Final Destination: A Second Chance

I don't own Final Destination 2 or the characters. I only own Jezybela and Gloria.


Kimberly Corman: Has seen the violent premonition of a pile-up. She is played by A.J. Cook

Thomas Burke: A police officer who tries to assist Kimberly. He is seen as the first to die in Kimberly's premonition. He is played by Michael Landes.

Clear Rivers: Survived the Flight 180 plane crash from a year earlier. Clear is not in the premonition, but is sought later on to assist Kimberly and Thomas cheat Death. She is played by Ali Larter.

Rory Peters: Is a drug addict who is seen in Kimberly's premonition as the second to die in the premonition, but is actually the fifth in the movie. He is played by Jonathan Cherry.

Kat Jennings: A business woman who is seen as the third in the premonition to die, but is the fourth in the movie. She is played by Keegan Connor Tracy.

Nora Carpenter: Is a widowed mother of two. She, her mother, and her two kids die in the premonition. She is the third to die in the actual movie, but in this, she is spared. Nora is played by Lynda Boyd.

Gloria Paisley: Is Nora's mother who escaped death as a child. She is exactly like Jezybela, being able to see other's deaths as it was her own. Gloria was to die with Nora, Tim, and Jezybela. Gloria is played by Elizabeth Wilson.

Jezybela Carpenter: An innocent eleven-year-old girl who can pack a punch. She, like Kimberly, has premonitions. Unlike Kimberly, though, Jezybela can detect other's deaths as well as her own. She also works as an apprentice for William Bludworth, and has maintained that position since she was eight. Jezybela also knows about death and its signs. She is supposed to die along with her mother, Nora, grandmother, Gloria, and older brother, Tim. In this story, she is spared. Jezybela is played by Isabelle Fuhrman.

Tim Carpenter: Is a fifteen-year-old who smokes and tortures Jezybela. In the premonition, he dies with Gloria, Nora, and Jezybela. He is not as lucky as his mother, grandmother, and sister, and is the second in the movie.

Eugene Dix: Is a school teacher who was supposed to be on Flight 180, but was replaced by Valerie Newton. Eugene was seen riding his motorcycle, weaving between lanes. He was the third to die in the premonition, but the seventh in the movie. He is played by T.C. Carson.

William Bludworth: Is the coroner. He knows more about death and the signs more than anybody. His apprentice is Route 23 pile up survivor, Jezybela Carpenter. William is played by Tony Todd.