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Now on with the story


We all thought this day was going to be like a normal day at Titans Tower. Too bad we were all wrong.

There were five bank robbers in the City's bank, the police couldn't deal with it, the robbers were armed and many officers were now hurt. This is why the titans were called so they could save the day.

Once the titans had arrived at the crime scene Robin, the team leader came up with a plan. Beastboy and Starfire would go in and disarm the robbers. Cyborg and Raven would be waiting at the side of the building near an exit to help the hostages get out safely. Robin would go in through the front of the building to help Starfire and Beastboy to defeat the Robbers. Terra would be at the back of the building waiting for Robins signal to go in and help the rest out.

A perfect plan that worked many times before, everything was calculated smoothly. Every single last detail was perfect except no one saw the sixth robber hiding in the shadows aiming at the green changeling. Raven had just finished taking the hostages outside where Cyborg was at and was about to go back inside to help the other titans out when she felt the presence of another robber which she had been too busy to detect before.

As fast as she could she went inside just in time to see the gun point at Beastboy. At the boy she had secretly loved for the last couple of years. In a state of panic she ran to him and got in front of him just as the sound of a gun being fired rang through the bank. Raven looked into the shocked eyes of Beastboy as she stumbled into his arms.

"…Raven? ...Raven!" Beastboy looked at her smiling face that was turning a ghostly pale.

"I'm glad you weren't hurt"

As she said this another shot was heard which only grazed the side of her head. But that's all it took for her to fall unconscious. She collapsed into his arms and that's when he saw it, the blood that was oozing through her leotard on one side of her stomach, and a gash on her head that was also bleeding badly.

"Raven! Raven wake up!" he noticed she didn't respond and her breathing was slowing awfully fast and If he didn't do anything fast she could die. "Raven…please don't leave me…I-I love you Raven."

You might be asking yourself how this mess started in the first place. Am I right? Well you see, it all started like this….