Chapter 2
Bow and Arrow. (Seraphina's POV)

Auntie Katniss gave me her old hunting boots and one of her hunting jackets, I asked her about her bow and arrows and what I will be using.
"You'll be using another bow I have." she told me. I looked around the room for the bows. "They're not here!" laughed Katniss, "Follow me." I did what I was told and she led me to the meadow. We sometimes go here for picnics so I remembered the place well. She then showed me where the electrified fence used to be. "It was supposed to keep intruders out but I think it was there to keep us hunters in." she said. "And this is where my bows and arrows are." Katniss said, pointing to a hollow log. It's been very well camouflaged. I told her that and she just laughed, "If you could see Peeta camouflage it you wouldn't know that it was even there! You wouldn't even take another look back!" she laughed. Of course! Uncle Peeta is amazing at decorating cakes, painting and camouflage! He was teaching me to paint as well.

Katniss gave me a bow and some arrows,
"They're yours now," she told me. Wow! I thought. My own bow and and arrows! Who could have thought? I take them and Katniss starts to teach me some basic techniques,
"If your fingers hurt," she told me, "Take a rest, it's like playing the guitar, your fingers should strengthen and you won't feel pain after a while, your dad should know." Yes, dad plays guitar, really well, old songs from the different districts and the Capitol, he sings too, and when auntie Katniss is in a good mood and we're all in the Meadow or the field, she sings along. Dad sang to me when I was little, a very old lullaby that I loved to hear, auntie Katniss sang it too but usually burst into tears half way through, now I know it off by heart,

Deep in the Meadow, under the willow,
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow,
lay down your head and close your sleepy eyes,
and when again they open,
The sun will rise.

Here it's safe, here it's warm,
here the daisies guard you from every harm,
Here your dreams are sweet
And tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you

I sang the song to myself in my head but before I could even start the second verse, I realised that auntie Katniss was already showing me what to do. I was then shown the correct position to stand before shooting, Katniss laughed,
"Your mum could do this you know, straight back, no slouching, chin held high, manners!" Mum is always going on about manners... I could do the position perfectly as my parents always taught me how to have manners, especially mum. Auntie Katniss showed me the arrow next, where to put it, and how I should rest it on the arrow rest before pulling back. She was right, pulling back did make my fingers ache, a lot. I asked auntie Katniss about armguards, but she shook her head,
"Only if you're foolish, that's when you need an armguard." Then she pointed to a nearby tree and told me to shoot at it. I hesitated, what was I getting myself into? I pulled back and released the arrow that flew straight into the tree. "You're a natural!" Auntie Katniss exclaimed and you could see from the look on her face that she was happy. I couldn't help but smile either. "You look just like your dad when you smile you know." she said. She looked into my eyes, her grey Seam eyes into my green. I have the same eyes as my dad, piercing green, 'with that gold shimmer' as mum always says. I can't see the gold in my own eyes but I can in dad's. He likes gold too, fire as well. I'm not scared of fire because of him. Sometimes Portia comes over and they spend an infinite amount of time watching the flames, even after the games, they still co-operate on many projects together. I sometimes look through his notebooks when he's not around and I love the colours and the detail he puts into every design. Mum looks through them too but dad doesn't like us to look through his things so we both look through them when he's out, preferably with the boys. I laughed at auntie Katniss,
"But I'm sure dad wouldn't be able to shoot an arrow in his life!"