Chapter 10: Revelations of a Cube Land

I pace back and forth in the small room, my movement propelled by anxiety. My earbuds are in, playing The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well by Omnipony, while my Sansa lies in my jeans pocket. It's been three months now- the battle starts at midnight. After fretting over time going to slow all those days, I worry now it would pass too quickly for me to handle. The small breeze I'm stirring up makes the loose fabric of my headband flutter out behind me. My sword lies in its sheath, sprawled on the bed.

I detect a flash of energy, and blue pixels float into my field of vision. I turn on my heel, stop pacing, and find myself staring into Rain's strange ocean-blue eyes. "It's almost nighttime," he warns. "Are you ready?"

I shake my head, aggravated. "I'm just-"I growl at myself. "I'm just so nervous! This is my first time doing something like this- obviously- but . . . okay-"I start to pace again. "I'm okay with fighting, I'm not even afraid of dying- what I'm trying to say is what happens if we lose?"

He walk-glides over to me and places a hand on my shoulder, making me stop. "You won't lose," he assures me for the billionth time. "You need to have faith. I believe that you, as well as the rest of us, are all strong enough to do this. Besides . . . you need to remember who you're fighting for."

I grasp his hand gently, hardening my heart. "For Storm," I whisper.

"For Storm," he agrees.

We nod after a second, and then break away. I grab my sword, sling the sheath over my shoulder, drop my Sansa down on the bed, and teleport out in front of the fortress. Rain follows right behind.

The last rays of the dying sun cast a red glow among the sky, and as it slowly fades to purple, a strong breeze bows my very short, irregularly chopped hair and thin shirt back. I shift my left leg slightly on the cold gravel pathway. Everyone else is gathered here, even some of the other Endermen who have spawned within the past three months. It's our job to teleport everyone to the battlefield.

The nervous chattering doesn't stop when people notice Rain and me. In fact, it seems to even get a bit more hectic.

I can pick out certain people in the crowd: Frozen and her selection of creepers; the new guy, Ace, who's conversing quietly with one of them; Bracken, who seems to be followed by the shadow of the Wither; and the one who calls herself Spiritbrine (whose name still freaks me out a bit), hanging at the edge of the group. I scan the crowd and finally catch Chowder's eye. We give each other one small nod, and he disappears back into the mass of people.

All the Endermen, myself included, gather into a loose ring around the people as they fall silent. The moon is just beginning to rise.

My energy flows out, connecting with all the other Minecraftians so we don't have to be physically touching to teleport. All the other Endermen do the same. I close my eyes and count. "One."

Nervousness grips my heart. You can't bail out now. It's far too late.

"Two. You might want to brace yourself for this."

The song Excalibur by Megurine Luka rings through my head, almost like a battle cry.

It's now or never.


A whole chunk of energy is torn from me as we dissolve, travel at the speed of light, and appear right in the middle of the opposing army. "Go!" We shout, and fighting breaks out immediately. No shock, no hesitation, no dramatic effects. We're just here.

Shouting is the one thing I hear the most. I dart through the crowd, my senses on autopilot. I don't notice much. My one instinct is to find one target and one target only.

My obsidian sword lies in its sheath safely slung across my back, and I suddenly detect his energy signature as I front flip over a random person and break back into a sprint. Is he- is he running towards me?

"Whoa!" I teleport to the side of a random clearing, getting a long but shallow slash across my cheek for my low reaction time. Herobrine stands behind me when I turn to look around, his arm out to his side and a sword made of evil diamond in his hand. His back is to me.

What took you so long? he asks in my mind, appearing in front of me suddenly. I barely catch his blade with my own, both metals gleaming ominously in the now fully-risen moon's light.

"I'm on time, aren't I?" I reply, yanking my sword up against his and breaking contact.

Battles don't need a set time, he counters, aiming a side slash at me that I block. It's never 'when' and 'where'. It's always 'here' and 'now'.

"We're more alike than I thought, then," I chuckle, teleporting behind him and aiming to slash him down the back. He catches my blade without turning around and, in a split second, lands a roundhouse-kick to my shoulder that sends me skidding across the clearing. I slide to a stop on all fours, my fingernails creating slight gouges in the earth that disappear the moment my hands leave the block. My sword had flown out of my hand and digs into another block, breaking it due to sheer force. Our eyes meet for a long moment, and then we both teleport to the sword. Somehow, I make it there first and grab the hilt, but I suddenly am flying through the air and slam against a tree.

I cough up blood, trying to catch my breath, but teleport out of the way of an arrow being launched, full speed, at my head all the same. Appearing a ways away from Herobrine, I try to catch my breath again, but he teleports in front of me so suddenly that it's all my reflexes can do to disappear again. Now it's just a game of who tires out first. We play what seems like a deadly game of tag with teleportation-hopping, neither of us quick enough to catch the other. The battle continues to rage around us.

Something finally happens- Herobrine appears in a corner of the clearing and just stops moving. I make my move and appear behind him, aiming a stab for his head, but my sword is shot out of my hand by an arrow. It clatters onto a grass block and lies there. I dodge another arrow and Herobrine disappears again, fizzing out almost as if he was a hologram.

I curse at myself for being so careless and dart back to my sword, yanking it off the ground, but another arrow grazes my side, tearing my shirt the moment it's in my hand. I give a snarl and teleport to the middle of the clearing, whirling in a circle to find my opponent. "Where are you, coward?!" I shout. "Come out and fight!"

A moment later, he appears directly in front of me and his sword is embedded into my gut. I let out a screech of pain and fall onto my knee, yanking out the sword and holding the wound tightly. I can't move- I try to teleport away, to reach for my own sword, to do something, but something is holding me in place. Just like the nightmare.

Herobrine looks down at me, his face devoid of emotion. Such a sharp contrast to mine, which is probably contorted in pain. I don't know how you would have survived here without my help, he mentions quietly. I never would've predicted, though, that you would grow in power so fast. Maybe I'll finally stop thinking about it once you're finally gone. His sword appears in his hand and he raises it one final time.

I can't move.

I'm trapped; I can't go back.

The song rings through my head.

I've made the choice . . .

I shut my eyes.

. . . To stay.

My right hand shoots up and grips his blade so tightly, blood oozes from my palm.

And we'll fight; keep defending for the night.

I place my left palm, which is now sparking with energy, on his chest.

Help fight for good!

"Goodbye," I whisper.

The white beam of energy shoots straight through his body.

Herobrine's scream- one that's actual noise; that actually comes from his mouth- is so bloodcurdling that I have to slam my hands over my ears in an attempt to block it out. He's pushed away from me, his body rapidly dissolving into a mess of black and white pixels, a look of true horror plastered onto his face.

"You." His real voice is disturbing: thick and guttural, like that of a furious beast's, laden with pain. "You are going to pay."

". . . How?" I joke slightly. "You're the one who's dying . . . I suggest you save your breath and just leave."

He lets out what sounds like a loud snarl, but another scream of pain replaces it as he finally disappears completely.

I stare for a long moment.

I did it. I defeated Herobrine.

I let out a breath I didn't even notice I was holding, throw my head back, and shout as loud as I could, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO!"

My voice carries all the way across the battlefield. Other voices respond to me: shouts, whoops, and hollers of victory and fear. Bursts of energy are everywhere, and shadows dart back through the trees. People are running away.

When they're all gone, the noise dies down to a general rumble, and one voice speaks from a few paces behind me. "You actually did it." He sounds incredulous.

"You're still alive?" I respond with a chuckle, but it quickly transforms into a cough. Rain walk-glides into my field of vision. He's battered and bruised, but nothing serious. He sees me down on my knees, my wounds still dripping in blood, and helps me up. I stagger and fall against him, clenching my teeth against the pain. He wraps one arm around my waist to keep me steady, careful not to touch the wound in my gut.

"Storm would be proud," he whispers. I give him a slight smile, and he guides me towards the middle of the battlegrounds, where all the fighters still alive are gathering. Neither of us looks back.


Well anyway, here it is! The final conclusion of Cube Land! Thank you all for sticking with me, motivating me, and pestering me repeatedly to keep writing! You are all awesome! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

And one little side note...I may make a sequel. MAY.

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