Yay I'm back :)! First off let me say that this is a NEW surprise(as in one I haven't warned you about on my profile lol). To keep this top A/N short, please see the end A/N for an update on all my stories!

Now as for this story, this will be part of a series of 'prompt stories'. I'm going around the Internet looking for prompts to use as inspiration for writing. This piece was inspired by the 10_prompts community over at LJ(but this isn't an official thing. I'm just using the random words lol. I used 'Why?' and 'Cell' for this one).

This'll be a three-shot. No romance, just friendship(cause Naruto's too young in this one lol). And of course, the focus is all on Naruto and Kyuubi(told in Kyuubi's POV).

Please enjoy!

There Naruto was, standing in front of his cage in all his short-legged glory. The little brat displayed no fear typical for his age and species. Kyuubi wondered if that had anything to do with the fact that he, the great beast who could easily gobble him up, was behind the cell and Naruto wasn't.

If so then that was a shame. Kyuubi at least wanted to scare his new vessel with what could happen. But he can't trick Naruto if he already knows the truth about his situation. Judging by the glare on his face, the righteous anger in his big, blue eyes, Naruto also knew who he was as well. Or at least, he knew what the humans told him. Standing as tall as his 6-year-old body could with his arms crossed squarely across his chest, he looked just like one of them. Specifically, the one that got him into this particular situation in the first place. The intimidating factor however was diminished by the fact that, one he was a human child. And two, the kid has done nothing except glare at him for the past two minutes.

Kyuubi knew what was going on. His vessel had absolutely no idea what he was doing here and was trying to look tough and not-at-all-scared until a sign or something appeared. To be fair, Kyuubi had no idea what Naruto was doing here either. His life wasn't in any danger and although the kid definitely wasn't happy when he showed up, he wasn't I-gotta-kill-something angry either. One moment there was nothing in front of his cage, the next his vessel shows up looking around curiously before noticing him and adopting that stance.

Holding back a sigh, the giant fox demon decided to do something. Naruto acting this way was boring and so the faster he leaves, the faster he can get back to sleep.

"What exactly are you waiting for? Me to do a trick?"

There was an ounce of pleasure to be had when Naruto dropped the tough guy act and jumped like a scared, little rabbit. He stood hunched over now and stared half curiously half fearfully up at him. He spoke barely above a mumble.

"Oh. You can talk?"

"Obviously," Kyuubi scoffed, as if Naruto was the biggest idiot on the planet for believing otherwise. Naruto was too young, or perhaps too oblivious(to put it nicely) to pick up on the demon's insulting tone. When blue eyes glared into his red ones, the words his young vessel spoke sounded rehearsed and all too familiar.

"I hate you! You're a monster who only hurts and kills people for fun! Everyone would be better off if you were dead!"

Of course, Kyuubi inwardly rolled his eyes. He didn't really understand the concept of impressionable youth or the idea of little humans copying their elders, but he felt he didn't need to. Humans were all the same and Naruto would be no different whether he was six, sixteen, or even sixty.

Nothing new. Nothing special. And so in this dark, dank cell, Kyuubi laid down and attempted to go to sleep.

"Hey! Why are you ignoring me!?" He heard the brat shout. But he completely ignored him. As of now, Kyuubi lost all interest in Naruto and whatever he had to say. It'd be no different than what he previously had to experience and because of these bars he could literally do nothing about it.

"Stop ignoring me! Say something!"

Besides, he knew his vessel. One of the worst things you could do to the blond was ignore him. Kyuubi will do just that, because it is more effective than any growl or threat he could make, until Naruto gets the hint and leaves.

Kyuubi heard his tiny human feet stomp in the water and his suddenly louder voice start complaining.

"I said something and now you gotta talk back! I hate you! You're a monster! You should be dead! Now say something!"

Kyuubi didn't. He kept quiet all throughout Naruto's rant. He kept quiet as Naruto stomped more, as he yelled louder, as his face turned red from anger, and even as he smelled the tiniest trickle of salt water coming from the eyes of boy who was too often neglected. Eventually Naruto quieted down and just sat on his bottom, sniffling and glaring at Kyuubi.

The fox honestly couldn't figure out what Naruto expected from him. The brat insulted him and spoke lowly of his existence, and now he was upset that Kyuubi wasn't paying attention to him? Just because Naruto responded all too quickly to those statements against his own person, doesn't mean Kyuubi will do the same.

The silent treatment between the two carried on for a while. At some point Kyuubi wondered why Naruto was still hanging around him instead of wandering off and exploring other parts of this place, but he never asked or pointed this out. Finally, after what felt like hours, Kyuubi heard Naruto fall asleep. It was then that he peeked one open and looked at the brat curled up on the floor in a manner similar to his own sleeping position. Right before his eyes Naruto disappeared.

Kyuubi didn't bother wondering or caring where he went. He only wondered if his new, bratty vessel would ever show up in front of his cell again. But he quickly shrugged and decided it didn't matter. Like he wanted to deal with another human anyway.

And done!

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