My Knight & My Lady

Chapter 1: The Final Exam

I was in my dorm room reading the letter that my young sister had sent me from her school field trip in the earth amazon; it came with some pictures too. Despite the fact that our mother had abandoned us, she held up strong, and I'm very proud of her and so is our father. Most 10 year olds would cry themselves to sleep until their 20, but not Ally, she cried but moved on.

As I was writing a response letter to her my friend Timmy entered the room.

"Oh hey Riven, what are you doing?"

"Writing a letter to my sister"

"Oh, um Saladin is asking for you, he said he wants you on his office as soon as possible."

"Well, be sure to tell him I'll be there as soon as I write my letter"

"Ok, oh don't forget that today is welcoming to the new specialist, so don't be late"

"I won't, see you in a few"

Once I was done writing my letter, save it in a box so I won't lose it and head straight to Saladin's office.

"They told me you sent for me"

"Ah yes, yes, com in Riven it's not a bad sit"

Saladin's office was filled with pictures and books, practically anything that an office has

"Now, I'm only sending in my best students to my office so I can personally tell them the details about the final exam, now all of our senior class will do their final exam, but my best students get a head start."

"Ok what's the final exam?"

"You and your senior class have to serve as knights for princesses for a whole year, you have to serve and protect them, and you have to use the skills you boys learned in action and in practice"

"Sounds easy enough"

"It sounds easy, you see not all princesses are nice, some are stubborn, mean rude and plain stupid, and you my boy got the worst of all"

"Don't tell me she's that stupid?"

"Riven, you're a prince and not the only one; I've trained many princes in this school but many of them got the cruelest princess ever to exist and failed!"

"Who's that?"

He shows me a holograph of the princess and of her realm. She looks amazing; I guess love at first sight does exist.

"This is Princess Musa Soul; her father is King Hobo Soul of the Harmonic Nebula also known as Melody. Now she was never like this, but when her mother died so did her heart. She scared off many knights and maids from her castle, she even harmed Caladora."

My eyes widen as I heard the fact "You kidding? She's that bad?"

"Bad, cruel, cold hearted however you put it, she is"

"What did she do?"

"You know the scar the Caladora has?"


"She gave him that scar on a hand to hand combat, and she was using no magic, that scar almost cost him his life"

"So I have to deal with her?"

"Just try to do everything and anything she ask you to do and stay out of her way"

"Sure thing" yeah right, I love a good challenge, and this girl needs to coop with her feelings and needs to be taught some manners and I'm the perfect teacher for it.

"Oh today at the welcoming party, the senior class will leave with their chosen princess. I'll pack if I were you and warn your room mates, and get ready, because she really is that bad."

"So they'll be at the party?"


"Ok" well good bye school and hello teaching, this Princess is about to meet her maker.

I head to my dorm room to meet up with some of my friends; they were already ready for the party so I had to hurry up. I put on a black party tux, my hair in its normal way, some cologne and off to the party welcoming the new students.

We senior's get to wear tux the new students have to wear the uniforms. The girls at Alfia and the Princesses from all over the magic dimension wore dresses, obviously.

"Ladies, Princesses, Specialist and Princes of all the realms, I thank you for coming here today in welcoming the new specialist to our school, please enjoy yourself, meet the students and princess meet you knights and have fun!"

After a few laughs with the boys, my eyes locked on a very gorgeous princess, yes my princess, Princess Musa, and it looks like she's not all that bad, since she's hanging out with a few girls.

I decide to make my way towards in introducing myself; I'll do anything she wishes for tonight, to see how bad she really is. Then it'll be my turn.


I was hanging out with my friends, Princess Bloom, Princess Tecna, Princess Stella, Princess Layla and Princess Flora. A lot of guys wonder I'm so cruel and mean to them but no the girls, well let's say that I've hated men after my mother's death. I could try and trust them but, I can't, not after what happened days after her death.

"Oh check out those knights, and the one that's coming our way!" said Stella fixing her hair.

"Well, I hope you ladies are having a goodnight" he said with a warm smile.

The girls giggled as a sign that they were. Except for me, I only stared to see what he wanted.

"You lovely princesses are aware that you take home a knight tonight for a whole year, right?"

"Yeas we are, and who's knight might you be?" asked Bloom

"Well, I'm the knight of your lovely friend here"

"Wait, you're my knight? You're kidding, right?" I asked hoping that it was joke.

"Yes I am, my duty is to serve and protect any of your needs my princess, and what is your name?"

"Princess Musa, and why do you care?"

"Because I am your knight, to serve and protect anything your little heart desires"

I stopped for a moment and looked at the girls and gave them my evil little smile

"Anything my heart desires?"


I looked at him with a smirk on my face; I leaned over and whispered in his ear "I'm going to be your living nightmare"

"I can't wait" he whispered back I stood for a moment and looked at him, did he really say that? Does he think he can break me down and be much worse than me?

"Go and have your last hurrah with you knights, because it's the last hurrah you'll ever get"

"If you say so, My Lady"

I turned around to my fiends mad "who does he think he is 'My Lady' pssf, if he think he's bad he hasn't met me"

"According to my data base, his a prince"

"A prince?"

"Yes, his name is Prince Riven Duncan the 3rd, he's father is King Riven Duncan the 2nd, hi has a younger sister named Ally Duncan, they were abandoned by their mother. And now he goes to this school, well finishing what's left of his senior year."

I stared at Tecna for a while; it's amazing how a princess can be so smart.

"So he's gorgeous, is going to graduate as a knight and he's a prince? Wow talk about your triple threat!" my eyes rolled at Stella's comment.

"Well let's just see how much can this prince take when he come in my turf"

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