouth.

'Ami?' Shepard looked up. 'Go talk to him.'

'Oh no I couldn't he's made it perfectly clear he doesn't want me.' She flicked the spoon from one side of her mouth to the other.

'You're making it sound worse than it is, please just try to talk to him.' She waved the bottle in front of her, 'liquid courage?'

Shepard nodded, draining her glass she held it up for Kelly to refill. Without needing any command Kelly filled it to the brim. Shepard drained it again. She stood and went to leave. On a seconds thought, she bent and hugged Kelly's head.

'Thank you Kels, I needed this.'

'Any time Commander.'


She bounced on her heels in front of Thane's quarters. No doubt he knew she was here, but she couldn't just knock on the door. Her throat burned and she felt too hot in her civvies. She mentally snapped herself out of whatever funny mood she was in. She fussed with her hair and pulled her clothes. Breathing in deeply she knocked on the door.

There was no answer, but she knew he was in here. Ignoring her wasn't going to fly this time. She raised her omni-tool and unlocked the door, she set it so the door only opened a few inches.

'Thane?' She peered around the door, she could see him sitting on the floor. Her heart beat faster when he inclined his head to acknowledge her.

'Siha?' He faced back towards the wall. 'Are you here for a particular reason?'

Shepard was starting to get annoyed. 'Well yeah, I thought I might come see you, y'know being your girlfriend or something.' She tapped her omni-tool, 'never mind. Clearly I was wrong.' The door began to close but Thane's arm shot out closing on her wrist. She looked down his skin was duller than it usually was. Strange.

'Wait Siha.'

The door slid open. His room was dark and she could only just make out his silhouette. He walked back into his room and perched on the edge of his bed. Shepard guessed that she was supposed to follow so she gingerly entered the room. She felt uneasy sitting next to him so she sat on the floor opposite him.

They sat in silence. He awkwardly scratched his arm.

'Thane?' Shepard ran her hand through her hair, 'are we ok? Are you rethinking everything? I'm sorry if I have come on to strong or I dunno-' she was stopped mid sentence by Thane placing his finger on her lips.

He slid off the bed and sat like she was, simply more graceful though. He looked uncomfortable.

'What's the matter Thane?'

He shifted around. Shepard had to stop herself from talking literally. She had to bite her lip. He scratched his arm again. That annoyed her. Never had she seen him do something so, so human. She snapped.

He went to scratch his arm again. She held his hand.

'Stop.' She looked down, a small, thin piece of papery material had come off his skin.

'Oh my god, Thane are you ok?'

He stood up quickly and moved away.

'I'm sorry I hid this from you Siha, I just, this is part of my body's natural process, it uh. It's a very-,'

'Is? Is this what you've been hiding from me? That you're, you're shedding?' Shepard started to giggle. 'Oh my goodness that's it?'

Thane turned, 'it's not funny Shepard, in Drell society this is a very taboo subject. I didn't think you would be comfortable with it. It's very alien.'

She moved over to him pulling him back down to the floor. 'So tell me what happens in Drell society when your partner is uh- going through his natural um, cycle?'

He crossed his legs and said softly, 'it is a very private thing, because uh, males tend to get very-'


He smiled, 'I would like to think my translator glitched but I know better.' He ran his hand over hers, 'if it means what I think it does, then yes, stroppy.' Shepard relaxed.

'Females tend to be a bit calmer, and so the male's partner eh, you, would ah help,'

'And how I help?'

'We would help each other, we massage each others skin and other methods, it's a very bonding process, it takes a lot of trust between each person. It is a very delicate time. It takes about a week and will repeat in a few months, I hope this doesn't bother you.'

Shepard stroked his face, 'Thanie,' he flinched at the nickname, 'Thanie, I care for you, I l-love you. Natural things that happen to you and me are not going to bother me.'

He held her hand against his cheek.

'You love me?'

She blushed, 'yes.'

'I love you too my Siha.' His eyes flickered, 'I am happy that I will forever remember this moment in perfect clarity.'

'Forever and always Thane Krios.'

'Forever and always Ami Shepard.'

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