Carl walked out on the deck that night and saw his sister sitting alone in a chair looking into the sky. "Did you enjoy your visit Rosemary?" Carl asked her as she turned to look at him.
"Yes it was a very nice visit. You have a very sweet little boy Carl. He reminded me of Timmy." She said her deceased son's name as if she wanted to cry and turned away.
Carl sat does next to her. They both remained silent. Carl hadn't spoken to his sister in two years and the last time he talked to her was on the phone. She was only calling to check in on him and he said something so mean to her that they grew far away from each other when they were so close and always talked to each other.
"I'm really sorry." Carl said to her.
Rosemary turned. "I can't believe that you were that angry about Ellie dying. Did you even think before saying that to me on the phone?" She asked. "I wasn't myself Rosemary. I promise I'll never act that way to you or to anybody again." He patted her on her leg. Rosemary took his hand and held it tightly in her hand. "You promised me that you'd ALWAYS be here for me. When Billy and Timmy died you were my only family! I've been living alone in a house for years with nobody to talk to. I was afraid to call you up, worried that you'd say you hated me."
"Rosy, you think I hated you?"
Tears grew in the woman's eyes. "From how it looked it seemed as if you hated me! You wouldn't talk, you wouldn't call, you wouldn't visit! What was I supposed to think?!"
"I've never hated you Rosy. I love you so much." Carl said.
"Then why didn't you call?" She asked. "Carl, that memory came from when I almost took my own life after Timmy died. It kept haunting me. I couldn't sleep and sometimes I couldn't even eat! When you called me yesterday I was almost going to do it again."
"Oh Rosy..." Carl hugged her tightly. "How could you do that Carl?" Rosemary sobbed. "I was so lonely and I thought you hated me!"
Carl sat and held his sister for a long time with guilt flying through his head. He was in grief too long and should have let the past go earlier so he wouldn't have forgotten about his sister. An idea flew into his head.
"Rosemary, if I promise right now to never ignore you like that again,would you like to live with us?"
She pulled back and smiled. "I would love to Carl."
They hugged for the longest time and went back inside their house.
"Since I'm the guest can I have your bed?"
"Just because your the guest doesn't make you the queen."
"You're not the king either."
They smiled at each other and went inside.