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For ever and always.

Chapter 3

Jeff 'Joker' Moreau face palmed.

'Oh Commander couldn't have you resisted?' He shook his head 'I mean really.'

Kelly spun around in the co-piolets chair. The smug grin on her face had increased tenfold in the last half an hour.

'I win.'

'You win nothing.' Joker replied. He pressed the brake button on his console and Kelly slid out the chair with an ungraceful oomph. She gave him the finger. Joker sniggered.

'The bet was Joker, that if she calls him Pickle I win. And she did. And I win.' She said slowly, she got up dusting her self. She sat back in the chair crossing her legs. 'I. Win.' She stated.

Jeff groaned. 'Fine.' He clicked on his omni-tool, after a minute or two Kelly's omni-tool beeped in reply. She clicked on hers and she gave a little giggle.

'Ahh I do love credits, don't you,' she blew a kiss in Joker's direction. Mimicking the Yeoman's actions earlier he raised his middle finger as an insulting salute. Kelly shook her head and floated out the cockpit. Joker could her her singing as she left. It sounded like 'I win, I won, Jeff 'Joker' Maoreau can lick a krogan's bum.' but he wasn't sure.


'Pickle?' He asked as he stepped into Shepard's cabin.

'Do you not like it?' She pouted. 'I do.' She ran past him and threw herself onto her bed.

'It is a vegetable soaked in vinegar. Or so my translator tells me, unless there is some other reason?' He perched on the edge of her bed. Shepard curled herself around him, her stomach resting against his back, her legs draping off the duvet. She tucked her head under his arm and ran circles on his thigh with her fingers.

'I think it's cute. You get to call me a pet name, and I know you don't like the one I give you at the moment, you tend to wince whenever I call you it.'

He coughed into his hand. Shepard felt an internal pang of sadness. She tried to forget that they were on limited time but there were always little reminders. She knew that she would have to make the most of every moment.

'Sooooooo,' she rolled onto her back, twisting in his arms she shimmied around so her head rested on his knees.

'Yes Siha? You have always been terrible at hiding things.' He stroked her long hair.

'I was just wondering, as your uh, mate,' secretly she loved that he referred to her as such, it was just such primal thing. 'What it is I actually do.'

'Well , I have already taken a shower, so we needn't concern ourselves with that.'

'Aww why? I could have helped.' She said coyly.

'The last thing I need is you to distract me more than you already do, this is a learning trial, you can help next time.' He wrapped Shepard's hair in his fingers.

'I distract you?'

'You know you do Siha, like at this moment I find myself revelling in how soft your hair is.' He tugged on a strand a smile playing about his lips.

Shepard grinned back, 'I know, but I like hearing you say it.'

He pushed her lightly off his lap and began to take off his shirt. Shepard could see little patches of skin coming away, his skin underneath was a vibrant green.

'Straight to business then.'

'I'm sorry Siha, but I am uncomfortable,'

'It's ok Pickle I'm just teasing.' She got up and picked a bag on the floor by her desk, resting on her knee when she sat down she pulled out an item.

'Siha?' He pointed to the item in her hand, 'Where did you find-?'

'I uh, talked to another Drell on the Citadel, I know you like to keep things private and this is a taboo thing for all of you, but he was kind enough to help. And uh, well I thought, it uh, might make you more at ease with this whole, uh, thing.' Thane was speechless, he had never seen his Siha struggling for words.

Thane pulled her into a deep embrace, Shepard was surprised she was too busy trying to explain herself.

'Thankyou Siha, but you do realise what this is yes?'

She rubbed the soft materiel between her fingertips, if she rubbed one way it was soft, if she rubbed in the opposite direction it was slightly harsher and more rough.

'It's a special cloth, used between Drell, for your well, your thing y'know, I can't pronounce it.' She turned red. 'Is there a problem did I get the wrong one, I mean it was short notice and I had to have it delivered and well-'

Thane cut her off he took the cloth out of her fingers and held it. Turning it over Shepard could see some embroidery around the edge, it was so small she hadn't noticed it before.

'This is means something very special Siha, this particular type of cloth is given to Drell's who have taken a certain ceremony,' he seemed uneasy.

'What? What ceremony? Have I fucked up?' She gasped covering her mouth, she looked like she was on the verge of tears.

'It is where they commit themselves to the other, even when the other person passes, they will not move on they will honour their memory and well you get the gist.' He stood up and placed the cloth onto Shepard's desk, 'there isn't many of us so most widowed Drell would indeed move on and raise another family. I do not wish to take that away from you, we will use the cloth I have brought.'

Shepard walked behind him and picked up the cloth she stared at it deeply. Thane could feel his heart beating in his chest. She looked as if she was deep in thought, a rare case for her.

'No Thane. We will use this.'

'No Shepard, you deserve a family. I could not use this.'

She turned to him angrily. 'It is not your choice Krios. It is mine. I knew what this relationship would mean when we first began, you didn't hide anything from me. Now listen when I tell you that we will use this cloth, for the intention it was made and definitely for it's symbolism.' She had a tear rolling down her cheek, 'this is my choice Thane Krios.'

He reached out and wiped the tear with his finger, resting his hand against her cheek he said, 'you will not cry for me, my Siha, do not cry for me.'

She fell forward her head resting on his shoulder, he held her close and breathed in her intoxicating scent. Others matters needed to be settled first, his passion for this woman would have to be settled in a few days after he completed his cycle. For now he would have to suffice with burying his face in her hair.

The itch across his shoulders had turned into an irritating burn.

'Ah Siha?'

'Of course my love, I'm sorry.' She nodded, she understood.

'Now there's a nickname I do not mind at all.'


'No I rather like it in fact.'


Thane left Shepard's quarters the next morning, not before she had pressed the cloth into his hand making him promise not to look at it until he reached his room.

He sat on his bed and double checked he locked the doors. Satisfied his privacy wouldn't be disturbed her pulled the cloth out from jacket, he let the material drift over his fingers. He examined the embroidery, he had thought about getting one of these in a previous life, but he had given up all thought when he lost that part of himself.

Tracing the stitching he followed it around the edge until he came to a line that was sewn in a different thread. It took a moment for his translator to register but when it did he could feel his heart beat increase.

Forever and Always, my love, Forever and Always.

His beautiful Siha. She was all he needed.

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