Tunnel rat was bored being the assistant to the medical doctor at the joe headquarters. He wasn't even asked to be on the newest mission.
"What I wouldn't give to be back home. Heh...even home sounds good at this point. I am not a damn nurse."

"Oh Nicky I have some patients in the med bay that only need a wound wash and then some pain killers, won't you be a dear and do that for me?" Doctor Hannigan smiled and left for his main office.

Tunnel Rat shivered at the creepy Doctor. 'I hope the others get into some trouble so I can get out of here.'
"Yeah yeah whatever you want Doctor." T-rat cringed he hated this man so much right now.

As T-rat entered the med bay he was mildly surprised to find the ninja half unclothed and on the gurney.
"So you got some wounds there Snake eyes? I'm going to be the one doing the cleaning if you don't mind." T-rat was nervous around the ninja. He always has. 'Up close and personal with the ninja? This day has gotten pretty crappy.' It wasn't that he disliked Snake Eyes, it was mainly the feelings that came with him whenever T-rat sees him.

Snake Eyes nodded silently and sat there waiting for the field medic to gather the supplies. As Tunnel Rat brought the supplies to the bed table he peeked at the chest of his patient only to blush.

'What is wrong with you Nicky? You never felt this way before with anyone...why the ninja?' T-rat prepared the saline wash and covered the gauze pads with it. He placed the gauze pads atop of a deep laceration on Snake Eyes' shoulder. He had to give the ninja credit for not showing any pain. He would need to scrap the top layer of the wound to prevent possible infection because it looks like there were still debris inside the wound.

"This will hurt so...uh don't hit me ok?" Tunnel Rat feared the ninja would react and just knock him out. 'He is capable of that and then some' Tunnel Rat snorted at the sexual pun he then thought of. Snake Eyes looked at him questionably, even with his mask still on the man can still show emotion.

"It's nothing Ninja boy let's cover this booboo up OK, hahaha." Tunnel Rat smiled and as he was placing the bandage on the wound he was stopped by a hand on his cheek. Surprise was written on T-rat's face when he was pulled into a hug.

'This...this can't be happening.' Tunnel Rat's mind short circuited but he still remained in the ninja's gentle embrace.

(omg I wrote a whole romance fluff scene that didn't turn into sexual situations...wow...I am kinda proud of myself yay!)