A Glimpse of Light

What if Anne and Captain Wentworth switched roles? This time Captain broke the engagement and Anne left. Persuasion, Read, rate and ENJOY. Don't forget to review and sorry for some grammatical mistakes =)

Chapter 1

So many things happened in these eight years. She was gone. She was gone after his cowardly act. She was not accepted because of her class and wealth. His family could not agree to such a girl from low ranked family. They only wanted him to marry a girl who was equal in class and wealth to their family. They stood until the end protecting their beliefs. Frederick was all alone fighting for his love, but he lost the final battle. He had to let her go and break off the engagement. Anne left with all her hopes shattered and broken. A big scar was left in her heart, which could no longer allow her to love and be loved.


Frederick Wentworth was one of the oldest sons of Sir Walter who was obsessed with wealth and rank. His sister and younger brother both inherited these characteristics from their father. Having lost his mother in such a young age, Frederick only relied on Lady Russell's counsel who was his mother's best friend. Frederick's character was nothing like his father's. He was very considerate of people around him; warm and kind hearted Frederick inherited his good looks from his father, but his kind heart came from his mother. His light blinding blond hair and adoring green eyes could leave ladies in daze. Many beauties of the country tried to appeal themselves to him, tried to play their chances, but ended up failing. For Frederick these attentions were worthless. For him wealth and family name could not give all the love that he did not receive after his mother's death. He did not obtain the same love, same affection from his own family. His mother was a beauty who was both educated and kind. From the first moment when Sir Walter had seen her, he was taken with her intelligence and passion. She led him through so many struggles and has helped him to see the world in a positive way. After her death, Sir Walter was lost like a little child who did not know whom to look up to. For Frederick, his parent's story may have ended in a tragic and heartbreaking way, but still he was happy to know that they had married for passionate love.

He was already at the marriage age and yet he was longing for something more than just an arranged marriage. He wanted to be with a woman who would love him for who he is, not for his wealth or social status. Someone who would appeal with her sweetness of character. Someone whose smile would brighten up his day and night. Certainly, in this world his other half was waiting for him, but he was unaware to when he would meet her.

His heart was trapped by Anne Elliot after he saw a glimpse of her walking down the river. Plain old dress could not hide her beauty. She was staring at a distance, particularly at nothingness. At one point, he caught her smiling. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. How he longed to be the one she smiled at. How he wanted her to greet him with that smile of hers. With her playful attitude, she gathered flowers ever so delicately and tenderly. Frederick on the other side, unacquainted of her identity could only hold on to these moments. In a while she will be gone and he will be left with empty dreams. He acted fast, trying to make acquaintance with her.

Taking slow steps towards her, he finally received her attention. She was startled a bit knowing that she was not alone. Like any other gentlemen out there, he started his conversation about the weather;

-"Such a beautiful day Miss, is it not?!"

Anne not knowing to whom she was talking to received this attention with caution.

-"Yes, it is" she said. Although their conversation consisted of short sentences, Frederick was still glad.

-"I am Frederick; will you not tell me your name Miss?" finally he would know the name of this handsome maiden.

-"I am Anne"

-"Pleasure to make your acquaintance"

'Anne, such a graceful name with a nice ring to it. Anne, so her name is Anne. I shall never forget it' thought Frederick to himself.

When their conversation became much more open, he was taken back by this young lady's intelligence. The way she held herself so ever elegantly, the way her words left her mouth, the way she tilted her head towards him as a sign that she was paying attention to their conversation, everything made Frederick to want to know more about the lady in front of him. Time went faster than ever, and Anne had to leave.

-"I bid you good day Sir, for I must leave" said she ever so slightly. After they bowed to each other, she left not letting Frederick to see her face not even once. Frederick stood there for God knows how long, daydreaming and regretting for not asking her if he will meet her ever again. He wanted to beg the fate to let him see her again or else he would be living in torture, day and night. Love was blossoming in his world, thus he could no longer live without it. Perhaps this love could turn into obsession, but he did not care.