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Chapter 4: Just another torn family

In the following days that Sparda left, Eva had packed up the family belongings and moved to a different home. She remembered what he had told her if such things came to fruition and unfortunately they had. Garnet was afraid that Sparda wouldn't know where they had gone when he returned.

Eva had smiled at that, but reassured her daughter that he would find them. Her main concern was that he'd be ok when he did return. Eva wasn't sure if God would hear her plea, having married/mated with a devil. But, she prayed to him that Sparda would return safely, and that they'd all be a happy family again.

Somehow her prayer was never answered as the days turned to weeks, the weeks turned to months, and the months turned to a year.

Garnet had cried after two months of waiting and that's when it clicked that her father may not return at all. Dante and Vergil were there to comfort their baby sister; they knew she would be upset and cry. But, in the two months she believed her father would come back she would reassure Eva and her brothers. Saying that:

"Dada pwomise to come home."

Those words infuriated Dante, how dare Sparda; the man who he called father. Fill lies in his sister's heart/head. When he found out that he left, that was when the seed of hate began taking root.

Vergil still admired and looked up to his father; he was always trying to explain to Dante why he had left. That something bad was happening and there father had to go. Those explanations inevitably turned to arguments, and those arguments turned into fist fights.

So now there they were holding their baby sister while she cried for the father that would never come back. It broke Eva's heart as she tried, along with the twins, to calm her down and comfort her. The only way Garnet did calm down was when the twins both held her. Having cried her self out, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Although time continued Garnet eventually returned to her old self, the little gem could even walk now. That was quite a sight; can you guess who she walked towards?

Why her brothers of course!

They were very happy when they saw her heading over to them on her own. But, soon they began competing to get her to walk to one of them. Which only confused her so she decided to go for both of them instead of just one.

Since Sparda left, a year has gone past, Garnet is now 2 years old now, while her brothers were on the verge of turning 8. There birthday was only a few days away and needless to say they were getting excited for it.

Today the Sparda family were at park, just relaxing the day away. It was comfortably warm, the world smelled of fresh cut grass and flowers. Eva would sit on the bench and read a book, while her children played. Garnet liked to play in the sandbox most of the time. Or, be pushed on the swings by her brothers. Dante and Vergil didn't mind pushing her on them. As long as she was smiling and happy, they were happy.

Usually, while Garnet was playing in the sand box, Dante and Vergil would play with their wooden swords. And pretend to fight demons and or themselves, it just depended on whether Dante pissed his brother off.

However when they were duelling each other they showed remarkable moves that normal eight year olds could never do. Other parents would be concerned at that, but Eva was fine, she established clear rules with them. Which included;

1. No aiming for the face

2. No hitting other kids

3. No attacking animals pretending their demons (that means you Dante)

4. If Garnet wants to play be careful...

And so on and so forth, the rules were followed most of the time. That is until one got the other, then they took their dual outside. At that point, usually one of them would get hit in the face, sometimes Dante other times Vergil.

Then those face shots would lead to an argument then said argument would lead to fists fights. Which Eva always had to break up, that or Garnet would step in and she almost always did. Eva couldn't help but smile at that.

Her baby girl was a sneaky little thing, always crying 'crocodile tears' to get them to stop. Sneaky, just like her father she thought.

So on this warm spring day, Eva decided to surprise her three little ones with ice cream. Telling the twins they were in charge while she used the 'restroom' she set off.

While Vergil chased Dante around, having taken his wooden sword by force, Garnet sat in the sandbox, building a sand castle. For her age, she was a very resourceful and clever child, though her speech wasn't all that good just yet. But, hey, she was still learning.

As she was digging a moat around her castle two shadows cast over her. Thinking it was Dante and Vergil she looked up with a smile. That smile soon faded away as she saw two older boys standing before her.

They defiantly looked older and meaner then her brothers, that was for sure.

"Hey pipsqueak, you're in our sandbox" one boy with black hair said. Garnet frowned not liking the vibes that were coming from the boys. She turned and ignored them, merrily continuing on with her work, they didn't seem to like that.

"Hey are you deaf as well as ugly?" the brunette boy asked. Garnet shook her head and looked back up at the boys before getting ready to resopnd. Their piercing green and brown eyes staring into her stormy grey ones.

The raven haired one snickered.

"What is with your hair and eyes, shrimp. A freak like you isn't welcome here, let alone anywhere" he said. His friend laughing along with him.

"Your mean" Garnet said softly, her eyes brimming with tears.

"What, are you gonna cry?" the brunette laughed stomping on the castle. Garnet let out a cry and that cry got Dante and Vergil's attention.

Sharing a look they stalked over to their baby sister with identical looks of rage on their faces. Vergil tossed Dante's wooden sword back to him. He caught it in the air.

"HEY! YOU WITH THE FACE!" Dante shouted. Catching the attention of the two older boys.

"Back away from our sister." Vergil started in a low tone.

"Now" Dante finished with a glare. The two boys exchanged looks before laughing their heads off.

"Oh, look the freaks brothers to the rescue" the brunette cackled.

Vergil's eye twitched as Dante clenched his fist tight.

"How bout you back off. I'd hate for things to get ugly. This sandbox is our turf and freaks aren't allowed" the raven haired boy said.

"Yeah, besides were twelve your what five?" his friend snickered.

"You're pathetic" Vergil scoffed a cold look entering his face.

"And you made our sister cry" Dante said threatinly.

"Now, we have to hurt you" the twins said in unison. Earning more laughs from the older boys.

"You can try which I highly doubt yo-GAH!" the black-haired boy started. But was cut off due to Dante tackling him to the ground.

Vergil sighed and shook his head; honestly, he thought, Dante has no patients. He just charges in, guns blazing.

Garnet, who was still on the ground during the exchange, stood up with a pouty, angry look face as she stared at the brunette boy. Who was still standing.

"Meanie!" she shouted pushing the brunette. She wasn't strong enough to push him down, so he barely moved but it got his attention.

"Back off, freak" he hissed shoving her backwards, hard. Vergil swiftly caught her before she smashed into the ground.

Setting her down gently, he slowly turned to face the brown-haired boy. A stone cold look crossing his features. That look made the brown-haired boy feel a shiver down his spine. Vergil got in a stance, his wooden sword in hand, as he jumped into the battle with Dante.

Now you're probably wondering why no one was breaking up the fight. That being it was still school hours for the other children.

Dante and Vergil were home schooled, that was Sparda's idea. He knew it would be dangerous if any demons found his sons at school. Not wanting to get others involved if demons did attack. He wouldn't be able to get to them in time, but it was an option Eva liked and agreed with.

The two older boys didn't stand a chance as Dante and Vergil demolished them in battle. The twins of Sparda stood side by side with equal smirks on their faces.

"Ready?" Dante asked. Vergil nodded.

"JACKPOT!" the shouted in unison dropping kicking them. The two boys let out cries of pain before crumpling to the ground in a heap. Clearly passed out, all battered and bruised from the beat down from the twins.

Dante and Vergil high-fived each other as they returned to Garnet's side.

"Now what were you building little gem?" Dante asked kneeling down to her height.

"A sandcastle" she replied sadly.

"We can help you rebuild it" Vergil offered. Garnet looked up with a hopeful smile on her face. The twins smiled as they set to work on rebuilding it and since all three were working together, it was better than before. Garnet was happy about that as Eva came back with ice cream cones.

Which all three siblings devoured eagerly. Though she didn't question the two boys that were laying in the dirt. For all intents and purposes she thought they fell asleep, unknowing that her sons beat the crap out of them.

Today was finally the day, Dante and Vergil's birthday!

And suffice to say the boys were so eager they woke their mother early. Not that Eva cared she knew they were excited. So after getting Garnet up who was apparently already up and downstairs. I swear she is a very smart child, when Sparda was still around. She figured out ways to escape her crib. And then from there crawl downstairs to play with her toys. When said man went in to see his daughter he almost always had a mild heart attack. When she wasn't in there but then he'd relax after searching the house and always found her playing with her many stuffed animals.

So after a yummy birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream and strawberries. Everyone went outside to open presents, Dante and Vergil got the following:

New bikes one in colours blue the other red.

A couple of well crated fake swords.

Some hand drawn pictures, courtesy of Garnet.

And other small things the boys loved.

But, there was one last present yet to be opened. The three siblings were playing a game of tag when Eva called her boys over. They ran over laughing all the while.

"Vergil, Dante. Happy birthday" she smiled holding out two amulets. One hung on a silver chain while the other one hung on a gold chain. Each held a crimson red stone in it that shinned in the sunlight.

The silver one went to Dante, the gold Vergil. Both of their eyes widened in amazement and happiness as they slipped them over their heads.

"Wow" Vergil exclaimed a wide smile crossing his features.

"Cool" Dante added in with a goofy smile on his face.

"Pretty" Garnet said looking at her brothers amulets. Eva smiled kindly at her daughter and brought forth a third amulet that was hidden behind her bag.

The chain was a mix of gold and silver but the stone was not of a crimson red colour. It was the colour of amethyst. The purple reflected a beautiful glare in the sun, Garnet smiled happily as Eva helped her put it on.

"Thanks mommy" she smiled holding the amulet in her small hands. The twins exclaimed there 'thanks' as well.

"I want chocolate!" Dante exclaimed running for the house.

"No, I want the chocolate!" Vergil shouted chasing after his twin.

"Chocolate!" Garnet cried hobbling after her brothers. Eva smiled widely and laughed at her children's antics. They certainly loved the amulets; it was Sparda's idea to give them to his children. Though he never said what they were, he just said that it was important that they be given them when they were older. Eva shook her head and smiled sadly.

"Oh, Sparda, if only you were here" she whispered to the sky as she went inside.

Later that night after everyone had fallen asleep. Stomachs full of the dinner Eva made and chocolate cake and strawberry sundaes. The house was silent, well, not totally silent, as footsteps could be heard padding softly through the house.

It was Garnet, having awoken from a nightmare she had. Being scared in her room all alone she headed for her brother's room. Opening their door slowly, she crept in quietly to where Vergil lay.

They still had bunk beds and it was in the same order as last time. Vergil's side was kept neat and clean while Dante's side was messy and disorganized.

Garnet sniffled a little as she stood by her oldest brother's bed. Tears were escaping her eyes as she contemplated on walking him up. Having decided to let her brother sleep she was about to turn tail and flee.

When Vergil rolled over sleepily.

"Garnet?" he questioned. His mind still foggy with sleep as he looked at his sister, once his eyes focused he reacted. Having seen her tears he shot up in a sitting position quickly.

"What's wrong?" Vergil asked scrambling out of bed to kneel beside her. Garnet simply didn't know what to do. So, she settled for clinging onto Vergil, who froze for a second but then hugged her back.

The light noises of Garnet's cries reached Dante who woke up slowly and looked over the bunk.

"Verge? What are you doing it's midnight?" Dante asked with a yawn but soon woke up quickly. He saw Garnet clinging to Vergil with tears streaking down her face.

"What's going on?" he asked jumping down from his bunk. Garnet peeked out from Vergil's shirt and clung to Dante as well.

Words of comfort filled her mind as her brothers whispered words of comfort to her. Her cries slowly dying to hiccups as they stroked her hair and held her close. She could hear their hearts beating as they held her tight.

"Can you tell us what scared you?" Vergil asked. Trying to coax his sister into telling her what caused so much fear in her eyes.

"Yeah, will crush it" Dante chimed with a confident look on his face.

"Bad dream" she started. "Scary monsters came and attacked us, they hurt Vergil then Dante then mommy. After it was dark I was alone, I was alone. I don't wanna be alone" Garnet cried more tears escaping her eyes. Her stormy grey clouding with fear at what she had seen and that of being alone.

"Shhhhh Gemling it's alright, were here. Your big brothers are here, we won't ever leave you alone" Vergil whispered. Dante nodded, silently agreeing with his twin.

"Yeah, will protect you from those monsters, so need to be afraid" Dante said with a gentle smile on his face.

Garnet stared at her brothers with big eyes were reminiscent to that of a baby dears. Wide and full of innocence. That innocence the twins knew that had to protect, the world was a scary and dangerous place after all.

Both of them lifted their hands up and gently brushed away her tears. Each held a smile on their lips as they pressed both their foreheads to hers. Seeing their smiles and affection they were giving her. She let out a smile and a small giggle, both twins chuckled at that.

They loved it when Garnet smiled and laughed, it told them they were doing their jobs. Dante took her hand as Vergil headed out of the room real quick, the younger twin began pulling blankets from the beds and laid them on the floor.

Garnet stood on the side lines as she watched him when Vergil came back into the room with a large pillow that he took from the living room.

Laying it down where Dante laid all the blankets, Vergil turned around and kneeled to his little sister and pulled something from his back.

It was Bun Bun, her favourite stuffed animal, the one that Sparda gave her. Eva had stitched up the arms that Sophie had ripped and it was good as new.

Garnet smiled as she grabbed her stuffed friend and hugged it close to her. Both twins smiled at that as they led her over to the make shift bed on the ground.

Setting down in the middle, Dante crawled in on her right while Vergil her left. Garnet held her stuffed animal close as both twins leaned over and kissed her cheeks. The Little Gem smiled as she kissed each of her brothers on the cheek as they snuggled close to her.

"As long as were together, nothing bad will happen" Dante and Vergil said in unison wrapping their arms around her protectively.

"Love you big broders" she yawned slipping off to dream land. The twins smiled and nodded to her.

"And we love you" they whispered falling asleep as well. No scary dreams returned to Garnet as she dreamt peacefully through the night. Of, her family being with her Sparda included. They were happy and playing as a family should, nothing could hurt them as long as they were together.

Now this little moment Eva stumbled across and she knew she had to take a picture of it. After all it was such an endearing sight that was to be treasured forever. After she took the picture she stared at her three little ones when she felt familiar arms wrap around her waist.

She gasped silently frozen in shock this feeling she knew well. Glancing down she saw nothing but the feeling was still there. So she kept her eyes forehead straight at her children as a head came to rest on her shoulder. A ghost like kiss was placed on her neck and soon one was placed on the back of it.

As soon as the feeling came it was gone, Eva stood there still frozen. But, soon a tear trailed down her angelic face.

She knew it was Sparda giving her one last goodbye and no doubt he said goodbye to the children he had sired and loved.

Eva shook her head and smiled sadly, she had to get it together before her little ones woke up.

Smiling softly she headed downstairs to the kitchen to surprise them with Belgian waffles and other such things.

When the three siblings woke up to the smell of waffles being cooked, they quickly dashed downstairs. Eva smiled at their eager little face as they sat at the kitchen table waiting patiently. Well as patiently as Dante could anyway.

The rest of the day since breakfast was filled with laughter and joy as everyone played games. Games of tag and hide-and-seek were played, a picnic was held outside, things were peaceful.

That night it was their annual movie night and tonight it was Garnet's turn to pick what the movie would be.

Kneeling down and looking through the large amounts of Disney movies she lifted one movie out.

"Let's watch Piglet's BIG movie!" she cheered holding the case up to her mother. Who nodded and put it in the DVD holder.

Dante and Vergil were sitting on the floor by the couch with a blanket wrapped around them. Garnet snuggled in between them as the movie began; Eva turned out the lights and sat on the couch. The movie began and as soon more and more of the characters showed up Garnet clapped her hands.

"Mommy your Kanga!" she declared.

"Am I now?" she asked. Garnet nodded as Dante asked who he was.

"Your Tigger" she smiled as Vergil laughed.

"You got that right" he laughed.

"Vergil is Rabbit" Garnet suddenly said. This time it was Dante's turn to laugh.

"Yep" he laughed. Vergil shook his head and smiled at his little sister.

"Who are you Gemling?" he asked. Garnet opened her mouth but soon closed it, she never thought of who she was.

"I know who you are" Dante said earning her attention. Sharing a look with his twin they leaned their heads down and smiled at her.

"You're our silly old bear" they said in unison kissing her cheeks. Eva smiled at the affection they were giving their sister. They were protective and loving to her, that was for sure.

As the movie progressed, they were about at the part where Piglet's friends were searching for him and finding a trail of his pictures when Eva heard scurrying outside.

She froze suddenly and listened quickly when she heard it again, her three children oblivious to the noises.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she stood up. A feeling was crossing her and this feeling she didn't like.

"Mom what's wrong?" Vergil asked sensing something was wrong. Before she could respond the living room windows shattered. All the other windows in the home breaking as well. Glass raining down everywhere like snow, the twins shielded Garnet as she let out a scream. Eva shielded her children just as the twins were shielding their sister from the falling glass.

When the showering of glass ended Eva lifted her head quickly. Shards falling out of her hair and onto the floor. The movie was no longer playing; the power had been blown when the windows shattered.

Her eyes widened as she saw a hint of red eyes staring at her from the darkness. Standing up right she hefted her children up.

Garnet still wedged between her brothers as they stared at their mother wide-eyed. Before anyone can ask questions the demons poured into the house.

"Mommy?" Garnet squeaked. As she saw the demons in her home, they were the monsters from her nightmare.

"Dante, Vergil, take your sister and go. Run and hide and stay hidden!" Eva ordered. They nodded as they grabbed Garnet and took off dodging some of the demons as they did.

"No mama!" Garnet cried tears in her eyes as she tried to run to her mother, who was being circled by a couple of demons. They laughed in a twisted away as they stared at her, but yet they didn't attack.

Vergil wasn't having that as he picked Garnet up, he was the man of the house now that his father was gone. He had to take action. Once in the kitchen, Vergil was tackled to the ground. Thus making him drop Garnet who fell to the ground with a thump.

"Vergil!" she cried in fear. Dante's eyes widened in shock as he saw his older twin get tackled to the ground. Blood was flowing from a wound that demon cause but said boy wasn't going with a fight.

"Dante take Garnet and go. I'll catch up!" he ordered. Dante numbly nodded not sure what to say as he grabbed Garnet. Who let out a cry and tried to run to her fallen brother. She didn't like this her nightmare was becoming real, why was this happening?

Her second eldest brother held her hand tightly before he to was wrenched from her grasp. Well more like he pushed her from his grasp, another demon was coming hurdling towards them. So to save his sister he pushed her outside as he dodged the demon that was heading for him.

Dante was going to run out to Garnet when a couple of demons blocked his way. He couldn't reach her so he ordered her to run. Before she could however a demon grabbed her, she let out a scream. And before Dante could realize what was going on she was gone.

Garnet was dragged by the back of her shirt far away from her house. From her family who was still alive. She could see the demons surrounding her home, black darkened things. They reeked of rotting flesh and death, their skins different colors but held crimson red like they had just killed someone.

The demon holding her continued dragging her away and away till her home wasn't visible anymore. Garnet began to struggle she wanted free and she wanted free now. Her eyes were closed as she tried to picture something happy. But, it was futile due to the whipping of the wind and the stench of the demon holding her.

"Filthy hybrid of Sparda" the demon snarled at her. Garnet gasped, the monster just talked and she understood it.

Now she really wanted to be free as she began to struggle though the more she did the tighter the hold on her grew.

The necklace her mother had given her yesterday began to faintly glow before a blinding light overtook her and the monster holding her down. The monster yelled in pain before the hold on Garnet was no more.

Down, down she went crashing to the earth with a thump. When Garnet felt that all things were safe and good she looked up. And the monster was gone; she quickly looked at her necklace which looked normal. The light was gone from it; nothing was out of the ordinary.

The Little Gem then took in her surroundings and saw nothing was familiar at all. She couldn't see her house let alone know where it was. She let out a sob as she stood up on shaky legs and began looking around. She was lost and unsure of what to do as she turned around in a full circle.

"M-M-Mommy?" she whispered her voice cracking. "Dante, Vergil? Big brothers!" she screamed tears going down her face.

She landed on her butt as she began crying her eyes out, she wanted to go home, she wanted her mommy to hold her tight and sing a lullaby to her. She wanted her brothers to hold her and comfort her and tell her the monsters wouldn't come again. That everything was fine, she wanted them back.

She wanted her daddy to come to her rescue and be back like he promised he would be. Garnet wanted him to hold her tight and let his warmth soothe her as she cried. She wanted him to kill on the monster that tried to hurt her, her brother, and her mommy.

The more she looked around with her blurred vision the more she searched in vain. It was futile they weren't here.

Most of all Garnet wanted her family back, wanted their warmth, their love, their kindness, their everything.

But, this was just another torn family. A family who authorities would say were murdered by some thief in the night. No one would care for the Sparda family, after all, they were different.

And people tend to be afraid of things they didn't understand, that were 'different'. So no one cared for the torn family.


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