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In some ways John thought it was highly insulting. That someone believed that after a year and a half following a more than slightly crazed Consulting Detective around London and living with him in an enclosed space, he was incapable of spotting a tail.

The fact that the Consulting Detective had a highly paranoid, influential and resourceful brother, who coincidently controlled probably all of the Government (if Sherlock was to be believed) only *further* made his tail-spotting skills better.

The several abductions didn't hurt either.

In other ways, John wasn't surprised. He was quite used to being insulting after eighteen months of living with a socially inept Consulting Detective.

The fact that the entire Metropolitan Police Force, and probably most of the country, simply thought of him as Sherlock's shadow meant that the insults weren't simply limited to Sherlock either.

What *really* annoyed John was that whoever it was who was having him tailed seemed to ignore the fact that John was an ex-Army Doctor back from two tours in Afghanistan.

By God, he may not be much to look at now, but he knew how to fight... He knew how to shoot... And he knew how to spot a sniper... No matter *how* far away the man was.

His *life* had depended on those skills. As had those of his *squad* and his *patients*!

His record was filled with commendations and glowing reports. Yet no one seemed to bother reading past his role as a Doctor and his discharge papers.

No one seemed to equate the loyalty he showed Sherlock with having occurred at any other point in his life.

If he had to be honest, John knew he was a bit possessive of people. Harry had once described him as a dog. Highly protective of people he believed that he *belonged* to. Completely platonic in nature. But so long as they cared for *him*, then John would walk into Hell with nothing more than a snowball for ammunition.

Right then, Sherlock was someone who cared for him. In his own particularly odd way.

Someone was trying to frame Sherlock... And incidentally trying to kill John.

Even with his much lower intellect than Sherlock's, it didn't take John long to work out that it was Moriarty behind both the tail and the sniper.

That meant Sherlock was in trouble.

And probably a few other people too. Moriarty wasn't the type of person to not have a back-up plan.

~Well, one thing at a time.~ John thought, ~Take everything one step at a time.~

Step One - Deal with the tail.


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