Never Forgetting

Ranma/Onegai Teacher

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Chapter 1: Remembrance

            Every school has a purpose, which is to develop a time of learning, a time of education, where everyone sits together and learn about the world. Teachers help their students to develop an imagination, but also the determination to become more than they are. These dreams can come easily if the faculty is willing to help, but there are times when some schools do not have those teachers to develop the children. They lack the guidance of those people that dedicated their lives to make sure everyone of the kids, rich or poor, have enough knowledge to forge the rest of their lives.

            One such school was in Japan, actually more in a city called Nermia Ward. Over there, we have a psycho wannabe samurai ranting and raving in his idiotic Shakespearean language while claiming to be the best in the world. Also there are boys that are having no guidance towards the subjects of life, instead they develop a wild obsession for one girl that basically pulverizes them. Other problems that occur is that delinquency is quite high in that school, so many of the students suddenly feel exhausted after with some teacher who looks like she is a kindergarten, but minutes later, she is an attractive adult that proclaims she will rule out delinquents.

            Of course, that doesn't rule out the fact that there are many individuals who are quite intelligent actually, but never spent time to hone their brain to studying algebra or new languages. Instead their minds are into trying to get as much money as possible to pay the bills at home or just putting up the fists and smashing into any opponents that dare threatens them.

            If there is no discipline, that is because there is no guidance. Guidance not only comes from the teachers, but their superiors as well. Those leaders must keep the teachers in a diligent and hard-working pace to make sure everyone of them is molding the kids to become future scholars of Japan. However, in this school, the principal is a raving lunatic who loves Hawaiian culture; obsession for hair cuts, and basically offers explosive fruits that seem to put fear among the faculty. Even the vice-principal, once a powerful and commanding person, now shirks from his duty since he tried to avoid those pineapples or that shearing scissors.

            This is a horror among the education throughout history. This mistake must be corrected and the kids must be once more in the readiness to dive into the books of knowledge. One must stand up to this fallacy and correct the problems to provide, once more a place of learning and…………someone has.

            "Furinkan High, the place where I was told by my superiors that this place needs to be reeducated in the values of learning."

            The attractive pink-hair individual looked up to stare at the school. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white-collar button up shirt. Along with that was a reddish-orange vest that went over the shirt. She also had some ribbon wrapped around her neck with a bluish gem connected to it. She tilted her small round glasses up as she examined the school.

            The wind picked up a little as her hair swayed with the wind. She styled her hair to have two long bangs, but there was some hair left in the front to let it hang outwards toward the right side of her face. Behind all that, on the back of her head was two ponytails, but the ponytails were twirled around like a ribbon being spun around. Over all, though the hairstyle was quite uncommon, it made her quite beautiful. She peeked inside the courtyard to see no on around. Probably because the class started, so she better quicken her pace and get to class.

            She quickly entered the main office of Furinkan High and headed up to the secretarial desks.

            "Um…..ano…….excuse me?"

            An old lady with large-rimmed glasses was staring at a book. She turned her head up to look at the pink-hair lady who was calling towards her.


            "Ano…..I'm…I'm the new teacher here….I was called because one of your teachers was on a sick leave?"

            The old lady grinned slightly as she heard the lady say she was a teacher.

            "Really? So you're the fresh meat they sent from Edo High School?"

            The pink-haired lady narrowed her eyes, but she had a puzzling look.

            "Um..freah meat?"

            The old lady cackled a little then stops to look at her again.

            "Nothing…nothing at all….come come……I'll get you your class schedule."

            "Arigato….." The young woman bowed slightly, letting her bangs sway a little from the bowing.

            "Right……" The old lady turned to a cabinet and opened it up to search through the files. After a few seconds, she found the files and grinned. Then she opened it up and it made her eyebrows rise a little.

            "Oh….You have that class eh?……heh……you going to be in for a surprise…" The old lady muttered to herself while the young female looked around the main office.

            The main office was quite spacious since it had about two-dozen desks that were sprawled out everywhere. Many of the desks were occupied as papers and books sprawled everywhere. Writing utensils were scattered all over the floor. There were a few more doors as some led to the principal's office, the vice-principal's office, teacher's lounge, and the bathroom.

            "Well, my name is Lin Yusada, I guess whatever you need, you let me know…"

            She gestured at one of the desks in the middle that was connected to another desk.

            "That will be your desk for now….Anyhow you better get to class, you have some students to teach!"

            The young female was staring at one of the class reports, but then snapped to attention when she heard Lin finish talking.

            "Yes… been a big help." She bowed once more to offer her gratitude.

            "Sure…sure….and by the way, let me tell you something…."


            "Watch out for the students…..and watch out for the principal…..don't eat his fruits!"

            The young female tilted her head slightly since she was puzzled at why they said that.

            "Now go…go! You got a class to teach and your late too! The room is 4D………though I would understand once you been through the class why you want to be late……" The old lady muttered the last sentence softly so the young female wouldn't hear it.

            The young lady nodded and took the file, which the old lady gave her.


            She opened the door from the main office then stepped outside. Once that was done, she closed the door softly and went off to walk to her class.

            Back in the main office, the old secretary looked at the door and shook her head slowly in sad regret.

            "Good luck to ya…………you are going to need it….poor thing….she will be broken by the end of this week………."

            "Hey where is the teach?"

            "Don't know……man this sucks….I want to see her too….especially when she punishes us! Where are you teach?!!!"

            One boy clutched his face in agony as he wish that their teach was here so they can stare at her and see what is under that short skirt of hers. The other boys joined in the moaning as they also wanted to get a glimpse and what panties the teach wore.

            "Well anyways, I personally think that Kuno is a stupid idiot. Like why would all the guys go after that girl, Akane? Sure she can fight, but whats the point? Don't guys want cute girls like us?"

            One girl sat on her desk while having a couple girls around her. She had long dark hair and was made in a ponytail. She crossed her legs as she eyed the boys.   

            "No clue, but you know Akane, she has her fan club and all, she probably feels all haughty and everything that all these guys are after her."

            One of the girls sniffed in disdain, since she was jealous that Akane gets all the guys.

            "Yeah…I wish someone would knock her down a peg or two to teach her a lesson."

            "Yeah….what about her fiancée?"

            "What about him?"

            "I don't think she deserves him. He needs a nice and more mature female, someone that he can depend on and someone to love!"

            "Like who?"

            One of the girls giggled and let her bangs swing around.

            "Why us silly!"

            The other girls giggled along with her as they dreamt about being under the arms of that muscular male that can do amazing moves and speeds that no ordinary human being can rival.

            As the chatting continues, there was a slight knock on the door, which every student went into panic and rushed into their desks. They didn't want the principal to teach their class for they knew that it would be hell to have him.

            Before they can say another word, the door opened and then closed as the female stepped in.

            She walked with a slight grace, as if she glided down the floor. Every pair of eyes was on her as she walked straight to the desk. She turned to the quiet class and frowned a little as the eyes were staring at her. It was so intense it made her quite nervous, as if they were seeing through everything she was.

            "Um….ano….um…….." The female tilted her head to the side while raising a finger to her lips to think.

            All the students still stared at her as they wondered what she was going to do.

            Then with a sudden idea, the female turned around and picked up a piece of chalk, with a slight scribbling on the board, her name was spelled out. Then she set the chalk down and turned around to smile at her students.

            "Hello, my name is Kazami Mizuho. I will be your teacher for now, since Ms. Hinako is on sick leave. So will you tell what she has taught you or do I have to make this class explanation time?"

            Silence hung in the air as they still stared at her. Mizuho lost her confidence as they still stared at her. She was on the verge of sweating when she tried to speak once more.


            She was afraid at what might happen, but in a second, one of the male students stood up and brought out in hands in triumph.

            "Wooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee! She is hot! Our teacher is hot!!!"

            The whole class erupted in noises as conversation between the students erupted.

            "Damn this teacher is fine!"

            "Hey better looking than Ms. Hinako!!"

            "No way!"

            "Another female teacher?"

            "Well, she seems nice, perhaps she can teach us?"

            Mizuho coughed lightly and waved her hands around to lower the class voices.

            "Ano…ano….excuse me….um….will you keep your voices down? This is a classroom….um…please…keep your voice down…"

            Everyone lowered their voices as they stared at her.

            "Um…..ano...lets do a roll call to see who is here?"

            "Hai!" Everyone said in unison though the boys were staring at her in a much more leering way.

            She looked at the roll sheet and glanced the seats to check if the persons were there.

            "Hmm….it looks like some people are missing and they are…………."

            Before she could finish, she heard from screaming coming close to her classroom.

            "ARGH!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU UNCUTE TOMBOY!!!!!!!!!"

            "RANMA!!!!!!!!! YOU JERK!!!!!!!!!"

            Mizuho turned her head to the door as she a noise behind it. Immediately the door slammed open as a body flew though and collided into the wall. A body was shown stuck in the wall and slowly twitching as if showing it was still alive. A pigtail dangled from the back of his hair and his red Chinese shirt and black kung-fu pants were molded around his body since he was plastered on the wall. A crater was on the wall by the cause of his impact.

            "Ugh……..stupid tomboy…….."

            Everyone swiveled their heads from looking at the person stuck in the wall to the door as they saw a girl breathing at a rapid pace while her face was in an angry mood. Her eyes were narrowed and her mouth was puckered up as she breathed once more. Her right hand was extended in a classic punching move as she just struck the person she was yelling at and knocked him into the wall. She had a page-boy haircut and she was really in a pissed mood.

            "Um……ano… everyone okay?"

            "Hai…….." The rest of the class said in unison as they looked at boy and then back at the girl.

            "Um……okay….um excuse me? Who are you?"

            The girl with the page-boy haircut turned the female that stood behind the teacher's desk. She gave a puzzled look since she never seen this person before. Where was Hinako-sensei? Is she absent? Who is this person? A dozen questions came into her head as the young teacher looked at her.

            "Um……ano…..Who are you?"

            "Oh…….my name is Akane Tendo." Akane bowed forward in respect to the teacher.

            The teacher nodded and checked her off the roll sheet and then just turned to the other person who finally was able to pull his body off the wall then suddenly flex his body to make sure nothing happened. His muscles strained slightly as he stretched and cracked his bones to make sure nothing was wrong.

            A slight blush formed from the teacher's cheeks, but quickly disappeared as she looked at the pigtail individual.

            "Excuse me….um….ano…..What is your name?"

            The person turned around to see the young teacher who stood there. She had pink hair and had it in a weird hairstyle, but it looked quite interesting. And those glasses….I bet her she looks better without them…..Heck she seems interesting……….like someone I know…..but wait…I never met her before nor did I meet anyone like her? What am I thinking?

            As the pigtail individual continued staring at her, the teacher stared back at those blue-gray eyes and noticed his handsome complexion and masculine body. She noticed how his body was very well formed and the clothes easily defined his muscle tone.

            "Um….ano….ano…..What is your name?" The teacher blushed once more as she stared at the martial artist, but her look was more of nostalgia, as if she was remembering something,

            "Um…heh….the name is Saotome, Ranma Saotome….." Ranma went to scratch his head as he look down and stared at the nice intricate artwork on the ground, which composed of nothing except a carpet floor.

            "Ranma…….Ranma Saotome……" She repeated her name, but in a much softer tone, somewhat melodious, a bit sincere as if the name was something precious to her.

            He…..he……is Ranma Saotome…my god….he…I found him…but…..he…….he has changed since I last seen him.

            "Uh…yeah that is my name…." Ranma scratched his head once more, this time in a nervous matter as he wondered why she called his name.

            Akane watched the episode between the two and she got slightly irritated that the teacher was spending some time with her Ranma. Her Ranma!

            "Well….ano….you both were late, but since I was late too, I will excuse you for today on grounds of me being tardy." Mizuho smiled slightly then straightens herself out as she went to stand right next to her desk again.

            "Well please go to your seats…..and by the way….my name is Kazami Mizuho."

            Both the students went to their seats except when Ranma got to his seat, he kept his eyes on her, instead of being drowsy and wanting to sleep, since something funny was going on. It was curious to see her say his name, but the tone she said it was much more interesting. It was a nostalgic tone, something that made him feel weird, but not just that, when he looks at her, he feels, he feels warm all of sudden and he doesn't no why. He felt warm a couple of times around Akane, when she cried for his help and he went off to rescue her, but this was different. The feeling of warmth he felt from the teacher was as if he was use to feeling it, he felt like he felt this way towards her ever since the beginning, which he has no clue what that means.

            While Ranma stared at Mizuho-sensei, Akane Tendo glared at Ranma, then at the teacher, as she felt very irritated at why Ranma is staring at the teacher. Ranma can be such a jerk at times, but this takes the cake! Usually he is asleep right now, but he is currently staring at the teacher. He is probably thinking of some perverted thoughts thought Akane as she just glared at Ranma still.

            "Well class…um…ano what did you learn from Ms. Hinako?"

            One of the students raised their hands.  

            "Hai, Daisuke?"

            Daisuke coughed then stood up and tried to act studious, as he knew as if he knew the stuff.

            "Yes, Mizuho-sensei um…Hinako-sensei was teaching us the language, English."

            Mizuho smiled and nodded her head.

            "Arigato Daisuke, you may sit down."

            Daisuke beamed as he sat down and just glowed with delight as he enjoyed that smile from the teacher.

            "Well then, let us discuss about what you learned on the language called English…." Mizuho turned to the board and picked up the chalk to scribble down some notes about the language.

            Many of the students took down notes, especially the boys as they stared as her nice ass and just day dreamed about feeling it, but then snapped out the reverie since they want to be good boys and try to get some attention from the teacher.

            The only boy who wasn't writing down any notes was Ranma Saotome, the delinquent who would do no work at all, but instead of his customary head on the desk nap, he was just staring at the teacher.

            Who….who is she? Mizuho-sensei? This person…..she seems very familiar….yet I don't recall any moments with her? Who is she!!!

            Akane fumed once more as she glanced at Ranma who just stared at the teacher.

            I knew it! Ranma is a pervert…..he is just staring at her! What does Mizuho-sensei got that I don't got! Ranma is mine, so he should be staring at me! He is so going to get it at lunch….I am going to beat the crap out of the jerk!

            Of course if Ranma was psychic, he would have already decided to panic and head for the hills, but he isn't so he wasn't feeling that jealousy and that slight maddening battle aura that seemed to glow around Akane Tendo.

            Finally after a short while with Mizuho demonstrating about prepositions and such, the bell rung for the starting of lunch.

            A flurry of kids rushed out the room as they raced down the hall to go grab their lunches. Many of the boys were pushing each other aside to go grab any breads that were being sold by the cafeteria while the girls walked slowly and basically gossiped about anything while carrying packed lunches.

            Mizuho finished wiping the board and then turned around thinking no one was around, but what she saw was quite startling and to anyone it would have been a heart attack. Ranma Saotome sat in his seat, staring at her, but not moving an inch. Usually he is the first one out of the classroom and gobbling down his lunch since his famous Saotome stomach was grumbling.

            "Um…ano…Ranma…..Ranma-kun?" Mizuho called out to Ranma, but again with that softer tone, soft enough to make it quite seductive.

            "Eh?" Ranma shook his head out of his thinking trance as he looked around and saw none of his classmates around.

            "What the heck? Where is everyone?"

            Mizuho smiled, but inside she was giggling at Ranma and how he was so dense at certain times.

            "You were daydreaming when the bell rang, so everyone is out to lunch…"

            "REALLY?!! Its lunch time?"

            Mizuho nodded her head.

            "Yes and you better hurry if you want some food from the cafeteria."

            Ranma smirked and ran to the window.

            "Nah, its all right, I brought a lunch….."

            With a slide of the window, the sunlight poured into his body and he tensed himself while bending his knees slightly.

            "Well thanks Mizuho-sensei….guess I'll see you later..have um….a good lunch.."

            Mizuho bowed and smiled.

            "Arigato Ranma-kun, you enjoy your meal too…."

            Ranma grinned and then leapt out of the window.

            As Ranma disappeared from the class, Mizuho grabbed her desk as she slowly let herself slide to the floor with her knees bent and legs close to her thigh. She suddenly felt very weak and her head was spinning. She took some deep breaths and took off her glasses. She then stared at her glasses and then kept repeating his name.

            "He….he is here…..I can't believe it…after so long……I…….I finally found him….I finally found Ranma Saotome……."

            She looked down and stared at the floor and touched the carpet with her left hand.

            "But….but….he doesn't know me……he doesn't remember…….."

            A tearstain appeared in the carpet as Mizuho's eyes were wet and trickles of tears came from her eyes and went down her cheek to touch her chin then build up right there to fall swiftly to the ground. With tears on her face, she brought up both of her hands and covered her face as she sobbed quietly to herself.

            "He…….he doesn't remember……………."

            Ranma landed on the ground with hardly any sound. Though the gravity of the fall did pick up some dead leaves in the ground and tossed it around him, but other than that, no other activity was created from his drop.

            Once he touched the ground, he ran forward to his favorite tree, which was in the left of the school, towards a grassy area where no one usually bothers him except his fiancée and that wannabe samurai…….which already is enough damn annoying!

            When he got there, he popped himself onto the tree, leaning back so his head got into the regular resting position, which he created by punching the tree a couple of times to curve in the trunks to make a more comfortable head rest. He smirked slightly, but then lost it when he recalled Mizuho-sensei.

            Who is she….she seems to know something….yet she hiding it….most of all though…why does she seem so familiar yet I don't recognize her at all.

            He stretched his arms back to wrap it around his head and suddenly he realized that he forgot to get his lunch, which was in his locker.

            "Aw…..crap……..forgetting my lunch……."

            To do something like that is a major crime in the Saotome family. One should never ever forget food, after all the code states that one cannot fight without a full stomach. Pops always said that a martial artist fights to get his meal to survive the next day.

            "Well might as well go get it…….."

            Ranma leapt from his tree and raced back into school and while he did, he looked around to see any incoming fiancées or rivals…but he didn't see anyone except some of the students standing around and talking. With his martial art abilities, it easily enhanced his senses as he picked up some words from some of the boys that were standing around.

            "Dude….Mizuho-sensei is so hot!"

            "Yeah man, she is a total babe! I would love to have a one on one private tutoring session with her!"

            Ranma frowned as he heard that and subconsciously he tightened his fist as he continued to run towards the school, but before he could complete the run through the courtyard, his first crisis appeared.

            "Damn……here we go………"

            An older male stood before him with his bokken leaning on his right shoulder. Both of his legs were spread out to make a battle stance while he was clutching onto a rose with his left hand. The older male snickered at Ranma and then tightened his grip on his bokken.    

            "So the knave has come to get a taste of the righteous justice by the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High! Come peasant, I will finish you off and rid of this world of the black sorcery that you used to enslave my fierce tigress Akane and my pigtail goddess….."

            "Shut up Kuno, I'm sick of your lame speeches and I'm damn hungry. I'm not really in the mood to fight right now, so back off or I'll really pound your ass!"

            "Silence foul sorcerer! How dare you mock the honor of the Noble House of Kuno! Prepare for divine justice as I slay the villainous Saotome! Have at thee!!!"

            Kuno rushed at Ranma and swung his bokken downwards in a downward slash, which Ranma easily dodged by jumping back and then leaning to the left to dodge the next slash, then to the right, to dodge the next one.

            "Hold still, knave and taste your righteous punishment!"

            Ranma continue to swerve back and forth while thinking of the quickest way to get to his locker.

            "Damn…..I can't just run…..I'll seem like a coward…….argh….man this bites…"

            "RANMA SAOTOME! PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!"       

            Aw….crude….its duck-boy…..

            Ranma flipped into the air and twisted his body to dodge the chains that appeared all around him to snag him.

            Once he landed back to the floor, he twisted himself to launch an one-hand handstand then flip himself to the side to look at his next opponent.

            "How dare you take my Shampoo! I will defeat you and take back what is mine!"

            A young man stood before him, wearing large thick glasses and had a large white robe covering over him. Though the white robes seem a bit large, it was only to deceive his opponents to show the true powers of his art.

            "For the last time, I didn't take your Shampoo, Mousse! She came after me! Why don't you go bug her for awhile, I'm hungry and I need my food!"

            "Shut up Saotome, its your fault you stole my Shampoo, for that I will destroy you!"

            Ranma shook his head sadly as he swerved to the right and leaned slightly to dodge the next set of chains, then he sidestepped to the left to dodge the flight of daggers.

            "Damn… can't get worse can it?"

            "RANMA SAOTOME, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

            It got worse………..damn u Kami-sama………….

            Ranma leapt straight into the air to avoid the yellow with black polka-dot bandanas. The bandanas flew under him and cut through the fence that was in their way. There was going to be some definite property damage in the school.

            As he landed, he turned to look at his most worthy opponent who was waving his umbrella and glaring at him. He wore black pants and had a yellow shirt. His fangs came out as he glared at him once more.

            "Damn you Ranma, because of you, I have seen hell!"

            "Ah cut the crap Ryoga, I got some stuff to do, like go eat my meal!!!!"
            "Forget that! Worry about your death!!"

            Ryoga leapt straight at Ranma while cocking his hand back to deliver his punch.

            While that happened Kuno ran at Ranma to the left and waved his bokken once more.

            "Ah ha! I have you now, foul sorcerer!"

            At the right of Ranma, Mousse rushed at him while bringing out both of his sleeves and his mouth opened up to call out one of his deadlier techniques.


            Everyone paused and turned to the voice. Kuno had his bokken in the air while Ryoga had his hand still cocked back. Mousse just stood there with his arms still stretched out and his lips quivering slightly to yell out his move.

            Ranma however stood there, ready to brace for impact, but when he saw everyone stop and turn to the voice, he turned to and saw her……

            "STOP THIS AT ONCE!"

            Mizuho stood there at the front of the school as she saw Ranma was about to be attacked by a bunch of boys. What bullies they are! Ranma could get hurt from this...I….I must end this right now……

            While people stared at her, the wind suddenly picked up once more and the breeze touched her bangs and let it flutter a bit, which heightened her beauty as she used a hand to push down the bangs and try to straighten herself.

            Ranma stared at her and gulped slightly as she mesmerized him.

            Man……she sure………sure is cute……………

            "That is enough! I will not tolerate a fight in this school! Especially when I am around! There will be no fighting or I will personally make sure each and everyone of you are punished!"

            Everyone's mouth dropped wide as they heard Mizuho-sensei say that. No one has ever made an effort to stop the guys from attacking Ranma constantly. No one who is sane enough and not willing to lose some part in their body, but this was different. This was Mizuho-sensei, a teacher who does have authority in Furinkan High.

            Kuno stared at the teacher, then finally lowered his bokken and suddenly he was right next to Mizuho-sensei and clasping her hand slightly. He made a formal bow and then presented a rose to her.

            "Who are you young maiden…nay tis not right for a lady to speak first, I must present myself first so you will be charmed of who I am, I am the rising star and captain of the kendo club in Furinkan High. I am Takawaki Kuno, age seventeen, also known as the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!"

            Kuno raised his bokken to the air and suddenly out of nowhere a lightning crashed down behind him to emphasize the dramatic pose he created.

            "Um…..ano….hai….I am Mizuho-sensei….." She was puzzled at the way Kuno was talking to her.

            Kuno lowered his bokken as he clasped Mizuho-sensei's hand.

            "Mizuho-sensei? Ah….what a delightful name for such a beautiful flower like yourself….you are the star that shines in my night….I will forever be with you…….come..come…be my goddess and let us court….."

            Before he could finish, he felt pain in his mouth and his body suddenly lifts into the air and then shot back and slammed into the wall. As he slowly faded into unconsciousness, he recalled the beautiful pink-hair maiden.

            Mizuho-sensei……..the delightful angel…………………that will shine in my life………

            Mizuho's eyes widen as she saw Ranma appear out of nowhere and slam his fist into Kuno's mouth and then launching a powerful sidekick into Kuno's midsection to knock him into a wall and rendering him unconscious.

            "Damn that Kuno……him and his stupid speeches…..sorry Mizuho-sensei….Kuno is an idiot….he always tries to do this………"

            Ranma felt quite angry with Kuno when he tried to court Mizuho-sensei, though he doesn't know why. Instinctively, he rushed toward him and delivers his own punishment to make Kuno know not to try something like that. His fist clenched and unclenched as he glared at Kuno's unmoving body, but he still doesn't know why he did that.

            "Um….ano arigato Ranma-kun…"

            Ranma turned to Mizuho-sensei and saw a slight blush appear in her cheek, but disappear in a second later.

            "Of….of course Mizuho-sensei….eh…..hehe…….." He scratched his head as he was suddenly felt nervous all of a sudden, but then he looked closely and saw some of her face slightly stained.

            "Um…..Mizuho-sensei? Are you all right? You look like you wet your face or something……"

            Mizuho realized she didn't work on her face when she rushed down to save Ranma, but she couldn't really since her priority was to save him. Mizuho touched her face and felt the tear stains on her face, marring the light makeup she had on.

            "Um….oh my..ano…hai…I better go fix it……"

            "Uh…heh… should……"

            Both of them turned silent while they looked at each other. They stared at one another's eyes and through the staring; they saw the difference in each other. One had order and peacefulness in her life, but needed something; she needed the risks and dangers that she once went through. The other was of turmoil and chaos, for he needed to structure his life and that peaceful bliss that he has always sought. For this, their eyes connected and their souls met, but yet one of them wasn't quite sure about it.

            Ranma went to scratch his head again.

            "Uh…heh….anyways um….you better go clean yourself up…."

            "Oh….hai….arigato Ranma-kun.." Mizuho-sensei turned around and walked back to school to head to the teacher's bathroom. Her pace quickened as she took another step closer to the bathroom. She need to head there……to stop some more tears that were rolling down her cheek once more.

            Ranma looked at the entrance of the school and watched Mizuho-sensei fade into the darkness of the cold interior levels of the school.

            Ranma then clenched his fist and turned around to look at the other two rivals that stood before him, but that one of them was still having his arms up while the other one just stared at the school doors too.

            "She……who is she Ranma?"

            Ranma raised an eyebrow as he stared at Ryoga quizzically. Ryoga's look had one of nostalgia too, but confusion also. As if he was troubled by something.

            "She is my teacher, Hinako-sensei left on sick leave, so Mizuho-sensei is here as the substitute……..why do you ask?"

            Ranma narrowed his eyes and subconsciously cracked his knuckles as he clenched both of his fists.

            "Um… reason…………."

            Ryoga continue to stare at the school entrance as he felt something…..a longing……like the way he felt for Akane….and that girl Akari. He felt a sense of longing for that teacher and yet he doesn't know why. I just met her! How can I feel this way!!

            Mousse on the other hand wasn't watching the teacher he was watching Ranma. He never seen him run at that kind of speed, its as if Ranma was teleporting one place to another. In one second he was in front of us and next he had his fist in Kuno. It was amazing yet…..frightening….This new technique will give Ranma an advantage in speed and will force Mousse to devise a strategy to stop him since he knew with that speed, Ranma can easily rack up punches at him.

            I must defeat him! He took my Shampoo and she belongs to me only! I will get him! Oh my beloved Shampoo…………how I do long for you and your touch……….

            If Shampoo were hearing this, she would have taken out her bonboris and basically smashed Mousse into pulp, then chased after her airen, the beloved Ranma.

            Though Shampoo didn't hear him, that doesn't mean she can't show up.


            Ah……crap……my day just got worse……much worse…..

            Shampoo was clad in her traditional restaurant outfit; a one-piece dress that was down to her thigh and just basically stops there. If anyone basically peeked between her legs, they were getting a peep show up whatever she wore as an undergarment.

            Her long purple hair seems to wave around as she generated a breeze from her pedaling on the bicycle. She gained a rush of speed from the sight of Ranma. Her airen is the best and he deserves the best, which is the traditional Amazon glomp!

            As she approached her target, someone decided to get in her way, that annoying idiot that always trying to hamper whenever she tries to get close to her beloved. That stupid annoying Mousse!

            "My Shampoo! You come to me! I knew it, you are coming to greet me and pronounce your……URK!!"

            Before he could finish his speech of love, the bicycle seem to leap into the air and slam right into Mousse's face as he took a piece of the front tire. He basically ate rubber. Then gravity shot him down to the ground to plaster him to the floor as the bicycle made tread marks all over him as it paved a way to Ranma.



            Ite……….my "cute" fiancée……"

            From the side of Ranma, you see a young person leap from a tree and land on the ground. The person was clad in a black shirt with matching pants. The person had very long dark brown hair that was in a ponytail and had a ribbon to hold it in place. While also on her back, there was a long handle that was connected to a giant spatula.

            If one looks at the person who cried at Ran-chan, one would think the person is a male, but if you look closely, you can notice the slight bumps on the chest and that their isn't any Adam's apple on the neck…..that means it's a she and it's a really cute girl, if one is able to get over the part she looks like a guy.

            "……hi Ucchan……."

            Ukyo smiled even bigger as she heard Ranma say hi to her! He said hi! He doesn't usually do that, but today he did! Oh what a fortune! Perhaps she can get him to propose to him and then they can get hitched and run her restaurant together.

            "Ran-chan! I brought you some fresh pork okonomiyaki! It is hot and fresh!"

            Ukyo pulled a box out of thin air and quickly opened it to present her gift to her honey. It looked good and heck it sure is going to taste good.

            "Cmon sugar, I know you would like some! You don't need to eat anything else! This will fill you right up!"

            Shampoo on the other hand disagreed with Ukyo's food and opened her box to present a bowl of noodles that have vegetables and meat in it. It smelled quite delicious.

            "No, no try to taste spatula-girl airen, you try some of Shampoo's delicious ramen!"

            "He is not going to eat your ramen! You purple-haired bimbo!"

            "Airen will eat Shampoo's ramen, not spatula girl's pork pancake…."

            "Okonomiyaki! How dare you insult my cooking!"

            Ukyo went to battle off with Shampoo while Ranma just stood there watching them too while still amazed at the fact that they can still hold their trays of food that was to be presented to him. He didn't mind eating both of them since he was quite hungry, but that would make a ruckus not from those two fiancées, but also his….tomboy fiancée..

            "Ranma, how dare you eat there cooking!"

            Right on time……..Ranma turned his wrist and he looked at his watch… a second faster than usual….must be…………..urk.

            Without finishing his thought, he was launched into the air with a wicked uppercut produced by the usual muscle-bound brute of a female called Akane Tendo.


            Ranma flew over the horizon and because of his curse, which basically made him a water-magnet, his courtesy fly by Akane Airways directed him to the usual destination with a large body of water.

            …………here we go again…..

            A splash was heard at the school pool as a body plummet straight to the body. Watermarks were all over the concrete surround the pool since the splash was pretty big, but the body in the water soon touches the surface and broke it. With a slight shake of the head, the pigtail was swung around the head and the person paddled to the nearest exit.

            "Yeesh, another one in the pool…….."

            A high soprano tone was heard as the young redhead vaulted out of the pool and starting shaking her head to clear the water. She looked at her surroundings to see anyone that seen her transformation, but no one was around. They were too busy at the courtyard minding their own business…..or having the usual fiancée battles.

            "…I hate my life………"

            She grabbed her shirt and slowly twisted it to drain it of water and as the water slowly leaked out, she detected someone in the bushes to the left of her. She swung her head to the left and narrowed her eyes.

            "……..Nabiki……..I know your in there………..stop taking pictures of me and come out…….."

            The redhead clenched her fist as she stared at the bush that stopped moving and a body that rose up after it. The girl was wearing a regular Furinkan uniform while styling a short haircut that went to her neck. It was a straight cut that almost could be perceived, as a bowl cut, but try to tell her that and you would be dead………either psychically or emotionally….

            Nabiki Tendo, second daughter to the house of Tendo, and the Ice Queen of Furinkan High basically dominated the school with her wits and underground connections. She had a major racket of racketeering, child pornography, bookie, gambling, and selling information. Anything you wanted, she charged and she charged really high so if a person ran out of money, he or she would basically be a slave to her for the rest of their lives.

            Nabiki Tendo gave a slight smirk as she crossed her arms and gave her cold and calculating look. It was the look of haughty superiority, as if she knew everything and can control it with a slight twitch of a finger. On her left hand was a small camera that she was taking a couple of pictures for some boy fans that are crazed about the red-head especially her biggest client, that buffoon of a samurai…..who considers the red-head as the pigtail goddess.

            "Well…….Ranma……….or should I call you Ranko? It seems you caught me."

            The tone of voice she had was not of terror, but as if she knew she would be caught and not really cared if that happened. She was mocking the redhead who was glaring at her.

            Ranko…..or otherwise known as the famous Ranma Saotome stood there and faced his adversary. His opponent that stood before him never used brawns……no it was all in the brains and that he lacked. It wasn't that he was not intelligent; it was just he never spent time to work it out. Usually he spent time putting up his fist and let it loose, hoping his problems get knocked out, but Nabiki was different. She would always outwit him in the case that he would always get in trouble by her. In the battle of fists, he ruled the domain, but when it came to brains, Nabiki owned the place and can easily flaunt it.

            "Call me whatever you like…..its not like any of the people at school care. They can't tell what the difference is anymore……."

            Nabiki curled her lips to make another one of her cold smiles.

            "Not so…….they know what the difference in gender parts…..and some boys would love to see your feminine assets……."

            Ranko winced as Nabiki grinned at her.

            "So…… you want some hot water?"

            Nabiki reached behind the bush and picked up a kettle full of hot water.

            Ranko stared at the kettle, then fished into her wallet to check how much cash she has left.

            "All I got is about…..5000 yen……….."

            Nabiki shook her head and walked up to her.

            "No, no… is free of charge…….."

            Ranko narrowed her eyes to stare at her suspiciously.

            "Free of charge? When did that happen?"

            Nabiki smirked once more as came closer to her prey.

            "It happens now…..I feel good after the morning betting pool, so I'm being graciously enough to offer you a kettle full of hot water."

            Ranko stared at Nabiki, but then shrugged. She might as well take it, its not like she can do anything about it…..and technically it is free…….for now……

            Ranko bent over to Nabiki in a bowing position, but to an outside spectator it would be seen as if a girl was respecting an elder female. Nabiki curled her haughty lips and then tipped the kettle over the pigtailed female's head.

            Immediately a the redhead, grew an extra foot and a few inches taller, her breasts shrinking into more of a masculine chest and her hair turning black. Gone was the petite redhead bombshell and all that was before the Ice Queen was the handsome martial artist that took the plunge into the pool.


            Nabiki smirked while getting those gracious thanks. Respect like this gives power and power meant control. That was the key to rule Furinkan High. Earn the respect, and then take that power to control them. Thus in the end, they all becomes servants to the Queen.

            "You better get going Ranma, you don't want to miss a meal. Onesan made a really delicious one this time. After all, you know Onesan, one bite and its heaven."

            She smiled as she licked her lips.

            "I already ate mine, have you?"

            Ranma nodded his head and in one single leap, he cleared the fence that blocked off the pool and he was off racing back to the courtyard, hoping he can catch his good meal that he left in the locker room.

            While Ranma leapt away from the fearless Nabiki Tendo, her eyes narrowed as she heard some information from her lackeys that easily made a gossip around the school.

            "Mizuho-sensei, a substitute for Hinako-sensei, who spoke out against Kuno. Not even the vice principal would be willing to do that."

She rubbed her chin in a methodical matter with her right hand.

"And not just that………Akane seemed to be jealous of this teacher…..very strange indeed…. Can the teacher actually like Ranma?"

Nabiki narrowed her eyes even more, but then shook her head slightly.

"That isn't possible, that teacher is way to old for Ranma and besides, who wants a uncouth, immature, boorish person like him? Except perhaps my egotistical, selifsh sister……heh….they make such a lovely couple."

Nabiki looked out, not focusing particularly at anything, but her eyes wandered while her thought centered on the teacher once more.

"But….Mizuho-sensei bears a looking into……."

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