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Chapter 5: Ten years

You've heard of the legend right?

The legend of Sparda.

If you haven't heard of it I'm quite shocked I mean almost everyone knows of this tale, this tale of a hero's finest hour, this tale of love. A tale that seemed to save humanity as we speak but alas most people think of it only as a fairy tale. A flight of fancy to lull children to sleep at night or entertain their little minds making them imagine all that was said and done seem real. Alas people have a tendency to forget easily but it may have been more then forgetting that was at fault, it was simply people didn't want to believe.

By people I mean humans, yes humans, and what they simply didn't wish to believe in was demons. They didn't want to know that frightening demonic beings were real and that they lurked in the shadows waiting to lunge for them and feast on their flesh. No it was simply better to live in ignorance because after all it was a rather blissful feeling.

If Sparda was simply deemed a fairy tale then surely that was enough.

Honestly humans were foolish to think that Sparda didn't exist, let alone demons too, it would be better if they just faced the facts.

Sparda existed and since he did that also meant demons were real but don't be too scared Sparda did all he could to save the human world.

What did he do?

He went against the prince of darkness, Mundus, having had enough of his ways he took up his swords and charged into a mighty battle. It was a bloody battle that seemed to last a lifetime till finally Sparda came out on top. Knowing he had to seal the demonic realm from the human one he used his blood, an amulet, and the blood of a priestess to seal the demon tower Temen-Ni-Gru. Doing that sealed away the tower underground where hopefully it would reside for many years to come but there was a catch involved.

Half of his power would be sealed along with it. A mighty risk but Sparda himself was willing to do it, after all power and strength wasn't everything and he knew that.

Once that great battle was done another one was soon taken up but this time it took place on a secluded island. In a town called Fortuna Sparda sealed a hell gate, a link to the demon realm to the human one, with Yamato in hand he saved humanity once more.

Briefly after that he ruled over the humans for a fraction of a while till he soon grew tired of that. After he made himself vanish as if he didn't exist in the first place and that puzzled/worried the humans but as time went on they forgot about him. Placing him as a legend...a myth... time continued on as if nothing happened, as if Mundus didn't try and rule the humans, as if demons didn't try to kill the mortals.

Many years went by till Sparda met his soul mate Eva, a beautiful woman with long golden blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. Her beauty and gentleness captivated him instantly when he first laid eyes on her. The two naturally fell madly and deeply in love and eventually married,or mated depending on how you were looking at it, and proceeded to make it a goal to have a happy blissful life. That bliss and happiness reined even stronger when Eva fell pregnant with twin boys who, upon their birth, were named Dante and Vergil. Sparda couldn't be more happy, he had a legacy to call his own and he just knew his sons would do great things one day in the near future but he also knew danger would be ever close.

Even if he sealed two demonic gates, that didn't quite stop demons from getting through to the human world. It merely constricted a huge horde of them to overrun the mortals and prevented Mundus from seizing control. Now Mundus never forgot Sparda's betrayal and neither did his brethren so with that in mind Mundus made it his life goal to hunt him down. Having learned of Sparda's mortal wife and half-breed sons he wanted nothing more to crush their very existence in front of Sparda himself, a fitting punishment for a traitor.

Sparda was no fool as he took extra precautions to protect his family and in doing so peace continued on and so did happiness. It strengthened even more when Eva fell pregnant once again. Though this time a little girl was graced to the family, a child who was named Garnet.

Oh, how proud the dark knight was to have sired all three of his children. They were beautiful in his eyes and took after him in more ways then one, he knew this new addition to their family would do great things just like her older brothers.

Things however could only end in tragedy as the family soon shattered and scattered into the wind like leaves blowing in a breeze. The only ones that seemed to remain were the children. Scattered and broken they forged their own paths continuing on-wards as far as they could go and if that led them down into hell well that was just fine with them.

What were his children doing?

Getting ready for a heartfelt family reunion.


In a sprawling busy city known as Capulet City the night was young and alive with night wanders going about their business. Night clubs blared music as the people inside them danced against each other forgetting their woes of the day, while lovers passionately consummated their love. However some were not lovers at all and they just simply wanted the pleasure of the night, as flesh connected with flesh.

Yes the night was alive and young and continued to be just that as the hours stretched on, but humans weren't the only thing out and about. Demons were roaming the area and even going as far as to impersonate a human to get it's prey.

It was best to stay inside at night.

A young child knew that first hand and with that she rested peacefully through the night. Peace, however, didn't quite seem to be the right word because the child was far from it. There was no such thing as a peaceful night.

In a small neighborhood shrouded in the darkness with the faint glow of street lights casting soft shadows the girl known as Garnet Shifted in her sleep. As soft whimpers escaped her mouth and into the air. The blankets were wrapped around her body from her movements as cool sweat streaked down her pale skin.

A nightmare was plaguing her mind and it was a nightmare that was all too familiar with her. It was a malicious dream that haunted Garnet every night.

The dream was always the same but always hard to see the context of the characters inside. Within own mind she heard the sounds of shattering glass and someone screaming. To her it sounded as if she herself was screaming but it was hard to tell, everything was happening so quickly she didn't know what to make of anything. Let alone what to do.

All she could make out was the intense fear that seemed to root her to the floor. That fear that made her heart race wildly to the point she thought it would burst forth from her chest in a bloody matter.

Garnet felt arms circling around her tightly as if shielding her from the onslaught of the glass as she let out another scream broke the air.

A Broken voice reached her ears as she tried to make sense of the situation.


What did that mean? What did all of this mean?

Garnet couldn't comprehend what the voice was trying to tell her as she felt the arms around her lift her body up from the ground. Afterwards she was tugged forward, her, Garnet stumbled over her feet as she frantically looked around her but everything was fuzzy. As if she was watching television and the signal was going in and out causing fuzzy lines to blur the show.

What Garnet could make out was the glowing red eyes of the monsters that seemed to be everywhere at once, the red eyes of demons.

Another broken voice reached her as she turned her gaze towards it.

"Da...take...I'll catch up!"

To Garnet it held a firm promise but she couldn't help but feel that it was a promise that wouldn't be fulfilled, that it was something that was broken. She felt herself getting dragged forward by someone as the demons advanced closer on them. All of them hissing and snarling as their red eyes glowed dangerously in the darkness and like always one lunged for her and the person holding her.

Whoever was holding her didn't want Garnet to get hurt as that person roughly shoved her to where she tumbled out into the cool black night. Her body shook in fear and confusion.

Why was this happening?

Casting her gaze back her eyes widened in shock just in time for a demon to lunge at her. Her splitting scream pierced the sky as another scream filled the air.

"Garnet!" someone shouted as the demon took her in it's grasp.

Struggling Garnet thrashed about trying to get free though it was futile attempt as the demon gripped her even tighter.

"...Ake...Wake up!" the voice shouted making the nightmare shatter before her.

Garnet's eyes snapped open as she gasped for breath her whole body shivering and slick with sweat as she looked around her frantically. The room she laid in was beginning to fill with the suns early rays telling her it was no longer night time. It was probably around seven in the morning she thought as she continued to shiver, her body tense and rigid from her nightmare.

"Garnet." a familiar male voice said gently. Garnet jerked her gaze over to the voice and relaxed when she saw her best friend Jaden staring down at her his bright green eyes mixed with concern and relief. His dark hair was tousled and sticking up in several different directions, giving off the air of someone who had just woken up only moments ago.

"Sorry." Garnet whispered as she slowly sat up. Her body still shook as she forced herself into a sitting position, she could feel sweat drip down her face but she paid it no mind.

Jaden shook his head at his friend and smiled as he sat next to her his feet dangling over the side of the bed as he gazed at her. His green eyes shining gently in kindness and understanding.

"There's nothing to be sorry about." he replied with a small smile.

Garnet sighed as she rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hands, her mind and body beginning to calm down. Her heart which was beating fast began to slow it's rapid pace as the remnants of her dream wore off. The shivers that coursed through her gradually died down as she pulled her hands away from her eyes to run them through her short hair.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Jaden asked after several seconds of silence. He was no fool he could tell it was the nightmare again, for as long as they've know each other Jaden knew Garnet's mind when she fell asleep. It was plagued with horrors with all sorts of terrifying things that caused his friend fright.

He didn't know what kind of horrors seeing as she never really wanted to talk about the context of her dream. But he knew it was something awful, every night he would always find himself jolting awake to the sounds of his friend crying softly in her sleep. While her body twisted around on the bed as if trying to get away from something that was holding onto her. Other times he would see tears streak down her face as she slept and always he would run over to Garnet to wake her from her dream. Going as far to pull the writhing girl onto his lap when she awoke with a yell unaware of her surroundings, still trapped in the remnants of her dream. Holding her close Jaden would stroke her hair as Garnet clung to him as if he was her lifeline. It was like if she let him go everything would end right then and there.

"Not really." Garnet said softly releasing a sigh. Jaden nodded as he reached over and took her hand in his and gently squeezed it offering Garnet support through that silent gesture. She smiled lightly as she squeezed his hand tightly, though not too tightly, Garnet knew that Jaden would always be there for her offering any support he could.

"I'm gonna hop in the shower." she told him after several seconds. Retracting his hand from hers he nodded as he stood up brushing a hand through his tousled hair making it even more messier.

"See ya downstairs." he smiled as he walked from the room. Garnet smiled at Jaden as the door leading out to the hall closed with a soft snap. Once it did Garnet jumped up from her position on the bed. Stretching she sighed pleasantly as her back cracked in several places.

Brushing a hand yet again through her hair Garnet padded out bare foot into the hall of the home Jaden and her were staying at. The house itself was fairly new it having just been renovated about a year ago with everything redone. Though it looked new with new appliances and everything the house screamed old, as timely old fashioned nick-knacks littered the house along with photos from the past. Some of those photos were in black and white and showed families posing for the camera while others showed young lovers basking in their love. This house that was fairly new but old at the same time made Garnet always smile as she quietly observed the photos in the hall as she sauntered off to the bathroom.

The woman who owned the house was named Mrs. Irene Rogers she was an old woman in her eighties. Yet despite her old age she could still easily move around and not let the littlest pain get to her. Always one to have a smile on her face as she showed every ounce of kindness to others she was not against Jaden and Garnet living with her. While others were opposed to the idea and tried valiantly to change Mrs. Rogers mind she simply ignored their prattle and stated that they were nothing but a couple of wankers for trying to make her turn out two lost children.

Lost children who always lived on the streets Garnet thought as she entered the bathroom. Flicking on the light she immediately reached down under the sink to a brown cabinet and grabbed a fluffy white towel. Once that was in her grasp she set it on the marble counter as her bare feet took in the cool feeling of the checkered tile underneath her, it reminded her greatly of a chess board.

Turning to the white tub that was in the corner she turned on the shower that was hooked to it and waited a couple seconds for the water to heat up. Once at her ideal temperature she stripped her night clothes off, which consisted of a pair of shorts and a tank top and got in.

The water felt good against her cold body as her eyes slipped closed at the warm sensation. Ducking her head underneath the stream of water, it ran down in streaks as it slipped down her face and across her body leaving nothing but warmth.

"Hard to believe that a few months ago we were stealing on the streets." Garnet whispered.

That was the hard truth.

Jaden and Garnet were what people called street rats, those who lived on the streets and slept in odd places in nothing but the clothes on their back to keep them warm. People who weren't even considered people at all as they were constantly shunned by polite society.

In the end that gave the street rats no choice, they had a right to survive to and survive they would. So, they stole from wherever they could from stores, to people, every one and thing was pretty much free game and you were only in trouble if you got caught. Key word if.

It was the way to survive on the streets and Jaden and Garnet took to that, only dealing with the repercussions later on. They survived together ever since they first met at the tender age of six though for Jaden he was seven. After their unusual meeting they formed a fast bond and became partners in crime, quite literally too.

They stole and plundered when necessary, formed plans on how to get their quota of the day, and always figured out ways to sucker people into helping them. Jaden's best asset was he could lie easily and make it all seem completely real to the point women and some men cried over the sob stories he told. He was a natural born liar. No one could see through his lies, not even the cops who would sometimes haggle him for even being on the street past curfew. It was his mightiest weapon and he took pride in the fact no one could see through him. However that was until Garnet showed up in his life throwing everything off balance.

She was the only one that could pick up on his fabrications and see them for what they really were. Still to this day it shocked Jaden on how easily she could see through him but also at the same time made him happy.

Garnet's best asset was the fact she could fake tears like no other.

The young girl could cry crocodile tears whenever she saw a poor soul who seemed rich enough and it almost always swindled that said person to help her out with whatever problem she had. Though soon enough they'd be left standing on the sidewalk blinking in confusion when the girl dashed off after they helped her, their wallet no longer in their pocket.

Besides that asset Garnet had other features to her that made her unique, features that set her apart from other people...or should I say other humans she thought venomously when her mind drifted from the way of the streets to herself.

Garnet was different and though after many years of dealing with her differences she was just now starting to come to terms with it. Though there was still times she hated what she was.

For starters the girl had pure white hair and grey eyes, that set her apart from pretty much the whole entire world.

No one had hair like her except old people!

And as for her eyes yeah, no one had her eyes which drove her crazy but somehow comforted Garnet at the same time. For some reason her eye color reminded her of someone. Someone that was special to her but for the life of her she couldn't place her finger on who that special someone was.

It was a maddening thought that stayed in the corner of her mind to ponder on later, for now she would have to move on as she always had. Head held high with a smile on her face even if at times that smile was fake.

Other things that made her different was the fact she could hear,see, and smell things better than the average person . At first to her it was really strange she could hear sounds farther down the road or even blocks away, like a car back firing. Garnet could see well at night like she was some nocturnal animal even though her eyesight was limited to how far she could see while, and the fact that scents seemed more potent seemed very weird.

Plus to make matters worse she always had a voice in her head ridiculing or helping her, Garnet found out that was her demonic side. Yes, her demonic side that proved to Garnet herself that she was far from the average person and at first she was scared beyond her wits but gradually over time she finally was starting to come to terms with it all. For the young girl it was a lot to take in but she had Jaden to help her through it all so in the end it was alright.

Even if it was dangerous.

Ever since she found out she was part devil other demons had gone after her wanting to kill her. Why they wanted to kill her was beyond her, it was really bizarre because they would always call her Sparda or daughter of Sparda. Garnet didn't know what they were talking about and still to this day didn't know, what she did know was that whoever Sparda was the demons were pissed at him. Therefore seeing it fit to take their rage out on her which seemed completely unfair in her book.

Though whenever they hunted her down it was kill or be killed so she always fought back with her weapon of choice.

A trident.

Garnet recalled the day she found her trident in a local pawn shop as she scrubbed her hair thoroughly with the orange scented shampoo. She was around Eight years old and was wandering down the street her hands behind her back wondering what to do. When she felt something calling to her, stopping in her tracks she looked around, frantically searching for the voice that had spoken to her but found nothing. A couple people annoyed with her halt in movement stepped around her and muttered slight profanities as they continued on their way.

So deciding to do what the people did she continued on as if nothing had happened. That was when she heard someone calling her once again though this time she heard soft whispering directly in her ear when there was no one there. Turning in a full circle she looked around for the source of the sound wondering if Jaden was messing with her. But how could he when he was back at their 'home'?

Garnet being the ever curious child she was followed the voice as it continued to call her name till she came to Al's Pawn Shop. Which was an old rickety building with cracked floor boards and walls with occasional cobwebs littering every nook and cranny of the old building. It sold all sorts of items and Garnet couldn't help but wonder how the place was still in business with the way the building looked.

As she wandered through the store past rows of vintage old looking stuff the voice whispering grew louder and louder to the point she winced. It was as if whoever was speaking to her was yelling her name, wanting her more then ever. Walking further into the store and down a row of weapons she came to the very back of the store and it was there that she saw it.

The handle was black as night while the edges of the bladed parts shined in the low lighting of the shop. A gemstone was embedded near the top of the blade, a garnet.

The trident rested against the white washed wall by a couple of silver hooks, resting peacefully and gently as if waiting.

"Neaveh." Garnet had whispered. Not even questioning how she knew the name of the blade, the weapon seemed to emit a soft purring sound as if pleased to hear her voice. She knew deep down in her soul that this weapon belonged to her, the gemstone on the blade told her as much and no matter what happened she would get Neaveh whatever the cost.

Casting a quick look around the shop she lunged for the blade and embraced the chaos that ensured as soon as she did.

It took only one major dangerous attempt to get the weapon and a hit to the face by the owner but she claimed victory of the trident as she scurried out of the partly destroyed shop. Running quickly down the street she ducked into a back alley and didn't stop running till she was lost within in the labyrinth of the alleyways. Sure her eye was throbbing in pain and no doubt it was already bruising from the force of the blow she sustained. But she smiled happily as she held the trident close to her, it felt right in her hands. As if a piece of her had returned, as if a piece of her past had come back and that made her happy for the first time in a long time.

Smiling even more she skipped off back to Jaden as a faint smell scent drifted up towards her. It could hardly be a scent at all with how faint it was but to Garnet it made a soft purr rumble out of chest in joy. It smelled of someone, she wasn't sure who but whoever it was it pleased her immensely along with her devil side.

After that theft Garnet began practicing with the weapon for a while till she finally had the strength to fight back against the demons. No longer would they have to run, no longer would Jaden get hurt by shielding her. Now she could fight back and heaven and hell would have no mercy on the demon that fell victim to Neaveh.

That was how they met Mrs. Rogers, the poor woman was being attack by a couple demons with blades for limbs when Garnet stumbled across the scene. Not wanting the woman to get killed she charged in guns blazing as the demons rounded on her, no longer interested in the elderly woman. While she fought Jaden made sure the woman was brought to safety till Garnet took care of the trash.

When the fight was said and done Mrs. Rogers wanted to thank them both and what better way then to give them a place to call home.

"And here we are now." Garnet muttered shutting the water off along with her memories of the past.

Stepping out of the tub she proceeded to dry herself off along with wiping the mirror down which was covered in steam. The moisture clung to her hand as she gazed into the still slightly foggy mirror. Her white hair went down to her jaw and clung to her face as her grey eyes stared back at her, smiling slightly she walked out of the bathroom and back to her room quickly. The last thing she wanted was to have Jaden see her wearing nothing but a towel, that would be plenty awkward and embarrassing.

Stepping into the room they shared Garnet made a beeline for the wardrobe that sat in the far corner of the room. She couldn't help but snicker at the thought of finding a whole other world in it as she opened the creaky door.

Pulling out her favorite usual outfit she began dressing for the day in a long sleeved red and blue stripped shirt with black shorts and converse high tops. One shoe was red while the other was blue. There was in fact a method of her color coordination and the method was she couldn't decide if she liked the color blue more than red or vice versa. Not wanting to seem unfair to the colors she decided she liked them both and therefore wore them.

To finish off her attire she placed her amulet around her neck. Garnet wasn't sure where she got it or who she got it from but she did know it belonged to her past seeing as it was with her when she was found at two years of age. Lost, confused, and bleeding from a cut on her head this amulet resided with her always, hung on a gold/silver chain an amethyst winked up at her as she gazed down at it.

Smiling Garnet turned on her heel grabbed her trident and headed downstairs where Jaden and Mrs. Rogers waited. A bounce was in her step as she bounded down the wooden staircase and turned left into the dining room. Her trident was strapped around her waist, the cool thing about it was that it had a button near the blade that retracted the handle. Whoever had crafted Neaveh made sure that carrying it around in public was easy and possible. A lot of people thought it was an accessory to her shorts.

Little did they know Garnet thought. Their reactions would be price-


Confetti assaulted her in a brilliant color of rainbow as it landed in her still damp hair. Blinking a couple times in confusion she gazed into the smiling faces of Jaden and Mrs. Rogers.

"Happy birthday Garnet!" they shouted happily in unison.

It's my birthday Garnet thought in confusion as she continued to stare blankly for several seconds till it suddenly clicked. Oh, yeah today was August eleventh she thought as a smile curled her lips.

For some unknown reason Garnet could remember her name and birthday but never her past, it was rather frustrating to say the least. Hell she couldn't even remember her own last name the fact she knew her birthday had to have been at least something.

"Thanks!" Garnet said happily.

Jaden smiled and shot her a thumbs up as Mrs. Rogers walked over and brushed the confetti string from her hair.

"I'll go get the food." Jaden said dashing from the room towards the kitchen. Mrs. Rogers smiled as her fingers brushed through Garnet's hair as the said girl let out soft purr liking the feeling of it.

Mrs. Rogers knew that Garnet wasn't quite normal and in such that didn't stop her from loving the child like she was her own. In fact she was the one who told Garnet that she should embrace what she was, after all she was born for a reason. What that reason was still remained to be a mystery but it was enough to appease the girl and help her come to terms with herself.

"Jaden and I made your favorite. Waffles with strawberries and cream." she told her.

Garnet's eyes lit up happily with excitement at the mention of the tasty breakfast treat, her mouth salivating slightly as she imagined the sweetness of the berries and warm fluffy center of the waffles.

"Thank you Mrs. Rogers." Garnet smiled. At that Mrs. Rogers retracted her hand and frowned as she placed both hands on her hips, the wrinkles on her face becoming furrowed as she stared Garnet down. Her grey hair framed around her face as some strands fell into it, brushing them aside she continued to stare the child down. Garnet couldn't help but feel concerned that she did something wrong, was she going to get reprimanded?

"What did I say about you calling me that?" Mrs. Rogers stated sternly. Garnet cocked her head to the side thinking. "You know I want you to call me Granny." Mrs. Rogers continued the sternness fading away into a soft smile.

The young girl before her smiled back at her and agreed to stop calling her Mrs. Rogers. It was hard for Garnet to remember to stop calling Mrs. Rogers well Mrs. Rogers but the younger girl made it a point to call her Granny. It was funny how this woman wanted to take up the role as her grandmother, for whatever reason Garnet had a feeling that her real grandmother was a bitch.

Several minutes later Jaden had returned with plates of food in hand and all three of them spent the first part of the morning eating breakfast. Garnet thoroughly enjoyed the meal and loved the fact that Jaden had made her waffles into the shape of Mickey Mouse. Some assistance was required from Granny though but nonetheless it made her happy.

The rest of the day was up to Garnet as she was allowed to choose how they spent the day. Not sure what to pick Garnet opted for them to stay home and play a crap ton of board games that ended with Jaden and her playing poker.

Jaden however lost much to his dismay as Garnet revealed a royal straight flush with a proud happy smile on her face. At seeing that his dismay left and was replaced with an air of happiness at seeing his best friend happy.

Though the young thirteen year old boy loved seeing her happy he did want his revenge for her beating his ass at poker. So, with that thought in mind he promptly picked Garnet up and tipped her over his shoulder. Said girl squeaked in shock but was soon laughing as Jaden paraded around the house with her hanging over his shoulder. Mrs. Rogers laughed in delight at the sight of the two children playing and laughed even harder when Garnet was reduced to giggles as Jaden dropped her on the couch to tickle her to death.

Once the tickle torture was done they decided to play Monopoly which ended with Garnet stealing the money from the bank whenever Jaden looked away to do something. When confronted on stealing Garnet denied the accusation with ease though soon got caught sure enough.

All in all it was a fun day as it swiftly went by.

The light of the sky slowly darkened to a yellow-orange color as sunset approached and with it presents and chocolate cake with strawberry sundaes were served. Garnet was really happy at the sight of the sundaes but soon resolved to stabbing Jaden with her fork for him attempting to steal her strawberries.

A sword fight with the silverware ensured.

The winner?

Well it came to a draw due to the fact Jaden and Garnet had stabbed each other in the hand with their forks. Not enough to break the skin but enough to elicit a draw between the two friends.

Everything was delicious and the presents though it wasn't much made Garnet tear up.

Jaden had given her a dagger in a blue sheath, the blade was silver in color while the hilt was black and intricately designed with a pair of dragons curved around the hilt their tails going down the blade. The pommel of the blade had a dragon curled affectionately around a gemstone that was dark red in color.

"In case you lose your trident in battle." Jaden had told her blushing slightly.

Garnet had smiled at that, he wanted her safe in the end.

Mrs. Rogers gave Garnet several outfits that she found at the mall and had found cute and knew the young child would love. The outfits consisted of the colors blue and red with occasional black mixing in, while some held various purples with mixes of white.

Garnet had never seen so many outfits in her life...well outfits that she now owned anyway. Tears welded up in her eyes as she smiled her thanks and hugged the duo before her tightly.

"This is the best day ever!"

"Haha I'm glad you think so dear." Mrs. Rogers said her sea green eyes twinkling.

Jaden stood off to the right side of living room after Garnet had released them from her hug. The dark haired boy shifted from foot to foot restlessly, his posture tense and rigid like stone.

"Hey Garnet meet me outside I have another present for you." he quickly stated before dashing out the front door. Nearly running into the coat rack Garnet blinked in confusion. He didn't need to get me another present she thought.

Curious she followed him outside, the warm rays of the setting sun touching her face as she jumped down the porch steps. Jaden stood by the sidewalk obviously nervous. His stance was tense as he continued to shift from foot to foot, Garnet skipped towards him.

"What is it?" she asked curiously.

"Close your eyes?"

"Huh?" Garnet exclaimed blinking.

Jaden sighed. "It's not a surprise if you see." he said giving her a serious look.

Shrugging she mentally agreed with him as her grey eyes slipped closed. She could hear Jaden's breathing and footsteps as he shifted closer to her, I wonder what the present is she wondered. Her mind concocted all sorts of things as to what it could be...a book, another weapon, or maybe a...

Her thoughts suddenly came to a screeching halt at the feeling of soft lips touching her own in a quick, but deep, kiss. Garnet's grey eyes snapped open in shock as warmth spread across her face at the sight before her. Jaden was leaning close to her with his eyes tightly closed, his lips still locked on hers, his body was still tense both of his hands were curled into tight fists to the point his knuckles were white.

What felt like hours was only a matter of seconds as Jaden slowly pulled back from the sweet kiss he granted his friend. His cheeks were a brilliant shade of tomato red. They seemed to grow a deeper red as he stared at Garnet shyly as silence permeated the area.

"I...Uh...Um...Happy birthday!" Jaden shouted stumbling to find the right words.

Before Garnet could say anything Jaden had dashed off back into the house tripping over the threshold as he tried to clamber inside. Garnet could do nothing but blink in shock and stare at the space where her friend once stood.

Why did he kiss her!?

Reaching up Garnet lightly touched her lips which seemed to be tingling slightly still fresh from the kiss. Her face heated up even more as she shook her head quickly, her hair moving around her and into her face as she did so. This was so weird I mean why did he do that!

Her mind was reeling with questions and her head felt like a top spinning. The devil inside her stirred as it laughed at her predicament which caused a slight irritation to flush through her.

"What young love." a voice from within the shadows called.

Startled Garnet gasped and whirled around to face who had a spoken. Before her stood a man, a creepy old man, decked out in a all black outfit he was bald with what appeared to be burns on one side of his face. Garnet couldn't help but be grossed out at the sight of them, they looked as if they were moving like something was underneath the skin and tissue slowly worming it's way around. Slowly pulsing as if wanted to seep out of his skin and latch onto her and...woah okay no creepy visuals she told her over active imagination.

It put a sickening feeling in her stomach.

The mysterious man held a light red book in his long thin fingers, his mix-matched eyes bored into her own. Red/blue eyes met upon stormy grey and it appeared the man before her took a mighty interest in her eyes for the way he was staring at them. It was a look of wonderment and fascination not liking that Garnet averted her gaze, she didn't need this man to silently tell her that her eyes were different from others.

She already knew that. Reminding her was futile.

"Who are you?" Garnet asked warily. Something about this man rubbed her the wrong way, add to the fact he looked like he literally stepped out of the shadows. And you had a whole disaster on your hands.

The man walked closer to her Garnet took a step back resting her hand on her trident. Idiot! He's human you can't pull your weapon on a human she chastised herself while reluctantly pulling her hand away.

"My name is Arkham. I've come to extend an invitation to you." he said stoically. No emotion entered his features as he gazed at the child before him, it was unnerving to say the least.

"Invitation for what?" she asked glancing up at the man Arkham. Locks of white hair fell into her eyes but she paid little mind as she eyed Arkham closely she sensed no hostility from him. So it only seemed fit he wouldn't harm her but there was without a doubt something shady about him and what was this about an invitation? Garnet didn't know Arkham well and for all she knew he could be a kidnapper, the last thing she wanted was to become slave.

Yeah I have no intentions of that happening.

"Think of it as a birthday party."

"Birthday party?"

"Indeed. Come to the tower." Arkham continued his cold eyes never leaving her form. To Garnet it seemed his eyes were hollow as dark shadows were cast over his features.

"Tower? There's no tower in Capulet. You're not making any sense!" she exclaimed growing tedious. This man Arkham was probably nothing but a lunatic who wandered the streets spouting all sorts of nonsense. Invitation? Birthday party? Tower? Just what the hell was going on!

God obviously this guy was some crack head!

"Temen-Ni-Gru." Arkham replied in a monotone fashion before walking past her.

Garnet's eyes never left the man's form as he walked down the sidewalk before abruptly stopping to glance back at her. A smile curled around his lips and she grimaced at the sight. A smile from this man seemed dangerous...almost border line frightening.

"If you go. You'll find what you have been looking for," he smiled.

At that Garnet turned away what the hell does he know her mind screamed in rage. He doesn't know anything about me or my life! How could he know of my life before I lost my memories. This old guy was full of nothing but shit!

A low growl ripped from her chest as it mixed with a low whine, she could feel her devil side stirring. He couldn't know anything she mentally screamed as her inner devil agreed. There was no way in hell just simply no way.

"Please accept it Garnet."

Those words had her whirling around in shock and disbelief, opening her mouth to demand how Arkham knew her name she soon closed it. He was gone...vanished into thin air as if he wasn't there in the first place. Out of sight out of mind though Garnet knew Arkham wouldn't be out of sight for long, somehow she had a feeling she could see him again. Sighing deeply Garnet turned on her heel and headed back slowly into the house, thoughts of Jaden soon replaced Arkham as she tried to figure out what to say to him.

What do you say to your best friend who just kissed you?

Besides there was no tower in Capulet City.

While Garnet wandered back into the safety of her home elsewhere in the city a man was preparing the way for the demon tower Temen-Ni-Gru. This man was dressed in a sophisticated fashion. One would think this mysterious stoic man was a perfect gentleman and nothing like a devil but that was an easy misconception, this gentlemanly looking man was in fact a devil. It was something he embraced full heartily, he didn't have time to deal with his human side. A side that showed weakness and failure, a side that was useless to him.

I am Vergil son of Sparda to be human is not tolerable he thought.

"I need more power." he said to no one.

The streets were deserted and empty no one was in sight as the setting sun wove shadows through the street where Vergil himself stood. A low breeze swept through the air making the ends of his blue coat to wave lightly. Vergil held Yamato in front of him resting it on the ground his hands were laced around the hilt of the sword as he closed his eyes and breathing in deeply.

Releasing his breath his mind focused on his plan, all he needed was Dante's amulet the other half needed to open the gate to the demonic realm. Once that was in his grasp all what was needed to do was to connect the amulets together and sacrifice a bit of his blood...the blood of Sparda.

Then the power of his father would be his for the taking.

As his mind ran over the details of his well concocted plan he slowly began to feel his mind wandering. Slowly at first then all at once, Vergil's mind slipped away to times forgotten. He loathed the feeling of remembering the past because it brought nothing but weakness to his eyes.

It was this day.

This cursed day that forced his mind and body to reel with unwanted emotions. It was his little sisters birthday, his little gemstone.

Had Garnet survived the demon attack so many years ago she would have turned twelve today. Vergil couldn't help but wonder what his baby sister would have look like at twelve years of age. In his minds eye he saw an energetic child with white hair akin to his own running around happily with a smile on her face. A bounce was in her step at the knowledge of what today was. A knowledge she knew that involved all sorts of presents, sweets and no doubt hugs that she would welcome with open arms. Her hair would be long and beautiful as it danced around as she jumped about in a way Dante would when he got overly excited about something. While her stormy grey eyes, their fathers eyes, would be full of life and innocence.

If Vergil knew anything about his gemstone he knew the young child loved attention and affection. The two birthdays he had celebrated with her, Garnet had always wanted to be held in some way. He would always oblige and lift her into his arms and hold her gently while Dante protested in the background stating that he held her last time and now it was his turn.

"She would've been twelve today correct?" A voice asked from within the shadows.

Vergil's blue eyes opened his mind suppressing the past with a firm hand, he had no use for the past. He cursed himself for letting his mind sweep him away to times that should be forgotten. Narrowing his eyes at Arkham he remained quiet as the said man stepped away from the shadows.

"Such a pity you lost her along with your mother. Little Garnet I'm sure would have been quite the sight to see, after all she was the one that resembled Sparda the most." Arkham continued not heeding the warning Vergil gave. No he merely ignored the low growl that emitted from boys chest as he continued on, preaching as if he knew Garnet Sparda herself as if he met her.

"Stormy grey eyes, white hair, resourceful just like your father. Yes I'm certain that Garnet would-"

Arkham stopped mid-sentence as the sound of Yamato being unsheathed reached his ears. Vergil's gaze was steady and firm as they narrowed even more on Arkham. "How dare he talk as if he knew our sister!" Vergil's devil side hissed lethally in his mind as he point the blade at his 'accomplice'.

"Hold your tongue." Vergil growled lowly. Where Garnet was concerned Arkham was not.

"My sincerest apologies. I meant no offense." Arkham stated. An apologetic look washed over him but if one looked closely they would have seen a man who was not sorry for mentioning a deceased loved one.

Twirling Yamato expertly he sheathed his sword and glanced away from Arkham though his annoyance towards the man was evident.

"Do not speak her name again." Vergil commanded. Arkham nodded slowly while a small smile crept his features, it's time to welcome chaos he thought as the ground below them rumbled dangerously. He knew Vergil had awakened the sleeping tower with his help, now all that was needed was to break the seals and put the finishing touches on his plan.

With his plan completed he would have the power of Sparda the only thing that stood in his way was Sparda's sons. They were easy to get rid of however and Garnet would be the piece to finish them.

Arkham would destroy them by ending the child's life before their eyes.


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