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Chapter 1: New addition

The legendary Dark Knight Sparda always knew he had a wonderful life after he cast away his other brethren. The other demons did not like the fact he had wed a human woman, but he didn't care what they thought.

His life was perfect and that's how he wanted it to be. He had a beautiful and loving wife named Eva. The sight of her brightened his day every day when he woke up to see her laying by his side.

Her long golden blonde hair framed her face perfectly; her blue eyes sparkled with happiness and love. Along with Eva he had two energetic twin sons…they were a legacy of sorts. His legacy. One day they would have a grand future. Sparda could feel it all the way down to his bones.

Though they were twins they were polar opposites, two halves of the same coin. Very different but at the same time, very much the same.

Vergil who was the first born always seemed more responsible and mature then his younger brother despite his young age. Though he did have his moments when he would return to childish antics and play with his brother.

Dante was the more hyper of the two, that boy was just like any other little boy. Wanting to play, run around, mess with his brother, and ask for sweets.

The two of them always managed to get into fights, though in the right circumstances they got along or when they called a truce over something.

His sons had white hair and blue eyes. Yes, white hair a gene from their father passed down to them. The eyes, however, were their mother's. A bright, icy blue.

The happiness that reigned over the Sparda household only continued to grow when the said man found out Eva was pregnant again. It was a thrilling moment for Sparda, who had thought his twins were the only children he would have. Dante and Vergil were eager to be older brothers, Dante especially since he wouldn't be the youngest anymore.

The only speed bump Sparda hit after telling the twins they would be older brothers, was the two young boys began questioning where babies came from. Sparda had no answer for that, or rather didn't want to go through that particular talk with his young sons, and he left Eva to make up a story to put their little minds at ease.

Nine months came and passed quickly like the wind, until the day came when the new addition to the family was finally born.

Sparda brought his two sons into the hospital room where their mother sat in the bed holding a little bundle of blankets in her arms and cooing softly to it. Her blonde hair was swept back into a low pony tail.

Eva looked up and smiled as her boys came walking through the door. Dante and Vergil quickly headed to their mother. The little five year olds peered at the blankets with curiosity. Eva smiled and lifted the little baby in her arms up higher so they could see.

"Meet you little sister" she smiled at them. Last time she was pregnant with Dante and Vergil Sparda and she had decided to find out what gender their twins were. This time they wanted it to be a surprise, and so they hadn't known the gender of the baby until today.

Since they hadn't known the baby's room was all done in neutral colors. Dante and Vergil gazed at their little sister with smiles on their faces. She had a head full of white hair, but her eyes were closed so they didn't know their color. She was sleeping contently in her mother's arms. Sparda walked over and gently rested his hand on his daughters head with a smile.

As if she knew her father was there, she slowly opened her eyes and stared at everyone around her.

Unlike her elder brothers she had stormy grey eyes, her father's eyes. Her eyes roved around to meet everyone's gazes around her.

Her mother's gentle face.

Her father's prideful and loving face.

Her brothers' happy faces.

"What's her name?" Dante and Vergil asked in unison. They quickly shot a glare at each other. They really hated it when they said things at the same time.

"Hmmmm let's see" Eva said in thought. Her head cocked to the side in a thinking manner as to what to name their daughter.

"How 'bout Garnet?" Sparda suggested. Of course it was a gemstone that was a dark red color, but for some reason the name stuck out to Sparda.

A smile graced Eva's face as she nodded. "Garnet it is. Garnet Sparda" she said happily as she rocked her in her arms.

The happiness seemed to expand as the new addition to their family graced them with her presence after nine months of waiting. It was then, on that day, that Dante and Vergil promised themselves and each other that they would always protect her.


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