Alan stood in her kitchen busy with cooking she had already decided to wear a red button down shirt and black jeans, her hair was loose and she put the cake in the oven putting the timer on she made her way towards the lounge and sat down she then looked at the letter and then took it and opened it the paper was on finest quality and she enjoyed the beautiful letters that read so smoothly.

"Dear Alan Johnson.

I just recall never setting a date with you for tonight I will be there at seven to collect my payment. Until then enjoy your day. I also have business to discuss with you.

From: Mr. Gold."

She sat back in the couch it was 5 now he'll be here in two hours by then she will be ready with food and the song that she had finally decided to play for him. She just hoped it would be enough.

Mr. Gold had closed his shop early and was walking cane in hand towards his car, he was looking forward in tonight when Alan would play a song for him – he wondered what song she would play for him. He was well aware of her talent in music and her hobby of collecting items. He stopped by his car and looked up at the sky the weather was nice not too hot nor too cold, clouds slowly formed in the sky, it reminded him of when he was back in Fairyland with Alan in that meadow filled with flowers and butterflies. He opened his door and climbed in his car.

"This is beautiful." She exclaimed with excitement as she saw the many colourful flowers and the butterflies that flattered around. A breeze made her hair blow and her ribbon she normally tie it with go loose and her hair fell in waves till her waist. Then she turned around and watched the man who stood with his hands behind his back.

"So, it is true – you are that kind of trader are you?" She asked and went to stand before him her eyes revealed to him. They were the eyes of the sky and the grass and her hair reminded him of a warm fire. He had made a deal with her father the blacksmith who was known throughout the kingdoms as the one who can make anything out of metal a deal that consist of his daughter.

"Please, can you save them?" the man begged the imp known as Rumpelstiltskin put his hands together and regarded the man and his wife who was ill.

"Of course I can…" he chirped and then held his finger towards her belly "but for a prize." He said and the man held his wife's hand and bowed his head she was slipping away and with her gone what about the baby?

"What is your prize?" He asked and the imp laughed with excitement. "A life for a life. I cannot save them both." He said and the man narrowed his eyes.

"You mean my wife or my child?" He asked and the imp nodded the man was about to say something then he heard his wife's voice.

"Save the child Rumpelstiltskin. I also like to make a deal." She said directly at Rumpelstiltskin.

"O, goodie goodie." He said excited the woman ached in pain and then she made a small smile.

"Dear, I want you to promise me that you will abhor to this deal no matter what?" She asked and then she looked at Rumpelstiltskin.

"I want you to protect my child and give her a talent. In return for this she will use her talent and one day she will be yours forever." The woman said and then Rumpelstiltskin made a gesture with his hand.

"Deal ahahahah." He said with excitement and turned to the door.

"Your baby will be save as promised I shall return again to see how she has grown." Then he was gone.

"Whatever do you mean dearie?" He said and then she smiled.

"You're Rumpelstiltskin." She said folding her arms pleased with her statement he laughed and watched her with amusement.

"Your right. Tell you what why don't you play that flute of yours?" He said and she looked at him with a puzzling look, but she took out her flute and began to play as she played the flowers moved and the butterflies swayed some pedals blew in the breeze and Rumpelstiltskin folded his hands together and grinned.

"The gift I will give your child will be music."

Mr. Gold knocked on the door of Alan's apartment and she opened and said with a warming smile.

"Welcome Mr. Gold." She smiled and he greeted her too then he walked in and saw the table was set with candle light and the food was set out. He smiled and made his way to the table where he sat down she sat down opposite from him.

"Would you care for some coffee?" She offered and he made a small smirk.

"I'd be delighted."

"Then wait here-" She stood up. "I'll get the coffee and the food."

"Have you think of a song to play for me Miss Johnson?" Mr. Gold asked after a while of silence.

"Yes, I've been working on one I want you to hear it and tell me if it sounds good or should I change a few things." She said and Mr. Gold made a small smirk he then took in the warm and welcome feeling he saw there was a piano – it was the one he had given to Alan a few years ago when she was looking for a piano to practice on. Alan come out carrying a tray with two mugs and dishes. She sat the tray down and took the mug and placed it in front of him with the plate of food that she had made.

"Just as you like it." She smiled as she sat her's down and sat opposite him.

"You always now how I love my coffee don't you Miss. Johnson." He smirked and took a sip of the coffee and sat the cup down.

"Well, you come visit very often Mr. Gold." She smiled and then they began to eat silently she was a bit nervous what if the song she had picked wasn't so good as it sounded. Mr. Gold watched the nervousness on her face, he had had a tough day and was somewhat looking forward to hear her soothing music...

"How, did I do that?" She asked excited as she faced Rumpelstiltskin who had conjectured a chair out of no where and was now sitting on it watching her with his hands held together enjoying her excitement. He stood up and made his way towards her.

"Let's call it a gift shall we, Dearie?" He made a gesture with his hands as he said this, then she smiled and looked back at her flute.

"A gift? It is a rather unusual one don't you think Rumpelstiltskin?" She asked and he watched her for a moment then he made a big grin and drummed his fingers together.

"You are rather an unusual person yourself don't you agree dearie?" He asked and watched her expression as it went to a shock expression then a smile. She laughed at his statement – it was true she was a rather unusual person because who else but her have duel eyes?

"You're right about that Rumpelstiltskin." She saw him smirk again and then he tilted his head one side and held his hand out.

"Shall we go dearie – it is getting late don't you think?" He asked and she giggled and put her hand in his golden-gray skinned one, then purple smoke went around her and they were back the only thing missing was Rumpelstiltskin who had disappeared. She shook her head and smiled then she made her way back to her house...