Finn knew Neptr was always loyal to him, he just didn't realize how far he'd go to keep him safe.

It was just a normal day at the treehouse, a bunch of sitting around, playing Beemo, and….

Ah, did you think I was serious? Here, let me put the scene in its actuality for you.

Neptr sat in the corner behind the couch, just talking to Finn.

Normally that wouldn't be problem, though from the looks of it Finn was rather busy locking swords with an Assassin (the assassin was never that good at the stealth part).

"Heeeeee-ahhh!" Finn's warrior cry echoed from around the house. He swung his inherited demon blood sword directly at the assassin's chest, only to be parried by a metal elbow pad.

Now, we could go into full depth of how the assassin had sworn revenge on Finn but a few days before he was even born, but that would take a couple novels and a prologue, a history book on the subject of shiny gold boots, and a full feature movie chronicling the life of a penguin who loved to dance.

It was rather unfortunate that Beemo was out on a date with Loraine (they had gotten back together a few weeks ago) and that Jake was out with Lady Rainicorn. Come on, did Finn have to be the only one who was there to protect the house? Because he doubted that pies would stop the armed warrior.

The battle raged, on, and on. Neither side was willing to give up.

"So Father, would you like me to prepare a dinner for you?"

"Not now Neptr!"

As many things as the assassin was, he was not one to go unprepared. He knew that Finn could probably outlast him. And he wasn't one who gave a demon about playing dirty either/

So he pulled a grenade from his belt buckle, and tossed it at the floor. Finn was about to kick it away, but the attacker interrupted.

"That grenade will explode in the next 30 seconds, or when it is tried to move by a human hand. Specially designed for you. Ha! Ha!" And the Assassin left.

"Aw, what! That grenade will probably blow up the whole treehouse, there's no time to get out."

Neptr hadn't been paying too much attention to the fight, because his creator was a rather skilled warrior.

But…There seemed to be no way out of it other than him to take action.

Neptr whirled around, and with his one robotic hand (it didn't auto defuse on robots, which the assassin didn't know he had. He could've done more research.) Stuffed it into his microwave slot.

"Neptr! What are you doing?"

"I can hold it inside me, and cushion the explosion with my pies! I might perish, but I can stop it from harming you!"

Finn's blue eyes grew wide. He tried to get him to stop, but it was no use. The robot was firm. By now, time had been wasted talking about it.

The grenade did explode that day, and Neptr did get destroyed beyond repair. But remember, if it helps you feel any better…

Finn hunted down that assassin and locked him in the Nightosphere.