Need To Feed

Written By Sammy J. Richardson

Inspired by the hit television series "Lost Girl"

Life's hard when you don't know who you are. It's harder if you don't know what you are. My love carries a death sentence. I was lost for years, searching while hiding, only to find I belonged to a world hidden from humans. I won't hide anymore! I will live the life I choose!

Chapter One-Sleeping Beauty

One thing about Lauren Lewis I would never understand was just exactly how she could love someone like me. I belong to the genes known as Fae, but my species is what is called a succubus. I feed off the sexual energy known as chi, and most of the time it results in me waking up in a strange and unfamiliar bed next to a dead lover. This process would always leave me guilt ridden and feeling alone. To think, I did all of this for chi.

Then came Lauren. She was the first person I had met who was actually accepting of this. In fact, the human doctor possessed this curiosity that one does not see every day, especially if one is a loner succubus. However, I did feel bad for her in a sense when I had met her and found out some things about her. She was owned by the Ash. She was under control of the light Fae, serving as a doctor and at times a scientist for them.

It had been a couple years since our first meet and a lot had happened since, some things worse than others. But that was normal, at least in my world. Bad things happened pretty much wherever you went. Anyway, my relationship with Lauren had grown. At least, I would have liked to think so. However, as of now, I know so.

Monogamous relationships was not a concept I was very familiar with but when it came to her, something within me just wanted, craved, needed her. With that being said, something always stopped me. One damned thing kept me from being with Lauren in the way I desired… my identity. I am a light Fae succubus and she is a human being with a medical degree. This was not a good combination. I would constantly wrack my brain, going over each and every scenario which animated itself within my warped mind. I wanted to think optimistically but these abilities that I have prevent me from thinking any other way but rationally and realistically. With incidences such as the one with Nadia, I did not want to hurt her any further. But to her it was all water under the bridge. And as for my curse that comes attached with a relationship… let's just say that even then she was able to teach me how to just accept myself, and become comfortable with quenching that thirst for chi, the need to feed.

Sitting at home just reading a book as I lounged on the couch was an activity that I did enjoy quite a bit and what made it even more enjoyable was having Lauren there, just talking as I read. I am a good multi-tasker, if I do say so myself, so I was able to focus on the words in the book about the dark and light Fae, and her chatting endlessly about various medical procedures she had to perform within the last few days. A few of her stories actually made me chuckle, and I found her irresistible and cute when she went all geek. However, after a while her words had ceased, and that was okay. I turned all of my attention onto the book, learning oh so much. Almost curiously, I glanced up from my book and grinned when I saw her asleep, hugging one of the pillows. All I could do in that very moment was watch her as she remained asleep. Should I move her to my bed so she could rest more comfortably? Or should I just leave her alone? I continued to contemplate these options whilst I observed the slumbering human doctor.

That smile did not leave my face for the longest time as I watched her. Finally making the executive decision to move Lauren, I shut my book slowly, setting it aside before standing up from the couch. I gently strode over to her sleeping frame, gingerly gathering it within my arms. Making sure I have a hold of the blonde securely first, I start to carry her to my bedroom. As I walk her the distance to the room, I smile down at her before looking where I am going. I softly lie Lauren down on my maroon colored sheet covered bed. Yet again I smile down to her, admiring her and her beautiful body. The way Lauren's hair drapes almost flawlessly across her own face is absolutely beguiling to me. I would never be able to fathom how such beauty is even possible, let alone how I came to know someone who possessed it. What I heard next surprised me.