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Chapter 12

The day was Tuesday, Frederick waiting for Captain Harville's visit most impatiently decided to go on a ride to pass some time. In an instant he found himself by the riverside. Such a habit he thought to himself. As he was lost in the sea of memories, he noticed a familiar figure walking up to him. Harville. He embraced his friend and asked how he has found him here. Harville could see the sadness and loneliness in his friend's eyes, so he answered that he was so taken by the beauty of the river that he could not help, but come for a moment. Although he knew the truth about this place from Frederick's letters, he decided to keep quiet instead of adding oil to a fire.

Their ride home was filled with conversation of different topics. Harville knew of Frederick's past with a certain woman. Knew of his hardships and dread. And he was willing to treat that wound. He had his own plans in his mind to cure his friend's broken heart. He started;

-"While I was in Bath, I went to a concert. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was never fond of music, but this pianist just put a spell on me. It was quite a talk in Bath."

-"I remember reading about it. Is she the one? A woman pianist talented like a man?"

-"Seems like you are very well informed. Yes, she is the one"

-Heard that she can cure broken hearts? Such an exaggeration!"

-"I believe it's the truth. You might as well listen to her to cure your own heart."

-"Nothing can cure me now, Harville. Nothing." Except…

Harville decided to not go any further. After dinner, he tried to work out his plan again.

He found Frederick in the library, reading poetry.

-"Frederick, my brother was inviting me to Bath. He is holding a ball. You are very welcome to come with me. It might ease you. So do come with me."

-"…Very well. Why not." Frederick only agreed to start his search for her.

Another sleepless night left Frederick wondering about million different things.

"Is she married now? Is she still smiling at small things? Has she improved her piano skills? Is she more beautiful than she was before? Is she looking up at someone with her loving eyes?" So many questions and yet not even one of them could be answered.

He dreamt of her yet again. She was leaving his side with tears in her eyes. This nightmare that kept repeating over and over. He woke up feeling like in prison, worn out and miserable. Where on earth are you?

Two days later, Captain Harville and Frederick began their journey to Bath. Captain Harville with one purpose and Frederick with another. Upon arriving, they were welcomed warmly and showed to guest rooms to rest. The day of the ball was tomorrow.

Frederick tired from his journey excused himself after the dinner and went to sleep. He was not aware that in the drawing room, Harville, his brother and sister-in-law were creating a plan on how to unite her and him. Such a difficult task it was, but it was worth doing it.

The day of the ball arrived. Frederick went downstairs after dressing up to greet the guests. He saw many of his acquaintances, people who pretended not to know him. People who were close to his father, and now went past him without looking up after knowing his financial situation. And people beyond his recognition. While standing against a wall with a drink in his hand, he noticed a woman who looked like Mrs. Elizabeth Elliot, her aunt. "No, no it cannot be!"

After a split second he saw her. Her gaze met his. They stared, colored and yet her gaze was replaced not by the feeling of longing, but with coldness and hatred. She ignored his gaze, returning her attention to her partner. His heart trembled with fear, not because of seeing her after so many torturous years, but because now they were strangers. Worse than strangers, for they may never become acquainted again…

Author's Note: Ugh so cold. Do you recognize the last line? One of my favorite lines, ever! As you see Anne has become very cold. Whose fault is it?