Another one-shot Cinna/Effie story :)

Effie looked into my eyes,
"Really, after all those years of being married, I cannot get over your beautiful eyes." she said, I smiled at her, I know what's coming next... I thought to myself. "And your eyeliner brings out that gold shimmer in your eyes, good you didn't stop wearing it when we moved to District 12." She then rested her head on my chest. "I love you Cinna." she told me and I replied,
"I love you too Effie" this time I didn't hesitate, as I did the first time she told me she loved me at the 74th Hunger Games. I got up from the sofa and went into the kitchen, Effie followed me like a willing puppy dog. "Effie quit following me alright?" I got annoyed and so I gently pulled her hair. I know how much she hates that.
"What are you doing anyway Cinna?" she asked. I smile and shake my head, reaching over to the fridge.
"Go back into the room Effie and I'll be back before you know it." I told her and she trudged back into the living room. I smiled to myself victoriously. I rummaged around the fridge until I found what I was looking for. Perfect I thought. I went back into the room with two bowls in my hands, one with strawberries and one with melted chocolate.

"Mmm.. Very nice Cinna!" she said as I put down the bowls and I kissed her. I then sat down next to her.
"So... What film should we watch tonight?" I asked and looked over at Effie who was deep in thought. It's like a matter of life and death to her, what genre film... pick the wrong one and you might as well be dead.
"Comedy, something light-hearted and humorous" announced Effie finally, I scroll through the list on our TV and pick a funny film about a millionaire. This was my best choice, it was old, very old in fact but I loved it all the same and I think Effie liked it too. It was very entertaining.

We sat there for about half an hour after the film had finished, finishing off the strawberries and taking turns to put our fingers in the bowl of leftover chocolate. I love chocolate. It's my third favourite thing. My most favourite has to be Effie and my second has to be fire and after the chocolate, it's my eyeliner. The texture of this chocolate was so heavenly, so soft and it melted in my mouth. I looked over at Effie who was stuffing her face with strawberries. They'll be all gone before I know it. I thought to myself as I reached out for another strawberry.
"That was going to be mine!" protested Effie but I smiled and said,
"And I'll get nothing at all eh?" But Effie has a sharp wit, I cannot deny her that because she said in return,
"Then I won't get any chocolate, I think it's fair if I get the strawberries and you finish off the chocolate. OK?"
I smiled at her and gave her a small nod,
"As long as I get the strawberries next time. Promise?" she nodded but I didn't believe her "I don't believe you for a second." I said to her.
"When have I ever told you a lie?" she asked and I had to admit: Effie was right, again