AN: So it seems like I have gotten obssed by this show and by Wes!whump...
This story is about the big fight in the first episode and my take on what could have happened.
So it's diffrent from how it went in the show.
Please tell my what you think!
Should I continue?

So here goes:

Crazy circles.

"You put innocent lives on the line and now because of your big fat mouth an innocent man probably are going to jail! Great work! That's great, man!"

"Wow. You are the one that sent an innocent person to jail. Not me."

"I would shut up right now if I were you."

"Mmm, I kinda just getting started."

Wes threw the first punch hitting Travis in the jaw, sending him backwards. Travis glared at Wes as he moved his jaw and then he threw himself at Wes, sending both men out the glass window and Wes lost his breath for a second as he landed on his back with Travis on him.

They wrestled on the floor for a couple of seconds then Travis pushed Wes off him and both men got on their feet. Wes leaned on the wall behind him before jumped at Travis, sending both men onto the desk behind them and they wrestled some more until Captain Sutton and two other police men grabbed Wes and dragged him off Travis.

"I say we are done!"

"We are not done until I say that we are done! Get off me! We are done!" Wes glared as he walked away. He knew that it was a childish thing to say but he was so dam angry.

Wes limped way toward the elevator and got in, he punched the button and leaned back against the elevator wall. He took a few deep breaths and was starting to calm down when he thought back to the fight.

Hearing his own evil words that he had said to Travis about no one wanting him and being a manwhore made him ashamed.

How could he be so mean?

He really is an asshole.

The elevator binged and he stumbled out of the elevator, his back hurt like hell and he was starting to feel a little dizzy.

Wes leaned against his car and was about to get in but his knees gave away and he glided to the concrete floor.

clclclclclclclclclclclclclcl clclclcl

"I didn't say anything to the press!" Travis said as he walked away, his anger boiled inside him as he made his way to the stairs but as he started to calm down and got his breathing under control he sat down and touched his sore jaw.

Dam, Wes had strong right hook for being so skinny. Travis thought back to their fight remembering how light the blonde partner had been when he had straddled him on the desk when they fought.

Then his thoughts wandered to what had been said between the two men, he was hurt by what Wes had said but then he heard his own voice:

"You are the one that sent an innocent person to jail. Not me."

How could he say that to his partner? Off all the hurtful things he had said this was the worst for he knew that the subject was Wes's Achilles heel.

Nothing could have hurt the blonde man more.

Travis stood up and started to righten his shirt when he noticed that his shirt had blood on, it wasn't a few drops but a big stain, covering almost his whole stomach.

Holy shit! Travis yelled almost out loud as his thoughts connected. Wes must have cut himself somehow when they flew through the window and not a small cut if you reckoned by the blood stain on Travis's shirt.

What if Wes had gotten stabbed by some glass in the back? He could bleed to death in minutes. He had to find Wes to see that he was alright.

Travis ran back to the office landscaped searching for Wes but saw Captain Sutton instead.

"Captain! Did you see where Wes went?"

"No and I'm not sure that I would tell you after that display." Captain Sutton huffed.

"I understand that, Cap! But I think that he is hurt real bad." He held out his shirt showing the blood.

"Shit!" Capt.'s eyes widened at the blood on the dark haired man's shirt. "I think he took the elevator down to the garage."

Both men ran to the elevator, pushed the button, the doors opened and both men froze when they saw a puddle of blood on the floor.

"Shit!" Travis said and they got in, pushed the button that was smeared with blood.

Looking at the blood and at the counting numbers made the elevator ride the longest Travis ever been on.

Finally the doors opened and he ran out, the captain close on his heels and he searched desperately after Wes's car.

He thanked God when he finally found it and he ran over as fast as he could.

Not seeing Wes he dashed around to the driver's side and came to an abrupt halt at what he saw and he knew that the sight would haunt his dreams.

Wes was sprawled on the concrete floor, pale and sweaty. There was a puddle of blood beside the blonde man's right arm and the arm was coated with blood.

"Dam it, Wes!" Travis yelled as he knelt beside his partner.

He lifted the blonde man's arm trying to find the source of the blood that was still leaking out of his partner.

Captain Sutton reached them and he helped Travis with taking of the jacket, getting it off Travis ripped the shirt finding a long deep gash in Wes's underarm, going from the wrist up to the elbow.

He also found a gash in his partner's bicep and some glass that was still stuck in it, he grabbed Wes's jacket, held it against the bleeding and pressed down hard.

"Travis?" Wes said as he looked at his partner with glazed eyes.

"It's gonna be okay, Wes." Travis said as he looked into his partner's eyes. "You are gonna be okay."

"Travis…" Wes had a hard time concentrating but he knew he had to say this. "I'm sorry about the things I said." He swallowed as the pain in his arm grew intense.

"It's okay." Travis said looking down at Wes's arm but jerked up again when his partner grabbed his arm with his uninjured one, making him look at him.

"No!" Wes took a deep breath, wincing at the pain in his back. "It's not alright! I know that you would never leak to the press and I'm really sorry about everything I said. Really sorry. I'm an ass." With those words Wes's strength seemed to disappear, he slumped back against his car and closed his eyes.

"The ambulance will be here soon." Captain Sutton said as he looked at his two best detectives. "How is he doing?"

"I don't know Cap." Travis said as he looked down at his pale partner, worry clear on his face. "He is losing a lot of blood."

"Let me go, Travis." Wes started to struggle weakly. "I don't deserve your help."

"Don't be stupid, Wes." Travis said as he kept holding his partners arm not fazed by the weak struggle.

Before he could say anything more the ambulance screech to a halt beside them and two medics rushed out.

"My name is Jenna:" The first medic quickly introduced herself as she knelt next to Wes and Travis. "What happened?"

"He got thrown thru a glass window and somehow hurt his arm." Travis said as he showed the medic Wes's arm. "He has lost a lot of blood."

"Let me take a look." Jenna said as she also asked for her patient's name. "Mr. Mitchell? I'm gonna take a look at your arm while Sarah with put in an IV and get you some fluids, okay?"

At Wes's nod, she took his arm from Travis and carefully checked the wound with the glass first gently probing at it then she carefully lifted the ruined jacket.

"We have an artery bleed." She said as she reached for her bag and she waved at Travis to open the bag. "Hand me those compresses there and the bandages there."

Travis did as he was told and she wrapped Wes's arm tight then she looked over at her partner who was taking Wes's bloodpreassure.

"How's BP?" Jenna asked as she held her finger to the blonde man's throat checking his pulse.

"It's low. 80 over 50." Sarah said as she looked at her partner.

"Not good. Pulse is high. We gotta get going." Jenna said worriedly. She grabbed Wes under his shoulders and Sarah grabbed is legs as they quickly lifted the blonde man, ignoring his weak protests, onto the stretcher and started to wheel him to the ambulance.

"Are one of you going to ride with us?" Sarah asked as they loaded Wes into the ambulance.

Captain Sutton glanced at the shell chocked Travis and nudge his shoulder.

"Are you going?" He asked the dark haired detective that turned and looked at him. "It's your decision."

Travis nodded, swallowing his guilt and jumped inside the ambulance.