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Base off beafstew's tron story

I was running for my life again, somehow my best friend nick wrapped me up in another fight so I ducked into an abandoned arcade. I looked around for a place to sit for a little bit. I dint find one so I went into the basement and found a computer I sat down turn it on and I was blinded. I open eyes and I am surrounded by men in black and orange suites someone said "he is a user, get him" so I started running for my life again I see a motorcycle of some kind I got on it and sped away as I was speeding away I heard. "Nightlife go after him" I look behind me a see a group of people dive and motorcycles from around them.

After a while of speeding I come across a government checkpoint looking thing more men standing around the checkpoint one says program halt I did not as I went through I saw two "programs" duck into a shipping container then a transport ship type thing picked it up and flew away. I fallowed it to a building that looked like an arena. I went to it I knew I was not getting pass the guards so I pulled up to the side of the building to for a way in. I found I could climb it so did and found a vent. I climb in the vent and see the two programs with six other programs then I realize that this is a lot the two tron movies. I then realize the programs were being move. I fallowed them to the center of the arena. Then a program started to give a small speech when he was done a voice stated the game type, difficulty, stuff like that. Then seven or eight program jump in done flips and tricks to impress the crowd then they pull discs their backs. I reach behind me to feel if I a disc because I notice as I was climbing up the arena I had on an outfit the most of the programs. However, mine was white and black. When I check if I a disc and I did just then the programs that were doing the tricks and flips finish there showing off. I lost my grip and fell right in front of the programs from the checkpoint facing the other programs I got ready to fight