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AN: The next story in the Tenth Doctor's adventures with Bella Swan that began in 'Try to Find My Place', this time seeing them in the early 1950s, dealing with a new plot from a very old adversary...

Falling Stars

As I walked out of the TARDIS, my eyes widened at the sight that greeted me; a vast hill,

'HOLLYWOOD' spread out across the side facing me, visible over the tops of the various buildings in front of us, the TARDIS positioned at the end of a small alley that connected on to a long street that was filled with people, each of them dressed in the fifties-style fashions that the Doctor had directed me to when he'd told me to dress up for our next destination.

I might prefer my usual attire for comfort purposes, but there was still something thrilling about the chance to dress for the occasion and actually blend in rather than simply finding ourselves in trouble so quickly that nobody felt like wasting time asking us about what we were wearing. On the Doctor's advice, I was wearing a long dark blue dress that came down to mid-way between my knees and ankles, leaving my arms and shoulders bare without showing off too much of my back and cleavage; the Doctor, as always, hadn't changed his usual attire apart from leaving his long brown coat in the TARDIS, but he had taken the time to slick back his hair with some kind of gel and was wearing slightly large black sunglasses as he studied our surroundings.

"So, what do you think?" the Time Lord asked, locking the TARDIS door behind him before he took my arm and led us to the end of the alley where it joined the main street; I was too busy being temporarily stunned into silence to think about what the Doctor was doing. "Good choice?"

"H...Hollywood?" I said at last, the initial shock wearing off as I looked back at the Doctor with an enthusiastic smile as we began to walk; given human nature, it was unlikely that anyone would ask too many questions about my apparent surprise at our location. "We're in Hollywood?"

"Well, Los Angeles, to be precise, but we're in the Hollywood district, anyway; mid-1951, to be exact," the Doctor said, grinning casually at me. "I thought that an opportunity for a quick vacation would be nice, and where better than this place back when the business still had some class and neither of us are interested in trying out for anything?"

"You've been here before?" I asked curiously, grateful for a chance to discuss a more pleasant part of my friend's past after the bleak mood of recent events.

"A couple of times, really; actually have a few friends in this era, but... well, it's been a while since I visited, and my experience with America varies; you Americans are a pleasant enough group, but sometimes I just never quite seem to get the country, you know," the Doctor said, shrugging slightly as he looked at the city around us before he locked the TARDIS and began to walk down the street. "Besides, we ended up here mostly at the old girl's discretion, anyway; I set the coordinates at random, with the only condition being that she should take us somewhere reasonably relaxing but glamorous while leaving the final choice up to her, but since neither of us are looking for a big break in the business this probably wasn't a bad choice."

"I agree with that," I said, smiling as I accepted his offered arm as we walked down the street, only for my eyes to settle on the distinctive sign above the buildings before us.

"The sign... looks a bit different..." I said, looking uncertainly at the nine large letters; I wondered if it was just because I wasn't looking at it on a screen as a shot in a movie or something like that.

"This version of the sign's a few feet shorter than the one you're familiar with; the 'land' was removed just last year, and they replaced the rest of it in the late 1970s when the letters became too damaged due to constant exposure," the Doctor explained with a casual smile. "Anyway, we've got enough time to just wander for the moment; anything in particular you want to see?"

"Whatever we can," I said firmly, smiling as I looked at the world of the past around us right now, confusion over the changed sign forgotten.

This was why I'd accepted the Doctor's offer to travel with him; a chance to see people, places and events the way that nobody else in my time would ever be able to see them, escaping my own personal past into the bargain (I found it unlikely that the Cullens or other vampires would have ever even bothered to come here; blending in would have been all but impossible given how constantly sunny this place was).

We spent the day touring Hollywood after the immediate question of location had been answered, the Doctor occasionally pointing out famous landmarks as we walked, such as the cars of the Pacific Electric Railway (Along with a few areas that would become other famous landmarks, such as the Gilmore Stadium that would eventually be demolished to allow the construction of the CBS Television City the following year). The Doctor even took the time to check into a hotel- while taking care to get adjoining rooms rather than the same room; he'd introduced me as his niece-, confident that the TARDIS would be safe locked and hidden in the alley where we'd arrived for the next few days while wanting to provide me with the full Hollywood experience.

Finally, after a day's sightseeing, the Doctor and I were sitting down in a restaurant a short distance from our hotel, the Doctor having dropped in at a bank to withdraw some money he'd moved into an account during his last visit to the States to fund our holiday.

"That was... I mean, wow!" I said, grinning at the Doctor as he sat opposite me, chewing at the last of his food while I swallowed the last of my drink (I'd only allowed myself a single beer; I didn't want to run the risk of getting drunk and talking too much about the future). "I mean, you hear about this place all the time, but being here..."

"Well," the Doctor said, smiling casually at me as he picked up a newspaper that someone had left on a nearby table, "the town's gone through a lot of changes, but it still manages to create a great impression... when you're not trying, anyway."

"Huh?" I said, surprised at the sudden edge to the Doctor's voice when he'd made that last comment. "What do you mean?"

"Just... the last time I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles- allowing for this period where I'd lost my memory and was just passing through, anyway-, I had to deal with a rather... unusual invasion attempt that involved using Hollywood's interest in celebrities for its own benefit; long and complicated story that nearly turned a friend against me..." the Doctor explained, his tone grim as he opened the paper casually, clearly looking for something to take his mind off the topic he'd just brought up, only for his eyes to widen in shock at what he saw when he did so. "De Sande?"

"What?" I asked, getting up from my seat as soon as the Doctor's eyes had widened in shock and walking around to stand behind my friend. Looking over his shoulder, I tried to see what had attracted my friend's attention, but a brief skim over the article revealed nothing but a basic summary about a man called Michael Angelus and his new up-and-coming film company, Fallen Star Productions, accompanied by a photograph of a dark-haired man with a distinctive scar on his cheek, demonstrating a sense of charisma and appeal even in photograph form that reminded me of the Cullens at their best.

Ironically, that charm almost made me more uncomfortable looking at this guy's photograph than I had ever felt when I was in their presence; maybe it was just how clearly shocked the Doctor was at seeing him, but something about the photograph we were looking at didn't feel right to me...

"Is something wrong?" I asked, looking uncertainly at the Doctor after we'd both been staring at Angelus's picture in silence.

"Considering that the last time I met that man ended with the plane he was in being blown up with no way for him to get out without me seeing him do so, I think you can assume there's something wrong, yeah," the Doctor said, looking grimly back at me as he tapped the photograph in the paper solemnly.

"Oh," I said, my eyes widening in understanding as I looked back at the image in the paper.

I might believe in several impossible things, but if the Doctor was that convinced that someone should have died in a plane accident, I felt comfortable agreeing with his assessment that there was a problem here.

"Come on," the Doctor said, folding the paper up and tucking it under his arm as he stood up from the table. "We need to get back to the room and plan our next move."

I didn't need my already not-insignificant experience with the Doctor to know that our day's holiday had come to an end; all I could do now was hope that we could solve this problem and still have time to enjoy some of what Los Angeles had to offer, rather than the Doctor's increasingly familiar habit of just leaving as soon as possible...

AN 2: For those who want to know where De Sande came from, he fought the Second Doctor in the novel 'Dying in the Sun'; I'll include more detailed information about his background in the next chapter