Jealously is Not the Answer.

- I want you all to myself
why can't you see
You don't realize
That it should be about me

I want to be the one
That holds a place in your heart
The one to hold your hand
And to never be apart

All I have are fantasies and wishes
Of what could be
But your with her
Instead of with me -

Chapter 1.

Looking up towards the Ceiling, Zoe Signed. It had been years since she had heard from her 'Best Friend', she missed her a lot and she could really do with the Advice. Stretching out her arm to reach her phone she grabbed it off her bed side table and brought it up towards her face. It was 6:30 Am, she Couldn't remember what time it was in America but she wanted to hear from them both.

Hi This is Jess. Leave a Message.

Hey Jess, Its Zoe! Haven't heard from you in a while, was hoping we could have a chat, Speak soon yeah?! ok Bye.

She placed the phone back on the table, and lay staring at the ceiling, this always helped when she was troubled. The Thing was -she didn't like to admite it though- she was Jealous. Jealous that the two men she both loved where in other relationships. Nick was with Yvonne, and Dylan was with Sam. She thought about Nick, how they used to be so good together, but they were so different from each other. Nick wanted a Baby, but she didn't. She wanted some-one she could love, but He wanted a family. She wished she hadn't lied to him, she wished that she would have told him in the first place about not being pregnant.

She then Thought of Dylan. Dylan a man of many mysteries. They were so close at one point. She remembered the fire, how they had spent what could have been the last night of their lifes, but they were rescued and His 'Next of Kin' was called, and it turned out to be his wife. She felt sad, they were never close after that. Still thinking of Nick; she recalled his face. His features when he told he was leaving and might not return.

She laid there for what seemed like hours, until she was interupted by what seemed like a buzzing sound. She quickly turned over and saw the Caller ID on her Phone it was Jess.

"Hey Jess"

"Zoe, Hey its good to hear from you, How you doing?"

"Yeah I'm fine at the moment, Thanks. How are you and Adam holding up in America?"

"Yeah Really well, Once he left Holby, he got my Phone Number and we met up again"

"Aww, Bless. I need some Advice?!"

"Yeah sure. Go on"

"Well. My friend kinda' likes this guy in the ED they have been in a relationship before, but now he is with another person. And she wants to get him back, how should she do it?"

"Right. And by friend you mean you still fancy Nick Jordan right?"

"Zoe laughed at the end of the phone "Yes Jess, I do but he is with another person"

" Zoe, You must show him."

"Show him what?"

"That you still care for him, and if that doesn't work"


"Tell Him you Love him"

"What are you crazy?" Jess started to laugh but she knew this was a big deal for Zoe. Whilst on the phone with Jess, Zoe put Jess on loud speak so she could get ready for work.

"No, you Need to Tell him the Sooner the Better Zo" Putting on her Skirt, Heels and Shirt, she walked downstairs.

"Ok Thanks Jess, Hope you are all ok. You need to come visit soon."

"Ha ha, I will Zoe I promise,"

"Good, I've got to go, i'll be late for work. Bye"

"Bye Zo"

Walking into her Car, She quickly got in and buckled up. Turning on the Radio and Car she was off driving to work.


"Where is Doctor Hanna?" Nick looked at the clock on the wall, and turned to Noel.

"I'm Sorry Mr Jordan. She hasn't come in yet?" Nick signed, he thought he had one of the best ED's in the City, but there was a downfall A few People were always Late, Including Doctor Hanna.

Racing into a space and into the ED, Zoe looked around and walked by Noel.

"Morning Noel"

"Morning Doctor Hanna"

She was walking towards the staffroom when she was stopped in her tracks by a man, A man she wanted to be stopped by.

"Late again Doctor Hanna?" she smiled towards him and decided that she didn't want to answer him, so she walked off shaking her head. She walked inside the Staffroom where he followed her too.

"Your Late today"

"I'm Sorry Nick, its just that it takes ages for me to look this Beautiful in the mornings" She could feel his eyes onto hers

She heard a little chucked from his lips and he simply replyed "I know Exactly what you mean, I mean look at me?"

"Yeah Look at you, A man that hasn't shaved in a while."She walked out of the room and to the reception, hoping that she had made an impression on him.

She watched as He walked out of the Staffroom and up towards his office. Her Inner Self was jumping for joy, she had done it, she had flirted with him for the first time in ages, and he surpirsingly flirted back. As he turned around to face her, she could see that he was shaking his head at her, she simply smiled and turned around mouthing 'Ouch'

Today was a good day and hopefully would stay like it. That's if Yvonne didn't show up today.

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