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Being told off by a 6-year-old, a human child. Now that was a humbling experience if nothing else. He couldn't even bring himself to look through Naruto's eyes anymore because the one time he did, Naruto was bawling his eyes out. He didn't know if those tears were related to their fight or something else had happened because he quickly backed off when his...heart(for lack of a better word) started stinging.

Having nothing else to do other than to think and sleep, Kyuubi dwelled on Naruto's words and cries. He was a prideful demon, but he could recognize the truth when he heard it. And Naruto, he HAD to admit, spoke the truth.

He said it himself he knew his vessel. And so he also knew that the six-year-old couldn't have had any malicious intentions when he strolled in here apologizing and asking question after question about the tailed beast. So Naruto's words, Kyuubi had to grudgingly(and a bit guiltily) admit were warranted.

Naruto could hate him this time around because he did hurt the kid on his own free will. And he could feel that no accepted him because Kyuubi certainly didn't accept his apology at that time. And, this was the absolute hardest for him to admit, he was 'no different' because he brushed the blond's existence off without reason by ignoring him the first time. And even when the kid tried to make amends he still reacted with hostility.

No different indeed.

Kyuubi couldn't ignore his guilt once he realized that. He wasn't a pitying kind of demon even knowing that Naruto deserved it. No, Kyuubi shook his head. Naruto deserved sympathy, not pity. But knowing that and feeling guilty about it doesn't help him at all because he can't do anything about it. He could if the seal was weaker, but it was as strong as it can be right now and so any interaction between them had to be initiated by Naruto.

And could he trust a pouting 6-year-old to come back to him on his own free will?

Kyuubi honestly believed the answer to that would be no. But this vessel, if nothing else, was unpredictable. And he was very, very surprising. Funny how for the past several decades luck hasn't been on Kyuubi's side. Now the one time he decided to do something nice for another person, suddenly he gets what he wants.

Naruto was suddenly standing in front of his cage. Still six. Still short. Still pouting and glaring.

He was standing several yards away from his cell with his arms crossed and he didn't look like he wanted to more or talk. So Kyuubi made the first move once again.

"Back again so soon? I'm starting to think you enjoy coming here," Kyuubi made sure to keep his tone light and joking. He didn't really know how to express how relieved he was that Naruto came back so quickly.

"I'm not here because I like you."

Kyuubi showed no visible reaction. Understandable. But he was here and that's what mattered.

"I want an apolology!" Naruto shouted stomping forward. "You hurted my feelings yesterday! And so-so if you apolologize I-I will give you ONE," Naruto held up one finger, "more chance!"

"Hm?" Kyuubi raised an eyebrow. It sounded like Naruto was giving him a chance to earn forgiveness but he just wanted to be sure. Naruto crossed his little arms and glared up at him. Kyuubi will admit a small amount of pride surged through him at Naruto's bravery. Clearly the kid wasn't scared anymore.

"I'll forgive you if you forgive me and say you're sorry for what you said. I'll be your friend and you'll be my friend IF you say sorry to me and MEAN it!"

"Friends huh? Are you sure you that's what you're looking for and not someone to listen to your whining?" He teased. No he was not stalling his apology. Just because he has never said it before didn't mean he was afraid to say it. He did need to say it and he knew that. It's just...well tease Naruto first.

"That's not true! I'll listen to your whining! Tell me how much you hate the elbow room in there and I'll listen," Naruto said. He ran up until he was half way to Kyuubi's cage.

"My place is small so when I jump on the bed I bump my head on the ceiling and it hurts. You don't even have a bed to jump on! Tell me can your tails even breathe back there?"

Kyuubi didn't know what amused him more, the fact that Naruto forgot what he came for? Or how this little chatterbag was once again talking so much, Kyuubi couldn't even get a word in.

"Tell me about your problems and I'll listen because friends listen to each other's problems."

"Oh we're friends now? Funny I haven't even apologized yet."

The look on Naruto's face was priceless. His little jaw dropped before he pouted and glared and turned around.

"No! We are not friends until you apolologize!"

Kyuubi let out a deep chuckle at that. Their third interaction and already Naruto was proving to be much more entertaining than Mito and Kushina combined. Maybe he really did make a mistake when he brushed Naruto off due to lack of interest. It was time to stop beating around the bush.

"I'm not one to usually say Such Odd Rigorous Rambling Yet, it is appropriate now isn't it?" Alright maybe one last poke.

Naruto faced him and blinked confusedly. "What?"

"Such Odd Rigorous Rambling Yet."


"The first letter in each word kid."

"I don't get it." Kyuubi surprises himself by not getting mad or annoyed. Instead he finds it...funny. He even lets out a little snicker.

"It's a joke."

Naruto smiled widely. "You're joking with me? Like friends!?" Then he quickly frowns. "Well you can't yet. Not until you say-"

"I'm sorry. Okay? Sorry for getting mad at you for being curious and doubting or whatever. I'm sorry for not treating you different. Happy?"

"Yes!" Naruto shouted throwing his hands up in the air, a big, wide, happy smile on his face. "Now tell me the joke!"

Kyuubi would've, but now that their argument was over and things were okay between them he was feeling kind of lazy. He yawned and laid down. "Another time kid. Maybe when you're older and can read books that don't have pictures in them."

"I've already started that," Naruto said proudly. But thanks to his short attention span, the little blond let go of the subject. "Hey since we're friends now can you listen to me? Guess what?"


"A few days I ran out of my favorite ramen! How did that happen?! I'm only one person!" As Naruto went into his chatter mode, ranting about how food in his place always mysteriously vanishes, Kyuubi hid a smile.

Here was another living being, jabbering to him about something pointless, as a friend. Maybe one day he'll tell Naruto that occasionally Kyuubi's appetite will get in the way causing Naruto to be hungrier than usual. But the specifics of their connection can really be brought up at another time.

For now it would be great if they could just learn to enjoy each other's company, though they've probably got several years to do this. Either way, Kyuubi didn't mind now.

Spending time with the one forgiving human who asked questions; that was alright with him.

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