Short story about Seraphina (the daughter of Cinna and Effie) and Katniss hunting together. (If you haven't yet read Cinna And Effie by me you might not understand some things in the story.) Please Review :) I love reading them!

"Mum! Dad! I'm going to the woods! Auntie Katniss is here!" shouted Seraphina to her parents who were both in the kitchen. Effie was making breakfeast for the rest of the family and Cinna was sat down at the kitchen table, sketching away in his notebook, getting another design ready. Effie ran down the corridor and met Katniss at the front door.
"Thanks for taking her out, teaching her how to hunt. At least it's not illegal anymore, remember?" Effie said. Katniss laughed, she remembered when she used to climb under the electrified fence that was never really electrified and then coming back with a bag full of game, then selling it at the Hob, the black market in District 12, it was all part of the fun.
"Come on Seraphina, there's a lot for you to learn today." she said as they both went out of the house and headed for Katniss' old home in the Seam, where no one starved anymore. Now Katniss' old home became known to everyone that this is the place where she leaves her hunting gear. She opened the door, it creaked as she opened it and she found Buttercup still asleep on the sofa. "He's an ugly cat isn't he Seraphina?" Katniss said as she stroked the flea-ridden cat. Seraphina nodded yet she stroked the cat anyway, she liked most animals but she didn't really care for Buttercup, who was now an ageing cat and his last days were upon him.

Katniss opened a wardrobe in the living room and pulled out her scruffy old hunting boots and another pair for Seraphina,
"You're around my size aren't you?" Katniss asked. Seraphina nodded, she was sure her feet wouldn't grow an inch bigger because they were quite big, for a fourteen-year old. It turns out that Katniss' other pair of boots were too big on Seraphina but Katniss ,said it didn't really matter, only if they were done up tight around the ankle. Then she pulled out two hunting jackets, she put one on herself and one on Seraphina, which fitted her perfectly. It was time to go hunting

Next chapter will be about the actual hunting. Hope you liked it ;)