AN: So remember that this is pure fiction, this was just an idea that was stuck in my head.
Hopefully someone out there still want to read more after this.

Chapter 4

For two days Wes didn't do much but think and rest, he thought a lot about what he was going to do about the fight with Travis.

Was Travis going to ask about a new partner? And if he did, what should he do? Ask for a new partner also or ask for a transfer to another office?

In retrospect Wes didn't want a new partner, he really liked working with Travis even if the dark haired man drove him crazy and he liked how well they worked together under pressure.

But he would understand if Travis would ask for a new partner.

Then his thoughts came around to Tommy Flanagan and Sean O'Conner and that was an even worse subject.

He was sure that Tommy recognized him but that didn't mean that they would find out where he lived or worked.

Wes looked at himself in the mirror before he headed out, he still looked a bit pale but he was feeling fine and he would only be doing paperwork anyway.

His stomach fluttered a little at the prospect of seeing Travis again, they hadn't spoken at all for these two days and Wes didn't know what to make of it. He wanted to tell Travis that he was sorry for the things he said and that he was willing to try again.

Wes stepped inside the precinct, walked over to his and Travis desk and a smiled a small smile as he saw that Travis desk was the same mess as always.

That meant that he still had a chance to talk to his partner.

Wes took off his jacket, hung it on his chair as he sat down and started to file some paperwork before Travis got here.

"Detective Wes Mitchell?" A heavy Irish accent said his name and Wes felt his stomach drop as he looked up.

Clclclclclclclclclclclclclcl clclclcl'

Travis spent the two days not doing much, he was mostly thinking on how he would get Wes to stay with him.

He was still thinking about what he would say as he stepped inside the precinct, searched for his blonde partner and he smiled as he saw him at their desks.

But his smiled disappeared as he took a good look at his partner, his face was pale and drawn, then he saw a big man in his 50ies sitting half on Wes's desk and the big man had a hand on Wes's arm, the hurt one, and that Travis didn't like at all.

Because Travis knew how much Wes hated to be touched by strangers and even if this man wasn't a stranger to Wes, the younger man didn't seem to like the touch at all.

So he quickly walked over to them, as he strained to listen what they were talking about and as he came closer he could hear an Irish accent saying.

"Sean didn't believe me at first when I said that I saw you in the hospital. But when I said that it had to be you, he decided to stay here for a little longer so we could find you."

"What do you want from me?" Wes voice was low as he looked up at Tommy trying to stay calm.

"He wants to meet you." Tommy said as he squeezed Wes's hurt arm a little. "And he won't take no for an answer."

At that Wes paled even further and his throat closed up. No! He didn't want to see that man ever again.

"Hello Wes. Is everything okay?" Travis said in a civil tone as he looked at his partner.

Wes looked up, saw his dark haired partner and he had never been so happy to see him but his throat was still closed up and he just nodded.

"Hi! I don't believe we have met." Travis turned to the big man that had let go of Wes's arm and was now standing up. Trying not to be intimidated by the man's size he held out his hand. "I'm Travis Marks, Wes's partner."

"My name is Tommy Flanagan." The big man shook his hand as he glanced at Wes.

"So how do you know Wes?" Travis knew that he was rude but he didn't like this Tommy, not even the teeniest bit.

"Well you could say that I have known Wes since he was very young." Tommy smirked and turned back to Wes. "This isn't over. I'll talk to you later." Then he got up and walked away, Travis kept his eyes on him until he was out of sight and then the detective turned to his partner.

"Hey, Wes?" Travis said as he saw the blonde man still staring at the doors, his breathing seemed fast and shallow. "Wes?" Travis started to worry as he got no response so he took Wes's uninjured hand and squeezed it lightly as he repeated: "Wes?"

"Shit." Wes looked at Travis's hand and then looked up at him, meeting his blue eyes and then he stood up.

"Wes? What's going on?" Travis followed Wes as he walked over to the break room.

"I didn't think you cared." Wes needed time to think so he tried to push Travis away with words.

"Come on, man." Travis really looked at his partner and saw that Wes was really rattled. "Who was that?"

"I…" Wes didn't know what to say, he wanted to tell Travis the truth but what would happen if he did?

"Please man, I know we had this big fight and I'm sorry for what happened." Travis said as he looked pleadingly at the blonde man.

"You're sorry?" Wes said in disbelief. "Why? I'm the one who acted like an ass."

"I said some horrible things and I pushed you thru a window!"

"I threw the first punch, Travis." Wes said, he shook his head and looked at Travis. "And I said some horrible things to you. I'm sorry."

For a minute both detectives just looked at each other, digesting what had been said and then Travis started to smile as he held out a hand.

"Still partners?"

"Still partners." Wes smiled back and grabbed the offered hand but was surprised as Travis gave him a hug.

"I knew that you love me." Travis said smiling.

"In your dreams." Wes smiled back and shook his head, relived that Travis had forgiven him.

"But Wes." Travis turned serious as he looked at his partner. "Who is Tommy Flanagan?"

"Why are you two talking about Tommy Flanagan?" Captain Sutton walked inside the break room and looked at them. "Kissed and made up?"

"You could say that." Travis smiled at the short man.

"What? No, we didn't kiss." Wes said a blush creeping onto his face.

"Joke aside boys. You were talking about Tommy Flanagan, Sean O'Connor's right hand." Sutton looked at both detectives.

"Captain…." Wes started but was interrupted by Travis.

"Yes, he was here a couple of minutes ago talking to Wes." Travis said looking at his partner. "Why does Sean O'Connor sound familiar?"

"Wes?" Captain Sutton ignored Travis as he turned at the blonde man with surprise.

"I…" Wes took a deep breath. "I think that we need to go to your office Captain, if we are going to talk about this."

All three men moved over to the Captain's office, Wes was the last one in and he closed the door carefully before sitting down next to Travis.

"Now we are here." Sutton said as he leaned forward and looked at Wes. "So please tell me what the Irish mob want with you."

"Irish mob?! Now I recognize that name!" Travis exclaimed and turned to his partner. "Wes?"

Wes took a deep breath and looked down at his hands as he started to talk:

"I don't know where to start. Tommy Flanagan is an old friend of my father's, actually he has been my father's bodyguard for over 30 years and my father's name is Sean O'Connor." Wes looked up quickly at the captain's and his partner's gasps and then down his hands again. "My mother's grandmother's name was Mitchell, she changed mine to it when she took me away from Boston and from Sean."

"Why did she run?" Travis asked trying to digest what Wes was telling them.

"A few months before, there was attempt to kill Sean but." Wes swallowed trying to suppress the memories before he continued. "But I was in the way. Got shot just above my left hip. Nothing serious but I lost a lot of blood and with my rare blood type it was hard to get a hold of blood. It spooked my mother I think."

"Dam." Travis said. "I understand her. I would have freaked also."

"She told me that she tried to reason with Sean, to send me away, to boarding school or something but he refused. So she stole a big sum of money and we slowly made our way down here and we settled down." Wes looked up, facing both the captain and Travis. "It seems like he have been looking for me since then and now he found me."

"What did Tommy said to you?" Sutton asked.

"He said that Sean wanted to see me and that he wouldn't take no for an answer." Wes didn't know what to say more so he slumped in the chair pinching his nose as a headache started to build.

"Well that ain't gonna happen." Travis said as he grabbed Wes's hand.