Need To Feed

Written By Sammy J. Richardson

Inspired by the hit television series "Lost Girl"

Life's hard when you don't know who you are. It's harder if you don't know what you are. My love carries a death sentence. I was lost for years, searching while hiding, only to find I belonged to a world hidden from humans. I won't hide anymore! I will live the life I choose!

Chapter Four-Eternity

"Lauren…" I spoke, holding her within my arms, refusing to let go. "I am so sorry. Are you alright?"

"I… I am fine. Please, don't look at me like that." She replied, noticing the evident look of guilt and horror upon my face.

Apparently I was easy to read in that moment, but to be honest I did not care. Not when I thought you were hurt, and that I had caused it. She gently removed her fingers from my orifice and snuggled into me, her weakened legs wobbling as she managed to remain on her knees. I believe that my holding her helped considerably. Curling up into my grasp, she somehow summoned up the strength to speak.

"That was amazing!" She breathed out, which did nothing to make me feel any better about the situation… what I had just done to her. "Bo, can we sleep?"

She sounded so exhausted as she spoke to me. I could feel her burying her head into my chest, smiling contently as she drifted into off into a dream state.

"Yes." I murmured softly before lifting her up and carrying her to the bed.

I held Lauren in my arms, stroking her hair. Guilt still pounded in my chest for what I had done to her. Of course, I still feel guilty for several things, killing Nadia in front of her was one of the top things on the list. This event was right up there as well. I let out a breath, looking out the window at the night sky, unable to sleep. My other hand mindlessly roamed Lauren's side as she slumbered. I prayed that somehow sleeping would be able to help her to regain her strength… and that I did no damage to her, permanent and or temporary.

A few hours later, Lauren awoke still lying in my arms. Her body felt rejuvenated as if she had taken some type of a substance. Looking up into my eyes, she leaned up and kissed me quickly before I could even have the chance to protest. She pulled away slowly, smiling contently at me. That smile faded slightly upon seeing the look on my face.

"Bo," She said, making a little huffing sound with her mouth. "Don't look so discontent. I am fine, I promise. My energy levels have regulated and I am perfectly happy in your arms."

I could tell she was trying to soothe me, her hands brushing my hair from my face. She snuggled closer to me, feeling my body oh so incredibly close to her own. She could not help but become aroused once more. Her hands roamed my frame while her lips kissed my neck gently. Suddenly, she stopped her actions, looking up at me as she tried to read my facial expression. She most likely could tell that I was upset.

"Are you upset with me?" She asked, looking into my eyes as she slowly pulled away from my grasp. "Maybe I should just go…"

This was definitely not what I wanted. I did not want her to go. How could she have possibly ever thought that I was upset with her, of all people?

"No, Lauren. Lauren… I am most certainly not upset with you. I'm upset with myself." I say, taking hold of her hand with my own.

I caressed the skin of her hand, a pleading look in my almost black eyes.

"You look so beautiful." I murmur admiringly, shaking my head in disbelief at how surely and magnificently gorgeous she was. "Please, touch me again?"

I could see the wheels turning and the look on her face which was one of pondering.

"I will touch you on one condition." She told me, holding up her index finger. "Please forgive yourself. I knew the risks and I took them. I am fine. Does the fact that I am a doctor not soothe your fears at all?"

I could feel her pulling her hands away from my own and I started to fear the worst, thinking she might leave me. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed her hands traveling to my hips as she leaned in to kiss me, slowly unbuttoning my pants. I could hear her moan into the kiss while she removed my pants forcefully. Breaking the kiss, Lauren moved her lips to my neck. I could feel her biting down gently and sucking on my pulse point. She moved down my body and placed her mouth on my inner thigh. My heart beat rapidly as she performed these acts, enjoying every single second which passed. I looked down, watching as she made her way up my thighs until she reached my folds, swiftly licking me. Lauren was quick about finding a steady and pleasurable rhythm. Bringing her hands up to my chest, Lauren groped at my breasts while her skillful mouth continued to pleasure me in all of the best ways. I could tell from her vocal noises that she certainly was enjoying the taste of my center… a taste unique to me. A taste no one else in the world could have, because it was just that. Mine.

"Mm-hmm." I heard her moan, the sound muffled as her tongue plunged inside me.

"I-I forgive myself!" I moan out, somewhat loudly.

My back arched at the feel of Lauren's mouth pleasuring me that night.

"Oh, God! I love your bedside manner, Lauren!" I sighed out of pleasure, being playful and teasing.

I started to feel even more pleasure, happiness merging with it.

"Oh! Lauren!" I moaned, my body writhing due to her actions.

I did not think about the fact that Kenzi was returning from her trip in which she visited some of her old friends that same night. Unbenounced to me, she walked into the house that we share, feeling happy and yet at the same time chill, calm. It was a mood she tended to have constantly, whenever I or she herself was not in danger.

"Yo, yo! Bo! You home?" She asked, and after a few seconds of waiting to hear my reply she heard moans instead. "Okay, then…"

As Kenzi spoke her eyes widened for a moment before returning to their original state. She somewhat skipped to the fridge before she rummaged through it for some booze. Meanwhile, my head was in the clouds. I felt as though I were a mere seconds away from that inevitable act. My fingers ran through Lauren's blonde hair, enjoying the feel of that softness as her tongue plunged into me.

"Lauren!" I moaned out even louder than before.

Kenzi practically choked on the wine she was drinking when she heard my exclamation.

"The fuck?" She asked herself under her breath, not even able to begin to comprehend that.

It was not a name she had expected to hear… but it was not as if it was entirely unwelcomed. My back arched even more so than it had been, giving Lauren a perfect angle. I felt so close, you I held it back for I wanted to hold onto that feeling she gave me for as long as I could. In that instant, I began wishing that I could have it for eternity.