Unforgettable Promise

Chapter 3

Photograph Memories

Sighing in resignation, the young martial artist walked on the fence recalling the disastrous episodes at school. After knocking out Kuno and avoiding Ryouga long enough to watch him run the other direction, he had to handle and take the beating of his finacees as they tried to present him their delicious foods cept of course one pile of slop that seem to come alive. Ranma sighed knowing that he shouldn't have shot his mouth off last night when he said that Akane can never be good as Kasumi. This resulted in Akane's explosive determined behavior to create a bubbly bluish texture called soup, which he so did not want to touch.

Though the day had seemed fairly typical, a new complication in his already complicated life had appeared which was Ms. Mizuho, the new substitute teacher. Every time they he looks as her, she mad his knees feel weak and his lip parch dry. It was difficult enough to be near her, but trying to talk to her was much worse. With parched

lips and a brain that refused to work, any attempts at conversation went out the window. Yet, for some reason, she didn't seem to mind. She just watched him and smiled as if she knew something that he didn't.

"Man, why am I feeling like this? Why did I get nervous around her?"

To a rather ordinary fellow in Nerima, seeing the martial artist talking to himself as if deep in thought was rather astounding. Word had been passed around that although he was a prodigy in the martial arts, when it came to intellectual pursuits, he was sub par.

One person would affirm that assumption, she believed that he was nothing more than a dumb jock, yet another easy mark, someone to con and milk for all he's worth. She hadn't realized that the young martial artist was actually rather bright, just so dedicated to the martial arts that he had never tried to apply that intelligence to other fields.

His father hadn't properly taught his son how to interact with other people in a normal society. While his behavior was perfectly acceptable in his father's eyes, the average person on the street saw

nothing more than an arrogant and rude individual.

Ranma Saotome scratched the back of his head as he sighed once more, thinking about his life and why he was like this. Here he was, one of the best martial artists in the world. Hell, there were a number of martial arts circuits proclaiming him to be the best of his generation. Yet, that's the only thing he had that could be considered great. Everything else in his life was a disaster.

He had multiple fiancees that seemed to hound him constantly, deceiving or manipulating him for their own aims. Even his family, the ones he loved are also tying him down with the so called "honour", which in case he has more of that in one little toenail than the rest of his family except his mother, but she is slightly deillusional in honour and manliness.

With the ocurrrence of multiple fiancees, there definitely needs to be a group of haters that would pursue him to the ends of the earth to gut him, tar him, and humiliate him in anyway possible.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, the constant thoughts roaming in his head were already starting to give him a slight headache.

"Man, why is my life like this?"

While his thoughts continue to roam, a young fellow was walking his way, they didn't notice each other as they were both lost in thought, but as they got closer, the prodigy of martial arts lifted his head and eyed the young fellow.

"The way he moves, doesn't really make him much of a martial artist, plus his body structure is a bit scrawny, it reminds me of Gosunkungi, hehe..."

The young fellow looked up into the sky and then adjusted his small glasses while walking in a steady pace. As he walked, he noticed a person standing on the fence, this prompted thought as how one can get on top of a fence and balance on it.

Adjusting the glasses once more, the young fellow looked up, blinking a bit though from the strong rays of the sun that seem to slightly blind him, he raised a hand to cover his eyes as he nodded at the fellow that seem to stand on the fence.


Ranma nodded his head in acknowledgement as he flipped off the fence and landed easily feet first on the pavement, like a gold medal gymnast.

Ranma stretched a bit, to get the kinks out of his body as he returned to gaze at the fellow and saw that the person nothing uncommon and the stance was too lax to look like he would fight me.

An awkward silence appeared as the two young males looked at one another.

"Um, my name is Shinjo, Hikaru Shinjo, please to meet you."

Hikaru gave a slight bow in respect as Ranma was surprised at that respective gesture.

"uh..yeah...um..my name..is..er.. Saotome, Ranma Saotome."

Ranma stammered those words out as he gave a slight bow, but as he raised his head to look at Hikaru, he saw disbelief in his eyes.

"Ranma? Ranma Saotome? As in son to Genma Saotome?"

Ranma raised an eyebrow as he was wondering what was going on. He hoped that lazy bastard didn't cause any trouble again that would pull him into another problem in his list. It's as if the people that hate him or want him were standing in a line, waiting for their turn to arrive.

"Uh..yeah, I'm the son of Genma Saotome."

Hikaru shook a bit slightly as his lips curled into a smile.

"RANMA! Its me, Hikaru Shinjo!"

Ranma raised an eyebrow in a questioning matter.

Hikaru laughed a bit as he patted Ranma's shoulder.

"Remember 4 years ago when you were in America, I was the one who was tutoring you because I demanded that your father, that lazy lout, get you a decent education. Of course he thought martial artist don't need so called numbers and words in their head cept martial art techniques, but I was able to make a deal with him to tutor you."

Ranma's eyes widened as he remembered that time in America. He recalled those moments when he was somewhat practicing english and trying to figure out numbers in his head, instead of dozing off.

Ranma laughed as he clasps his tutor and his friend's hand.

"Good to see you Hikaru! But what are you doing here?"

Hikaru wiped a tear off his eye as he smiled.

"Well, my first term in college is over and I had a month off, so my uncle who lives in Nerima offered me a job to work with him. I need money to pay for college tuition, so I took up the offer and so here I am. I'm glad to see you Ranma, I thought I wouldn't make any friends around here."

Ranma smiled.

"Well Ranma Saotome is here, so you have a friend here."

Hikaru laughed once more, but he turned serious.

"Well Ranma it was a pleasure talking to you, but I have to get going, I need to help out my uncle's shop, lets meet up sometime and we will catch up those 4 years we haven't seen each other.

Ranma nodded his head and clasp his friend's hand once more as they gave their good-byes and parted for their own business.

Ranma put his hand behind his head as he smiled and whistled aimlessly.

"Boy, I can't believe Hikaru is here. I have Ucchan, my best friend and now I have Hikaru. I guess this day didn't end that bad after all."

The next day as Ranma once more took the fence to walk to school, he saw Akane still staring at him in rage.

"Geez Akane, what the heck was that for?"

Akane fumed at Ranma.

"What do you mean what the heck was that for? You deserved it you pervert!"

Ranma rubbed his forehead as if he can still feel the pain from the mallet that had appeared in Akane's hand from out of nowhere.

"I'm a pervert? What are you talking about? I was in the furo first and you walked right into there. Shouldn't you be the pervert?"

Akane's eyes blazed in fury as she kicked the fence hoping that Ranma falls off. Luckily, Ranma saw that coming and in a split second leapt off the fence and made a nice flip onto the pavement.

Akane fumed once more as she just snarled and ran past Ranma and headed straight for Furinkan High.

Ranma sighed a bit and picked up his pace as he watched Akane go past the gates of Furinkan High. As he past through the gates, waiting to see Akane beat down the Hentai Horde, he saw none of the boys moving or doing anything to try to win Akane's affection.

Akane of course was shocked as she stood in the middle of the courtyard and looked around to see none of his admirers charging at her to try to win a date off of her.

"What's going on?"

As she glanced around, her senses kicked in as she caught the red rose that seem to appear right before her. With a sigh of resignation she looked ahead to see a shadow figure emerge from behind a tree, revealing an older individual wearing a hakama and had a bokken resting on his right shoulder.

"What do you want Kuno?"

Kuno used his left hand to take out another rose and took a whiff of that, which blossomed a few days ago.

"Can you not smell the sweetness of the rose my fierce tigress?"

Akane shrugged and threw the rose casually aside as if it meant nothing to her.

"I don't really care Kuno, what do you want?"

Kuno raised his bokken into the air as if he was making a proclamation.

"I, Takawaki Kuno, known as the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High has cancelled the courting attempts to my fierce tigress Akane Tendo, thus no male will pursue her to date her, or they will feel the wrath of the Heavens!"

Akane and Ranma's jaws dropped as they heard the news.

"Wha...What? Ho..How come?"

Kuno shook his head and then clasp his hands together as tears formed in his eyes.

"It was because of the beautiful maiden. The flowery Mizuho has shown me the true noble way in courting an individual. Her gentleness and her feminine gestures called upon the Heavens to intervene and stop this courting. She declared it violent and unjust as one should show love and affection through words and of the heart."

Kuno smiled as once more.

"Thus I have cancelled the courting of Akane Tendo and I will court you with the way a true noble samurai should. Once I win your love and the pigtail goddess, I will win the lovely maiden Mi...URK!!"

A gasp of breath whooshed out of Kuno's mouth as he shook with pain. He looked down to see a fist planted into his stomach, shaking his body and making him go into shock and as he turned his head up, he saw the individual that cursed his name and his honour, hindering his attempts to woo his goddesses.

"Curse you Ranma....Saotome...."

Kuno slumped forward and fell to the floor unconscious while Ranma pulled his fist back. His eyes blazed with anger and resolve as he stared at the pitiful body before him.

"Damn you Kuno, don't you try doing something like that on Ms. Mizuho..."

Ranma snarled at Kuno's unconscious form while Akane's eyes were widened before narrowing in anger as she trembled with rage.


Ranma turned his head to the sound of Akane's scream and then was enveloped in darkness as that mallet smashed into his face, rendering him unconscious.

Ranma opened his eyes as he gazed his surroundings, he looked around, but all he saw was empty space, nothing around him as he scratched his head.

"Man, what happened?"

A slight giggle was heard to the left of him as he jerked his head to the left.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Then the giggle was heard once more, but this time it was to the right of him.

Ranma jerked his head to the sound and narrowed his eyes to see if anyone was there, but he didn't see anyone.

"Hello? Can you hear me? If you can, show yourself!"

Ranma slowly slid his left leg out as he was prepared to get into a fighting position. This emptiness was getting to him and he didn't really like surprises.

"Put those hands down Ranma-kun, I'm not here to hurt you, unless you think I am."


Ranma swiveled around to see a young female with pink hair standing before him.

Ranma's eyes widened as he recognized her.


Mizuho giggled as she approached Ranma. As she got closer she spread her arms out and wrapped it around his waist and started stroking his back to ease his tension.

"Yes, Mizuho I was, but that is not my surname anymore Ranma-kun." She whispered softly as she leaned her head onto his chest.

The warmth from Mizuho made Ranma blush bright red as he enjoyed the sensation, yet when he heard that she wasn't Mizuho anymore, his eyes narrowed as he felt a slight anger starting to arise. Still, trying to stop his anger that was slowly surging forth, he tried to ask his question.

"So er...what is your surname now? Ms. Mizuho..," as a slight hiss of his voice was heard from his anger.

Mizuho smiled as she snuggled even closer to Ranma.

"My Ranma-kun, I never knew you would be this dense, especially at this moment, but then again it always made you cute.

Ranma blushed a bit more as he stammered.

"I'm... I'm cute?"

Mizuho smiled softly as she closed her eyes.

"Of course, Ranma Saotome, that is why I married..."

Ranma snapped his head awake as the bell was ringing quite loudly.


Ranma covered his eyes as he slowly got up from the bed he was lying onto.

"Man, what happened?"

"You got knocked out by my dear sister of course."

Ranma turned his head to the middle Tendo sister, who was smiling slightly, being amused from this incident.

"Thanks for the obvious Nabiki."

"Well you asked what happened."

Nabiki smiled once more as she sat on the chair that was close to Ranma's bed.

"But uh...how did I get here?"

Nabiki smirked.

"That was because of me, I saw your body lying on the floor with Akane trudging off to class, so I decided to lend a hand."

Ranma nodded his head.

"I'm grateful Nabiki."

Nabiki smiled once more as she got out of the chair and straightened her skirt,

"Well then, you better get going and check yourself out from the nurse's office, lunch is beginning and also you owe me 1000 yen for taking you here. I'll take the cash when we get back. Take care of yourself Ranma and don't get hurt like that again, though I don't mind charging you to take you here."

With a light skip in her walk, she was out of the nurse's office.

Ranma sighed as he heard Nabiki charging him for taking him here. Figures that she would since after all she is the Ice Queen of Furinkan High and any task you ask her to do, she will charge you until you have to give up your arm and leg.

Ranma pushed the blanket out of the bed and slipped out of the it, with a slight checkup from the nurse and the confirmation to leave, he quickly exited the office and noticed no one was around in the hall.

"Hmm everyone must be eating in class or outside. I better get going."

But as he scanned the classrooms, nobody was there, this surprised Ranma as he walked down the lower level to retrieve his shoes and bento and exited the entrance to head to his favorite tree.

Once he got outside, he saw that most of the Furinkan students were crowding at one corner. This prompted his curiosity as he walked up to the crowd and tried to look at what was going on.

Seeing that he probably couldn't get through the wall of students, he gave an exasperated sigh as he took a step back and then pushed himself off the floor as he was once more airborne. With a bit of finesse and tilting of his body, he easily landed on the wall of Furinkan High and thus he quickly sat down to see what was going on.

As he scanned what was going on, he saw a person quickly stand put some posters on the walls of Furinkan High and then turned to the crowd of students.

Ranma's eyes widened as he saw his good friend facing the students of Furinkan High.

Hikaru gave a light cough and waves his hand to silence the students.

"Hello, my name is Hikaru Shinjo, I work for PhotoStar Studios. I am here to announce a contest that is being run by PhotoStar and Kodak. The contest is a couples photo contest. The best picture of a romantic couple, which must contain two students of Furinkan High, will receive a month's worth of ice cream from Minato's Ice Cream Parlor."

Chatter immediately erupted in the crowd of students as they were talking to each other.

Hikaru waved his hand once more to silence the crowd.

"Whomever is entering this contest must have a picture of themselves and their significant other. There will not be any fake pairings or such. Those photos will be immediately disqualified. Also the pictures must be taken in the morning or afternoon. Night pictures are not allowed. You may request someone to take your couple picture, but he or she will not get the prize. Only the couple will be given the prize. The pictures must be of a couple from Furinkan High who truly love each other. The deadline is in one week. If there is any more questions, please come to me to ask, but other than that, good luck to all of you!"

The Furinkan students disbanded into their own crowds as gossip was roaming around.

"Couples pictures?"

One girl turn to another.

"How can that be possible? We don't even have a date."

Another girl sighed as she stared at the boys.

"Also the boys don't even like us, they probably hound the all favorable Akane Tendo again."

Most of the girls sighed in defeat while the boys were gathering together.

"Its simple, we just take a picture with the beautiful Akane Tendo and turn it in."

One boy had a concerned look.

"How do we do that?"

Kuno suddenly appeared in the crowd and waved his bokken into the air.

"Simple my pitiful peasant, whoever defeats her in battle will be allowed to take a picture of her! Thus Takawaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, has spoken and thus the Heavens has judged it thee as a righteous cause!"

A flash of lightning appeared as it gave a nice flashy appearance for Kuno as the rest of the Hentai Horde screamed in glee while planning out how to get their picture taken with Akane and win the month of free ice cream.

Ranma sighed as he heard about the contest.

"This contest doesn't really sound that great... I don't know why, but I got a bad feeling about this."

"Ran-chan! Did you hear! Couple picture contest! Take a picture with your cute fiancee Ucchan! We will definitely win this contest!"

Ranma pinched his nose as he looked up into the sky.

"Damn you Kami-sama! Why do you curse me so?!"

Ukyo smiled happily about this contest since she thought by taking a picture with Ranma, she knew that love would blossom from that romantic moment and then surely Ranma would marry her.

At that same moment however, a purple hair individual appeared to try to glomp Ranma.

"Wo ai ni! Husband will take picture with me yes?"

Ranma struggled through the glomp as he was trying to eat.

Ukyo saw this and her hand immediately went to grab her spatula.

"You purple hair jackass, don't you try to take my sugar away! Anyways, you can't take a picture with him. Your not even a student of Furinkan High."

Shampoo's eyes widened as she realized that truth.

"Aieee...this is not good, must tell great grandmother, she will know what to do! I will be back husband, then you and me take picture, YES?!"

Shampoo leapt away from Ranma as she jumped onto her bike and pedaled back to Nekohanten, in search of an answer from her wise grandmother.

Ranma sighed in disbelief as he once more being hounded by this chaos.

"Damn it, now all I need is duck-boy and lost pig to appear."



Ranma pinched his nose once more as he leapt off the wall and went into battle with his rivals that were bent on crushing him.

"DAMN IT..."

Ranma sighed as he laid on the porch of the Tendo residence. As he sat there, he stared out at the koi pond.

"Man, why does my life get worse and worse. Though my friend Hikaru arrived, why does he have to announce that contest. For sure my fiancees will be after me for the photo and my rivals will be there just to kill me for supposedly cheating or seducing my fiancees.

Ranma sighed once more as he put his hand behind his head.

As he was doing that, Nabiki smirked as he saw Ranma lying there, basically wallowing in misery.

"Well Ranma, though this is going to make if worse for you life, I have to make the money. Its for the family you know."

Nabiki twirled her hand as she quickly snatched her camera. Since she has been taking picture of Ranma and Akane in different scenarios, her skills in photograph was quite well known in Furinkan High. Such skills that were quite needed by many of the students there and where the money are, Nabiki will be there.

While Nabiki was sorting out her photography sessions, Akane was in her room, hugging her pillow while staring at P-chan who suddenly appeared a few hours ago. Though he was quite dirty as if he was on the road for weeks.

"P-chan, this couple contest. Should I go with it? Should I take a picture with Ranma? I know he is a jerk and all, but...should I? I know Minato's ice cream is the best in Nerima, but what Hikaru said about the picture and how the couple should be in love...Should I do this?

Akane squeezed her pillow as she tried to think of reasons of doing this photo contest, yet deep down inside her heart, she had feelings and feminine qualities that deem her to care and be in concern about this contest. She was in trouble, yet she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Part of her wanted to take it with Ranma, but why? To get the ice cream? Or...or what Hikaru was saying? About being a couple in love? That isn't possible right?

Akane shook her head in confusion as she just stared at P-chan.

"What should I do P-chan? what should I do?"

P-chan oinked as he stared at Akane, his heart was breaking with what he heard from his true love. Ryoga Hibiki, cursed by the springs of Jusenkyo, stared at his love and cursed the day of this contest. Why could it not be him as the one to take the picture with Akane? Why couldn't the couple picture be of him and Akane? he didn't care about winning, all he cared was taking that romantic moment and forever treasuring it.

"Damn you, Ranma Saotome, its all your fault! You better make Akane happy or I swear I will crush your pitiful body and fling it to Hell!"

Though he was trying to say that, but in his pig form, all he could say where oinks and snorts.

Akane giggled as grabbed P-chan and snuggled him to her chest, close to her bosom.

"Your so helpful P-chan, I'm glad to have you!"

P-chan didn't hear that since he was passed out from the nosebleed that erupted when he was being cuddled with Akane.

Ranma slumped to his desk as he stared at the blackboard, trying to decipher what the board was trying to tell, though he had no clue what it was. Mizuho-sensei was lecturing about english sentences while most of the guys were glued to her body, not the board, which seem to annoy Ranma quite easily.

The girls on the other hand were privately discussing about the contest by passing notes around and whispering to one another.

Mizuho-sensei, the new substitute teacher in Furinkan High was growing increasingly worried about her students. Her students weren't really concentrating on their studies and this contest that she recently heard seem to agitate much of the student populace. She tried stopping the fight with Akane this morning, but with no avail since their was too many boys attacking her and she couldn't do anything about it.

"Um, ano..children..um, ano..please settle down."

Even though she was concerned about her students, she was more concerned on one individual.

Her head turned slightly to see the depressed martial artist that seem to have no life in him as he lay on the desk.

"Ranma-kun," she whispered, though to no one, but herself.

With a slight shake of her head, she went back to teaching, though her mood was slightly dampened.

Ranma leaned onto his favorite tree while closing his eyes to take a nap. The sun was nice and the wind was a gentle breeze that was quite calming. The atmosphere was perfect for sleeping except what while nature was playing a positive role, mankind was being destruction.

"Akane! Take a picture with me!"

"Akane! Lets share the ice cream together!"

"Akane! You and I are meant to be!"

Cries of males were heard as they charged at Akane Tendo like an advancing offensive line of football players. Naturally this gave Akane the anger to energize her feet and fists as she charged into the crowd and dished out her hatred.

"Grrr....I HATE BOYS!!!!"

Punches connected as bodies flew out of the line,others crumbled to the floor from the connection of kicks that seem to smash right into their jaws. Once in awhile Akane shifted into the Anything Goes Style and was able to avoid blows and launch counters, but usually it was she strikes first and when she strikes, that person stays down.

Naturally the nurse was standing outside while holding bandages to patch up the surviving male members. The others that were unconscious were being carried away on stretchers. And once more, a failed attempt at capturing Akane Tendo's heart has caused multiple injuries to the male population in Furinkan High.

Ranma plugged his ears and continued to keep his eyes closed, wondering if he can enjoy the atmosphere, but it was not to be as two familiar people appeared.

"Ran-chan! Where do you want to take our picture, Ran-chan!"

"Husband will take picture with me!"

Ukyo turned to Shampoo who was hefting steel bonbori, but that didn't mean Ukyo wasn't prepared to fight. Her hands were itching to pull out her family weapon, the giant spatula that was sheathed on her back.

"What are you talking about you jackass? Ran-chan is purpose to take a picture with me and didn't I tell you already? Only Furinkan students can take pictures."

Ukyo's eyes turn heart shape as she imagined the romantic moment and the part where Ranma confessed his love and married her.

Shampoo smiled as she hefted an ID card.

"Shampoo is also student of Furinkan High. Shampoo got ID card!"

Ukyo snapped our of her reverie as she was shocked to see a Furinkan High ID card with Shampoo's name on it.

"But, but how?"

Shampoo smiled triumphantly.

"Great-grandmother always thinks of everything to get Shampoo's husband!"

Ukyo pulled out her spatula and brandished it menacingly.

"Oh no you don't sugar, Ran-chan and I are destined to have that photo taken and you aren't stopping us."

Shampoo twirled her bonbori.

"Shampoo shall see about that."

With a blink of an eye, they leapt at each other to deal with the couple contest while Ranma totally ignored them and tried to take a nap.

Though in the school, Mizuho-sensei stared at Ranma and sighed depressingly as she fished in her box for another pocky and ate one while thinking of what to do to brighten her class and most of all, brighten Ranma's life.

"what to do...what to do..."

As she pondered, the secretary watched Mizuho-sensei in deep thought.

Lin smiled as she then looked outside the window to see the chaos that often happens in Furinkan High.

"Thank goodness we have Mizuho-sensei, for she is a blessing and I know somehow she will find a way to get to them and find a way to change this school entirely around."

As Ranma went home, walking on the fence once more, balancing not only his body, but his chaotic life, many of the Furinkan girls were slowly heading the same direction he was, for some reason.

Giggles and whispers were heard as Ranma tried to ignore the noise again while pondering how to straighten out his life. Before he got too deep into his musing, he heard a tap on the fence.

Ranma finally decided to listen and jerked his head to that sound to see some of the Furinkan High females students standing right to the fence.

With a mental sigh and scratching the back of his head, he wondered what was going to happen next.

"So uh? What do you want?"

The girls giggled while finally one of them was confident enough to stand out of the crowd and look at Ranma, straight in the eye, but when she noticed those blue-gray eyes, she felt lost in them and her cheeks reddened a bit.

"Um..hehe..We were wondering...um can you help us?"

Ranma looked at them and wondered what was going on? Females were always hard to figure out, but they asked for help. He should help out, after all its a martial artist duty to help the weak. He hop down to the pavement and looked at them.

"So um, what do you want me to do?"

Ranma eyed the confident girl, but he noticed she was somewhat wavering. The girl had long brown hair while made into a ponytail. She was taller than most of the girls in Furinkan High, but not as tall as Ranma. She was probably about close to his lips. Because of the school's uniform and her height, her legs were quite easy to see, so they showed a lot about feminine properties and it can make any man go wild, but this is Furinkan High which has ignorant martial artists and a fan club only after one female.

Emiko Shudo, smiled a bit, while she tried to overcome her nervousness. She knew this was her only shot to try to make her plan work and if it did, she may get a chance of ice cream and maybe, just maybe a chance of love.

"Well er..Ranma, um we were wondering if you could um..help me with this martial art move.."

Emiko smirked a bit, knowing Ranma is a major martial artist buff and well known among the martial art circuit. By asking this question, she was sure that Ranma will fall into her hands.

"Um..uh sure. What move you talking about?"


Emiko smiled a bit wider.

She took a step closer to Ranma while they were only inches away. She can almost feel the body heat that seem to wrap around her and made her feel so warmth. She could stand there all day, basking her heat, but she wanted something more than that.

"Um, yes, the move was this."

Ranma, unaware on what was going to happen, just stood there, wondering what martial art move she was going to show.

Emiko watched Ranma not moving at all and immediately bolted into action, which caught Ranma offguard since he didn't expect this. She quickly leapt on him, wrapping her arms around him. She felt those solid muscles and stroked it gently while moaning a bit to feel those rock hardness of a body that has been trained for at least a decade.

"Ack! Emiko...What are you doing?!"

Before anything else can happen, a whirl of a camera was heard as several snap shots of the camera was taken.

Ranma jerked his head at one of the girls who was holding a camera and shooting them.

Emiko giggled while blowing into Ranma's ear.

"Oh come now, Ranma...I know you liked it, and of course I sure did." She blushed a bit more, but she steeled her composure as she kept of the casual flirt.

Ranma panicked as he tried to get away, but with no avail since he didn't know what to do when girls get all goo goo on him. Social skills not been high on Genma's list of things to teach, so Ranma just stood there, wondering what else could go wrong.


With a cry that promised impending pain, she smashed her mallet into Ranma and launched him into the sky as once more he was airborne, which happened a lot in his life.

Akane Tendo fumed as she glared at the other girls, but they scampered away laughing heartily while accomplishing what they wanted. However, as the anger left after the mallet smash, only an ache and pain appeared in her. Akane closed her eyes as a small tear appeared on her eye. She closed her eye as she grabbed her bag and rushed home, not wanting anyone to see her in this state.

As the deadline for the contest was coming closer and closer, Ranma had to avoid massive waves of girls that seem to want to take a picture with him. Of course, with the professional skillsand manipulations of Nabiki Tendo, she earned her wages as she skillfully directed the girls to where Ranma would appear. Actions were made and the girls from Furinkan High earned their pictures while Ranma spent a great deal of time airborne courtesy of Akane Tendo, who was becoming far harsher in her hits.

Ranma slumped on Ucchan's counter as he tried to eat a pork okonomiyaki and tried to nurse his new bruises from being hugged too much and Akane smacking him off to space.

Ucchan stood over the grill as she made more okonomiyaki for the customers that seem to appear, but business was somewhat slow, so she took a break while Konatsu was busy washing the dishes and taking orders as a dutiful waiter.

Ucchan smiled a bit as she saw Ranma lying on the counter. This was her chance now to make her move and surely she will not miss it!

Ucchan walked up to Ranma and sat right next to him.

"You all right sugar? You seem a bit down."

Ranma sighed as he poked his okonomiyaki.

"I guess, its just that all because of this photo contest, I have more than enough problems in my life, but now its becoming worse. Girls are coming at me in waves, just to get a snapshot of me."

Ukyo nodded in understanding as her fist clenched. Those girls were nothing, they had no right to touch her Ran-chan. No girl did. Only the cute fiancee Ukyo was able to. She was his finacee after all, so she gets the only privilege.

"Well, sugar, the contest is almost over, just two more days and it ends."

Ranma nodded.

Ukyo then slipped out of the chair as she went to the back to grab a cup and then slowly came out to her kitchen to whip up a drink. With the skills of a professional cook, she easily came up with a smoothie in matter of seconds.

Taking two straws, she quickly sat by Ranma and pushed the smoothie toward the center of them.

"Come on Ran-chan, cheer up, its almost over."

Ranma nodded his head as finally finished the okonomiyaki.

"You right, I should be thinking about that. Its almost over."

Ranma smirked a bit as Ukyo was able to comfort him.

"Thanks Ucchan, thanks for helping me out."

Ukyo smiled as she pushed the smoothie to him.

"Well here, have a drink! I think I'm going to have a smoothie stand in Ucchan and because your my fiancee, I decided to make it for you and so you be the first to drink it!"

Ranma smiled, but was kind of daunted about the finacee part, but since Ucchan helped him get better, he should at least do this part for her.

"Sure Ucchan."

As he grabbed a straw and pushed it into the smoothie, Ukyo touched Ranma's hand. Feeling the muscular, yet still soft, supple hands, she shook her head.

"Well um...Ran-chan, I need to taste it too. After all a chef needs to see if its good or not."

Ranma nodded his head as he pushed the smootie to her.

Ukyo smiled as she dipped in the other straw.

"Come on Ran-chan, you drink out of that straw and I'll drink out of this one."

Ranma nodded as he gave a light laugh and slowly drank out of the straw. Ukyo joined him and the atmosphere changed from a miserable aspect to a more happier place.

As they drank the smootie together, one of the customers smiled while watching the patron drink with another person.

"They look like a good couple."

His wife nodded as she leaned on his shoulder.

"Yes, Kaguya, they make a nice couple, reminds us when we were young?"

Kaguya smiled and poked her wife's belly, which was growing for about three months.

"What are you talking about? You and I are still young."

She giggled as they continued to eat their food.

Ranma finally reached Tendo dojo as he pushed off his shoes and walked into the dining room.

"Hello Ranma."

Ranma curtly nodded to the matron of the household who always put up a smile.

"Hello Kasumi."

Kasumi Tendo, the oldest sister of the Tendo family, was also the matron. She had sacrificed her chance for college and studies to take care of her family when their mother passed away. Her abundant energy focused on taking care of her guests and family members. She seemed radiant when she helped out anyone in need and it made people feel dazzled by her sincerity.

"Well Ranma, you missed dinner...I still have some leftovers, I can warm it up."

Ranma nodded his head as he accepted the proposal gratefully. As Kasumi went bustling into the kitchen, another one of the sisters appeared while carrying a bunch of rolls of film.

Ranma brought an eye up in wondering what Nabiki was doing.

"Where you going Nabiki?"

Nabiki turned to Ranma and smirked as she smiled a bit.

"Well getting these film developed of course. Thanks to you, I made a small bundle, enough to get by for about month. Thanks Ranma."

She quickly disappeared as she head out.

Ranma shook his head, but then realized something.

"Did she thank me? Nah that couldn't be...could it?"

Finally Kasumi appeared bringing the leftovers which he scarfed down in minutes. With a full stomach he gladly thanked Kasumi for the dinner as he walked up to his room to go to sleep. He felt tired from the chaotic events that seem to bustle in his life, but before he could, someone called to him.


Ranma tured around to see Akane Tendo sort of fidgeting in front of him.


Akane smiled a little as she grabbed Ranma's hand.

"Can you help me out?"

Ranma used his other hand to scratch his head.

"What do you need Akane?"

Akane looked down a bit.

"Well...um..you know about this contest."

Ranma nodded his head, boy did he know about the contest, probably half the pictures are with him.

"Yeah, what about it?"

Akane looked at him.

"Would you..um..help me get the ice cream prize?"

Ranma's eyes widened as he heard her say those words.


Akane blushed slightly.

"I'm not doing this for the couple thing, just for the ice cream. Okay?!"

Ranma nodded his head vigorously in understanding.


Akane quickly went into her room and closed the door. She sighed a bit as she leaned her head to the door.

"Thank goodness...I was finally able to pull that off."

She smiled a bit then giggled.

"He did looked kind of cute with that face, instead of that macho jerk look."

She sat on her bed and hugged the pillow.

"I just hope everything works out."

Ranma and Akane walked together to school, both were somewhat silent, but the atmosphere was best for it since it was slightly awkward after that announcement of trying to win that contest.

Finally Ranma broke it as he was pondering what to do.

"Um..er. Akane? How we going to do this?"

Akane jerked her head to Ranma and was confused.

"Um..what you talking about?"

"You know the contest.."

Akane flushed a bit as she realized what Ranma was trying to say.

"Oh of course..sorry..hehe, my mind was thinking about something else."

Ranma nodded his head.

"Um..well I was wondering, you know, I know you wake up late and I always have to wake you up, but um...I'm wondering..."

Ranma nodded his head in agreement, remembering the times when she had that bucket of hers and flings freezing water on him.

"Well, I was wondering um..er..if you can wake up early.."

Ranma brought up an eyebrow in curiosity.

"I mean well, wake up early enough for the sunrise."

Akane flushed even more as she stared at the ground, wondering why the pavement was all pretty for some reason.

Ranma of course, with his usual cluelessness, didn't understand why she was flushed, but she came up with the idea.

"All right, I'll go along with it."

Akane brought up her head in surprise.

"You mean it?"

Ranma shrugged a bit.

"Hey its for the ice cream right?"

Akane slowly nodded as her eyes were filled with determination to win.

"All right!"

Ranma sat in class, with a confident attitude as he was watching Mizuho-sensei teach a history lesson. Though he didn't care about history, he was more worried about the teacher. The guys were still glued to her body and they had their hands, in well, some place. Though Mizuho-sensei didn't see this at all.

Though Ranma was mesmerozed by how Mizuho-sensei looked. The way she moved, the way she raised her hand and the eyes that seem to stare him, history was damn boring and he wouldn't listen to it.

Quietly he put his arms on the desk and then laid his head onto it as he drifted off to sleep.

As he slept, Mizuho-sensei noticed that Ranma wasn't paying attention anymore. With a sigh of annoyance, she picked up a piece of chalk and flung it at him. Though he was special, she couldn't put her personal life above education. She was here to teach and that is what she will do.

As the chalk flew at Ranma's head, his right hand in reflex snapped up to catch it and then it jerked back to throw it back at the person.

Mizuho-sensei's eyes widened and quickly caught the chalk before it hit her. She couldn't believe what happened. Why did Ranma-kun throw the chalk at her and is he really asleep?

With a sound of a snore from Ranma, it confirmed he was asleep.

Mizuho-sensei sighed and walked up to Ranma. She nudged him a bit while he didn't seem to respond to it.

"Ranma-kun, please wake up, you need to focus."

Ranma didn't hear it as he was off to the dream world.

"Ano..Ranma-kun..wake up please."

Ranma still didn't budge.

With an exasperated sigh, Mizuho-sensei held her book and smacked the table as loud as she could, this of course prompted Ranma to leap into the air and land in a defensive stance.

"Who, what? What happened?"

Mizuho-sensei sighed a bit as she stared at Ranma.

"Ranma, you slept in class..I'm ano..I'm afraid I need you to stand in the hall."

Though he heard this so many times with so many different teachers. Hearing it from Mizuho-sensei somehow hurt him. Not physically, but deep in him, he felt a blow striking to his heart.

His eyes met the stern and serious face of Mizuho as she raised a hand to point at the door. His body slightly trembled from the action, but he was being punished so he must do it.

His eyes went into betrayal and hurt as he nodded absently. With a slow, methodical walk, he grabbed the buckets and went to stand outside, but not before turning back at his teacher and just staring at her eyes. With a final nod in submission, he walked out of the door, to endure his punishment.

Right there and then, Mizuho wanted to die. She could feel the pain in her wracking heart when she saw those eyes. She couldn't bare to see them again and here it was, staring right back at her. She was on the verge of collapsing into tears in front of class, but she had to be strong...she just had too...

"Um..ano..class..that..um was punishment..for..sleeping."

Mizuho bit her lip as she tried to hold back the tears. She quickly walked to the blackboard and without facing the class, she continued with her lecture, not letting them see the tear drops sliding off her chin and hitting the floor.

Ranma reached an all time low, when Shampoo seemed to appear, waving a camera at him while holding a box with ramen in it.

"Husband! Shampoo brought delicious ramen. While Ranma eat it, Shampoo take picture!"

Ranma nodded absently, not caring anymore as he took the ramen and starting eating it at his usual pace, trying to cover his face while Shampoo sat by him and tilted the camera toward them. Shampoo gave a huge smile as she grabbed her husband by the arm and finally snapped a picture of them too.

"Husband finish delicious ramen, yes? With this, Shampoo and husband can eat delicious ice cream together, yes?"

Ranma again nodded absently as he continued to finish the ramen.

As he was eating his ramen, he did not see that above on the roof, the one who hurt him sobbed her heart out as tears fell to the floor. Her glasses on the ground and her clothes slowly getting wet by it.

"Why..why Ranma-kun! Why did you look at me that way...what did I do wrong?! I'm sorry Ranma-kun..I'm so sorry.."

Her hands covered with tears and streaks of it messed up her makeup as she continued to sob. She never wanted to feel this, this was much worse with she was without him, this pain, and the look, the look of betrayal, it was...the abyss.

She sobbed once more as she gave up everything, gave up so much to be here and yet with that look, it made it all fruitless. It was over..

"Please..Kami-sama..I beg you..give me a chance..please.."

Pain etched in both of their hearts as one was turning colder and the other releasing her emotions as she saw that her personal feelings were overcoming her teaching.

Ranma once again trudged home as he lost what confidence that remained in him for that short while. His heart heavy like a ton of bricks, weighing him down, not wanting to let go.

"Damn, I bet Ryoga never went through this."

Ranma laughed a little to see if he could cheer himself up, but it didn't work as he sighed once more and without looking, bumped into someone.

Ranma didn't noticed the person, just walked past him, til he heard his name being called.

"Yo, Ranma, you going to bump me and not say hi?"

Ranma turned his head to see his friend, Hikaru standing before him.

"Oh, Hikaru....hi."

Hikaru stared at Ranma, then shrugged a bit.

"You look down man, you okay?"

Ranma nodded his head.

"I'm fine...just fine..."

Hikaru sighed.

He quickly grabbed Ranma's arm and hauled him to a nearby restaurant, which was a deli.

Ranma surprised at this, but not struggling, just followed Hikaru.

Once Hikaru pushed Ranma into a seat, he quickly sat down and ordered a sandwich while waiting for Ranma to order. The waitress turned to Ranma, waiting for it.

"Well Ranma, order man."

Ranma sighed.

"I don't have any money."

Hikaru shook his head.

"Its all right, I'll pay for it, now order man."

Ranma nodded and finally ordered a sandwich also.

The waitress nodded and quickly wrote that down while rushing to the kitchen to place the order.

Hikaru watched Ranma place his head on the table and saw that look of depression.

"Dude, Ranma, what is bugging you?"

Ranma sighed a bit.

"Nothing Hikaru."

Hikaru stared at Ranma for one second, then his eyes started gleaming as he smirked.

"Girl problems?"

Ranma's head jerked up immediately.

"Girl problems? Uh..no...no way! Me! No.."

Hikaru started laughing and with that voice of laughter, Ranma saw his friend teasing him, that light laughter, prompted him to laugh. So friendship was renewed once more as their light hearted laughter seem to quench the thirst of happiness.

Hikaru smiled as the sandwiches were brought.

"Glad to see your okay now."

Ranma nodded as he ate his sandwich with gusto.

Hikaru then stood up and dropped a couple yen on the table.

"Well then Ranma, you know we are friends, if you ever want to talk, I'm here man. Well I'll be seeing you later, I have some deliveries to make."

With a wave of goodbye, once more the friends departed to their own business.

Ranma tried to sleep, but something kept pushing him.

He shifted his body back and forth, trying to ignore the push and finally it stopped. He relaxed his body and smiled in bliss, to get his peaceful slumber, but that was not to be as a mallet smashed into his head, forcing him to wake up.

"OW! What the hell?!"

Ranma jerked his head around as he clutched his head. Finally with the dizziness slowly fading, he turned to who hit him and saw that mallet being held by Akane Tendo.

"You jerk, I told you to wake up, but you wouldn't, so its your fault for being hit."

Ranma sighed.

"My fault? How can it be my fault you uncute..."

Akane quickly shook her head as she put her hand over his lips to shut him up.

"Be quiet. Now come on."

Ranma sighed a bit as he got up and followed Akane while his head was still a slight dizzy from the blow.

"What do you want?"

Akane didn't speak, but grabbed Ranma's hand and pulled him down to the open porch. She quickly gestured him to sit, which he did.

Ranma stared at Akane at what was going on.

"What are we waiting here for?"

Akane smiled a bit.

"You will see."

Ranma sat there, wondering what was going on, until Akane lifted her hand and pointed outward.

"Look Ranma, look up there."

Ranma turned his head up to see the sky, watching the night slowly fading, the darkness turning into purple, then to red, as the sun was beginning to rise. The night was fleeing and the day was coming.

It was a beautiful sunrise, something that Ranma hasn't seen for awhile. The last time he saw that was when he was training. Once he got to Nerima, he just slept through it, but now he was watching the sun rise once more.

Ranma took a deep breathe to the new day while Akane smiled a bit.

"Its so beautiful..."

Ranma nodded as he saw the day rising forth.

As they watched, they didn't see Nabiki hiding behind a door. She smiled a bit as she watched the two staring out into the sky.

"Good luck with her, Ranma."

Nabiki smirked as she twirled her camera once more.

The last day of the photo contest was here, as the Furinkan students made a last dash to get their photos.

"Akane! Take a picture with me!"

"Akane! I love you thee!"

Voices of males were heard and then seconds later, screams were heard as fists of fury seem to reign down upon them.

While one side had males screaming, the other side had girls pleading.

"Please Ranma! Take this picture with me!"

"I'll do anything for you Ranma!"

"I love you Ranma!"

Ranma ran as fast as he could, employing every Anything Goes techniques to avoid every female as fast as possible. He had to get away from them. It was enough to have them chasing them for almost a week, but this last day was a killer. Everyone was making that mad dash.

Kuno appeared holding his camera and a dozen roses.

"Come my fierce tigress, let us court and take this beautiful picture."

But all he met was a fist to the face and he was now airborne.

Thus the chaotic school of Furinkan High was rolling once more.

As the last bell rang, the students quickly ran out to get their photos developed and delivered to PhotoStar.

While that happened, Ranma slowly lurched out of his desk. He was far more tired than he ever was. Tired from running away from the girls, fighting his rivals who thought he was cheating or seducing girls, and avoided fatal death glomps that appeared everywhere.

With a mental groan, he lifted himself from the chair.

As he slowly got up, he looked down to see a pair of feet before him. Slowly he lifted his eyes up to see the pants and then the vest with the green brooch, and then the face...it was his teacher.


Ranma turned his head away from her.

Mizuho flushed a bit, afraid and embarrassed at the same time. She cried her out once more last night, but she decided what to do. She knew what she had to do.


Ranma shook his head as he stared at her.

"What do you want sensei?"

Mizuho winced at that voice and she winced even more since she didn't hear her name.

"Um..well..ano..I wanted...to.."

Ranma's eyes hardened as his blue-gray eyes met hers. A battle of emotions waves upon both of them as they stared at one another.

"What do you want?"

With a firm voice, Ranma was trying to be serious, but deep down he was aching, just like her.

"Um..I wanted..to apologize.."

Ranma's eyes widened in disbelief.


Mizuho sighed as she watched Ranma.

"I'm sorry Ranma-kun, when I sent you out to stand outside. I thought it was best for you to do so, because I value education. I am a teacher after all, but the way I did it, did not seem very effective."

Ranma stared at Mizuho who was trembling slightly. With a hand in back of his head, he chuckled a bit.

"Actually I should be sorry."

Mizuho was now the one surprised as she watched Ranma laugh a bit.

"Its my fault for sleeping, so I guess I deserve it."

Mizuho smiled a bit as she nodded in appreciation. Then she giggled a bit to his chuckle and soon they were both laughing.

It was funny how laughter can change people's mood and it had happened twice to Ranma Saotome. As he encountered his good friend and now laughing with the teacher of his. He did not know what he felt, but one thing was for sure, he can laugh it off.

Ranma smirked as he leaned on the porch once more. He was leaning there ever since dinner was over. The sun has died down and the moon shown brightly. He smirked a bit as he stared at the sky. The stars were slowly appearing it was really lighting up the sky. It was almost pretty as the time when he was watching the sunrise.

Little did he know that someone was watching the night sky.

Akane Tendo smiled as she looked above. She cuddled P-chan while just stared about there.

"Today had a good start, you know that P-chan, I had a good day, though the afternoon wasn't that great. The dumb jerks wanted to try taking my picture again...and stupid Kuno tried to get me."

P-chan snorted in anger as he vowed to deal the vengeance on those that want to hurt her.

"But its all right, because the day was still good..."

Akane smiled a bit, recalling the sunrise and that pleasant moment.

Ranma closed his eyes and was about to go to sleep when he heard the phone ring.

Kasumi picked it up and talked softly to the phone for a few seconds, but then turned to Ranma.

"Ranma, its for you."

Ranma quickly got up and picked up the phone.


The voice on the other side responded.

"Yo Ranma, its me Hikaru."

Ranma smiled.

"Whats up?"

Hikaru's voice sounded worried as he started talking.

"I need a big favor Ranma, a big favor..."

Ranma bit his lip, but this was his friend and he knew that he had to help, after all Hikaru helped him plenty of times, this is the least he can do to pay back his friendship.

"Sure, whats up?"

Hikaru sighed in relief.

"Thanks Ranma, I need you to pick up my uncle's camera from the PhotoStar shop and take it to his house. I would deliver it, but I don't have the time right now. I'm too busy dealing with the films that were recently sent in from the contest and I need to make composites of them. You can do it right?"

Ranma smirked.

"No problem, just give me the address of your place and your uncle's and I'll be there in no time."

Ranma raced down the park while holding onto the camera. Hikaru's uncle needed it for a photo session tomorrow and he needed it tonight to set up the camera and the equipment.

As Ranma was running as fast as he can, he heard the sound of rumbling in the sky. Ranma looked up to see the clouds above were darkening and the sounds were growing louder.

"Damn it, not now, not at this time."

But he couldn't control nature as he raced against the upcoming storm. As he raced past a few more trees, he heard a cry of help.

Quickly zeroing in on the source of the cry, he raced down to the river embankment. Once he got there, he was shocked to see a person down by the river, clutching her ankle.

Gritting his teeth he leaped off the ground and landed on the river embankment with ease and grace.

Once he did that, he ran to see who it was. With a tap on her shoulder, the female turned around and gasped at him.


Ranma was shocked to see her on the embankment.

"Um, Mizuho-sensei? How..how did you get here?"

Mizuho gulped in embarrassment as she looked around.

"I..I rather not say."

Ranma narrowed his eyes, but shrugged it off. If she didn't want to reveal it, fine with him. He got on his knees and saw that Mizuho's ankle was slightly swollen.

"Oh man, you bruised your ankle."

Mizuho nodded as she tried to stand.

Ranma quickly shook his head.

"Don't get up, you going to make it worse..."

Quickly as he slung the camera over his shoulder as he used both of his hands to lift up Mizuho-sensei in a way that looked like a groom was carrying her bride. Mizuho saw this and blushed.

"Ran...Ranma-kun! What are you do..doing?"

Ranma shook his head.

"Getting you out of here. A storm is brewing and it will be bad if you stay here."

Mizuho nodded her head.

"Quick, take the camera and I'll get you out of here."

Mizuho grabbed it and clutched it to herself as Ranma sprinted as fast as he can, hoping the water wouldn't touch him, because he didn't want to transform in front of her. But as he ran, the clouds rumbled even louder as the clouds were slowly opening and the first drop of rain were slowly coming down.

"Damn it, the rain is coming."

Mizuho pointed up ahead.

"There is a bridge a few meters ahead, we can hide under there until the rain stops."

Without any other ideas, Ranma nodded his head as he raced off over there, but as he picked up speed, Mizuho's finger couldn't properly hold onto the camera as the winds were starting to smash into them both. Finally with a gasp of fright, she dropped the camera to the ground while Ranma was running.

"Ranma, the camera!"

Ranma shook his head.

"Never mind that, I don't want us to get sick! Our lives are more important than that camera."

Though he felt that way, he had a sinking feeling that Hikaru and his uncle won't be too pleased about this.

Finally he reached under the bridge as he was holding onto Mizuho. As he got there, finally the rain started to pour down, but none it touched them as they stood under the bridge.

"Hehe, what a rush."

Mizuho smiled a bit.

"Yes..thank you Ranma-kun."

Ranma nodded.

"Its a martial artist duty to help the weak."

Mizuho giggled.

"Is that all?"

Ranma chuckled a bit as she saw her giggle.

She was beautiful, Ranma thought, seeing her pink hair and the way her body was close to his, he could feel her warmth, her happiness, and her life as he was holding onto her. As he was holding her, he didn't realize that was the same feeling she was thinking as she was holding onto him, not wanting to fall, but also not wanting to let go.

They both smiled a bit as their eyes met and both saw sincerity and kindness in it. While they smiled, Mizuho suddenly started giggling.

"Ranma-kun...you look so cute."

Ranma's eyes widened.

"I'm...I'm cute?"

Mizuho nodded.

"Yes, Ranma-kun, you're cute, no wonder all the girls come after you.

Ranma smirked a bit, then chuckled.

Soon that giggle and chuckle went into laughter as they laughed under the bridge and never noticed the rain that seem to pour down. To them, the laughter and them being together was everything. Everything else cease to exist as they laughed as a man and woman sound. The laugh of happiness...the laugh..of love.

Their laughter rang out to the night, as the misery and gloominess of storms were wiped off and happiness and mirth was dawning into the dark clouds as they slowly were turning back...to a fluffy white.

Ranma smiled, recalling the incident while waiting for the bell to ring. Luckily the camera didn't break nor did it get damage at all. Plus the Hikaru's uncle paid him extra for delivering the camera and enduring the rain. That was a lucky night for him for many reasons and some that he would never tell, but keep to himself. Once it rang, everyone shuffled out to the courtyard for the announcement.

"Come on!"

"The winner is being announced!"

"The ice cream is mine!"

Students raced out of the building as they rush to the courtyard to see who won, but the only one who didn't run out was one happy martial artist. With a chuckle to his teacher who giggled back at him, he left the classroom, walked down the hall, and finally reached the stairs.

With a leap, he was down to the lower level and went to get his bento.

While he did, Mizuho-sensei smiled and touched her chest. Her feelings never stopped and she never was going to let go of what happened. That moment she can never forget. It was a never forgetting moment.

She quickly walked to the open window and let the gentle wind blow her hair as she watched the sky above.

"Thank you Kami-sama...for giving me..that chance.."

Ranma finally got out of the building and watched the Furinkan students yelling and screaming at one another.

"NO! That can't be!"

"How was that possible!!"

"My picture with Ranma was perfect!"

"Yes..this..this picture is so..so..damn romantic!"

Ranma jerked his head to the sound of his name and quickly head over to the wall that announced the winner of the photo contest. Again since he couldn't get past the crowd, he leapt past them all and quickly landed in front of them as he stared at the large poster that almost seem to fill the wall.

His eyes widened in shock as he saw it.

"Yatta! I won!"

One of the girls raised her hand triumphantly, actually more like her spatula.

Ranma's jaw dropped as he stared at the picture.

The picture was of him and Ucchan sitting together, drinking out of the smoothie with one cup and two straws. They both had happy looks on their face and seem like they were enjoying themselves.

"I knew it! I knew that Ran-chan and I would win!"

Ranma gulped to see the picture, but that didn't worry him, what worried him was that sinking feeling he had, that was behind him...


"Oh crap..."

Ranma turned around to see Akane in her righteous fury as she hefted her mallet and her eyes filled with malice and hate as she swung it with all its worth to smash into Ranma's face and ejecting him off to the stratosphere.

"YOU PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Akane fumed as she stomped away, but as she came into the building, she dropped her mallet and sighed.

"I didn't win.."

But then she smiled a bit as her eyes seem to be of a caring mood as she fished into her pocket and stared at the picture.

"Or did I?"

"Hey Hikaru, come here for a second."

Hikaru washed his hand as he approached his uncle.

"Yea Uncle Shin?"

"Are these the pictures from the Furinkan High?"

The owner of PhotoStar Studios shifted through the pictures to see what couples looked good or not.

Hikaru nodded as he went back to his work to develop a picture.

The owner shifted through a couple and let off a sigh.

"What is this? Some of these pictures show a girl beating up guys? And its the same girl?"

Hikaru sweated a bit.


"Eh, almost all these girls pictures is with this one guy with a pigtail and looks like he is wearing Chinese clothes."


Hikaru sweated even more as he finished developing a photo.

"Well, yeah...but they do look fine..somewhat."

Shin nodded as he looked through a few more and then finally lifted up one of them.

"Wow, so this was the winner eh?"

Hikaru nodded.

"I really liked the picture, it contained that happy attitude and romantic atmosphere, but it was still down to earth."

He nodded until he found another one.

"This sun rising one wasn't that bad. Hey isn't that girl the one beating up all the guys?"

Hikaru sweated once more.

"Yeah it was..."

Shin stroked his chin.

"Still it was quite a piece of work. Someone must have been paid to take this picture of them two. Nice professional quality though."

Hikaru nodded his head in agreement.

As he was still looking he couldn't help notice in the corner of his eye that there was a picture lying alone on a table.

He quickly walked up to it and picked it up. With a gasp he stared at it.

"Hikaru. This...this picture?"

Hikaru nodded.

"Yeah, I loved this one."

Shin stared at it.

"It would have won, but it broke a rule."

Shin nodded his head.

Hikaru took the picture as he looked at it.

"This one had it all, the love, the happiness, and the compassion as the couple seem to overflow with it, though their surroundings seem to be of misery. This picture was everything and had it all, if it didn't break that night rule."

Hikaru sighed, but then smiled as he hung it up on his private collection.

"Good luck, I hope whatever happens, you get that person. I think both of you deserve each other and it shows just from this single picture. Good luck, old friend."

Hikaru smiled at as he looked at the picture one last time and turned to do more filming.

If one looked closely, one would see that nice picture of a person carrying a female in the rain, with laughter and happiness etched in both of them as they both had one another.

End of Chapter 3

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