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Chapter 5: The Story Today

12 years later

"Stop thief!" a store owner shouted as a hooded figure dashed down the side walk. The figure was that of a young teenager cutting through the thick crowd of people as the young teen made an escape. People yelped or shouted a string of curses as the hooded teen shoved people aside, and all the while she did the store owner continued to yell for the cops or at least someone to stop them.

All the while no one stopped the young girl because no one knew what was going on. They didn't know she stole some food and drinks from the nearby grocer, they didn't know anything as the store owner shoved them aside as he chased after the girl. The girl glanced back, her stormy grey eyes taking in the angry owner as he glared and screamed a string word of cuss words. Returning her eyes forward she let out a laugh and kicked it up a speed as she sprinted full force down a nearby alleyway, the owner still hot on her heels as she did so. When suddenly the owner came to a stand still...the girl was gone.

"The hell!?" the owner yelled looking about himself in confusion. The hooded girl was gone like she magically disappeared and all that stood before the enraged owner was a dirty alleyway filled with garbage cans and other rubbish. "Damn it to hell!" the owner shouted kicking a nearby pop can as he turned tail and walked off.

As the owner walked off muttering to himself the hooded girl smiled and dropped down from the nearby ladder she was holding on to. The girl was lucky that the rust was so great that the ladder connected to the fire escape didn't slid down revealing her position to the angry owner.

The girl laughed as she proceeded to walk down the alleyway as it branched off into other alley ways filled with garbage and other useless things. But the girl knew that where these things were useless to normal people they were useless to her, a street rat.

Her hands went behind her back as she skipped down the dirt stained street as she headed for home. No doubt Jaden was already waiting for her with his spoils in hand, that is if he got any. On some days it would be hard to get supplies and by get she meant steal, pick pocketing was easy for Jaden and her besides you were only in trouble if you got caught.

As the hooded teen turned down another one of the many familiar alley ways she knew she stopped in her tracks and took in the sight before. Demented deformed creatures stood a few feet away from her as they laughed insanely, while near them sable dogs with glowing red eyes sniffed the ground. Their ears perked up as their gazes shifted towards the young teen. The dogs howled as they got in a attack stance while the laughing creatures with blades for arms or legs turned to face her as well.

"You guys' again?" the girl questioned with a shake of her head. Sighing to herself in irritation she reached out her right hand and grabbed something that was on the waistband of her torn up jeans. It was the silver blade of a trident as the girl held it up she clicked a hidden button that made the pole of the blade shoot out, the pole was as black as oblivion itself but if one looked closely towards the blade. They would see a gemstone sparkling lightly in the low light, there are many gemstones. This stone was unique for it was dark red color and if one knew their gems correctly they would know that this gem was.

A garnet.

"I don't have time to play with you!" the girl shouted while twirling her weapon easily. The dogs growled at her and lunged and the girl did nothing but stay put as she waited for them to get closer. And once they were in her range she attacked, easily jumping over the first demonic dog she quickly brought down her trident on the second dog. It yelped in pain as she narrowly dodged one of the laughing monsters attacks but she managed to do so as she dodged rolled to the side to avoid the first dogs bite.

Once on her feet again the girl charged towards the dog weapon held tightly in her hand as she ran the dog ran towards her as well. The dog leapt and at that precise moment the girl flung her right hand forward, the hand that held her trident, straight into the dogs face. It howled in pain as black blood spluttered out of it's face as it dissolved into the ground.

Turning on her heel she kicked out her leg knocked back laughing creatures who, in her mind, seemed like crazy scarecrows to her.

Taking the chance since they were knocked back she ran towards them and twirled her weapon in her grasp and slashed it towards the freaky monsters. They let out cries of pain as they dissolved away just as the sable dog did. A smirk crept across the girls face but that smirk soon fell away as pain crossed her features as a sticky substance ran down her arm.

Blood. Her blood.

Looking at her injury she saw deep claw marks and those claw marks only meant that one little puppy was still here. Turning her gaze to the sable dog she has dodged earlier she gritted her teeth in anger. These monsters were growing relentlessly as she grew older and she was sick of it her mind screamed as she lunged. The dog lunged as well as it surged towards her throat, the teen being quick put the weapon in front of her a single lone yelp was heard as the dog collapsed to the ground with black blood spewing from it's throat.

"Gar-net...child of...Sparda..." the dog gasped before dissolving away into death.

The girl stood frozen as she stared at the spot where the dog once laid, a scoff emanating from her throat as she threw off the hood of her jacket. Long white dirt filled hair cascaded down her back and shoulders and stopped at it's respective place at her waist. As her grey eyes glared at the ground in hatred.

Garnet's POV

"How the hell do you losers know my name?" I questioned as I continued to glare at the ground. At the place that freaky dog once laid, these monsters know my name I thought as I sighed. They've always known my name ever since I was little, heh, they know me better then I do I thought as I winced in pain. But not from my injury from my other self.

"Stupid! You weren't careful!" a twisted warped voice of my own shouted in my head. I winced in pain but managed to roll my eyes despite that, glancing down I knew my other self was right. I wasn't careful because like always I got cut or banged up in some way, shape, or form.

"It's just a scratch and besides at least were alive." I replied back once again rolling my eyes. My other self growled at me as I smiled, someone's grumpy I thought as I pressed the button on my trident making the pole go back into the blade itself. Placing the blade of the trident on my belt I continued on my way towards home but as I did I suddenly stopped and rubbed my chest where my heart was.


It was that tugging sensation again I thought as I glanced down at my chest. It was like my heart was trying to tell me something...but the thing was...what was it?

I'll think about it later for now I need to get home it's already sunset. Stupid monsters keeping me busy.

-Devil May Cry- No One's POV

A certain red-clad devil hunter sat in his chair with a dirty magazine placed over his face as he waited for sleep. Business had been slow and if he didn't get any action soon Dante was going to go crazy. Things' have been very slow ever since he helped out in Fortuna and when things were slow things were boring for the demon hunter.

Taking a deep breath he released it but soon grunted in pain as he jerked up, the magazine falling from his face and to the floor. A tugging sensation in his heart awoke him when sleep was just a thread away. It was as if his heart was trying to tell him something but the problem for Dante was this...he didn't know what it was.


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