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Falling Stars

As we returned to the TARDIS- the Doctor commandeering a taxi cab by using the psychic paper; I thought that I heard him identify us as secret agents to tell the driver to get us to our destination as quickly as possible-, I wondered whether it was entirely normal how calm I felt about this whole situation.

Here I was, in my own planet's past, attempting to prevent an alien invasion by a sentient yellow liquid that turned humans into what I could only think of as living vampires, led by a film producer with a god complex, and I was actually astonishingly calm about it all.

What did that say about me?

I'd known that my mind wasn't exactly wired the right way ever since I learned about my immunity to Edward's power, but the thought that I was calm when dealing with something that could change my planet's history and potentially turn my species into willing slaves without them even protesting...

I didn't know if that made me weird or if I just had faith that the Doctor would be able to stop it; all that mattered right now was that we were there to stop whatever the Selyoids had planned, and I wasn't going to give up and let the Doctor handle this on his own just because I couldn't think of any contribution I could make to the Doctor's plans myself...

"We're here," the Doctor's voice said, breaking my train of thought, prompting me to glance out of the taxi window to see the TARDIS at the end of the alley where we'd left it. As the taxi came to a halt, I all but jumped out of the taxi and ran for the ship, my usual clumsiness forgotten despite the difficulties in moving in my current dress, the Doctor mere seconds behind me as he paused to pay the driver before hurrying after me. As we entered the ship, I allowed myself a brief smile at the sight of the TARDIS's now-familiar interior- something about the ship made it feel more like a home after a few weeks than I'd felt even when living in Forks-, but the smile was replaced by confusion when the Doctor walked over to the console and set the shit into motion.

"What... we're leaving?" I said, looking at the Doctor in shock. "But... the Selyoids-!"

"We're not going anywhere; I've just moved the TARDIS into temporal orbit," the Doctor explained, smiling reassuringly at me.

"Temporal orbit?" I repeated in confusion, surprised at the sudden unfamiliar term. "What does that mean?"

"Put simply, I've set the TARDIS to go back in time at the same rate that time's flowing forward around us," the Doctor explained, patting the console affectionaly. "Essentially, we're frozen in the same point in time and space; with the TARDIS constantly travelling slightly backwards in time as time passes around it, we're essentially staying at the same point in time as far as the rest of the universe is concerned, which means I'm able to take as much time as I want to look at this stuff without worrying about things taking place outside the ship."

"Oh," I said. "Well... that makes sense."

"Exactly," the Doctor said, smiling at me before he shrugged and pulled the phial out of his pocket, tossing it into the air before he grabbed it in his other hand. "Well, I'm off to the lab to work on the antidote; you..."

He shrugged helplessly, clearly stuck for anything he could say to me in this situation that wouldn't sound condescending.

"Just take advantage of the opportunity for a time-out," I finished, smiling in understanding at the Doctor as I turned to head deeper into the TARDIS making for the room that I'd found and 'claimed' as my own a few weeks back.

I wasn't entirely sure if I should be grateful or annoyed at the dismissal- the chance for a break in the middle of a crisis like this wasn't exactly unwelcome, but I couldn't help but feel annoyed at the idea that I was being pushed aside like Edward had tried to keep me 'safe' from the vampire side of his life-, but in the end I decided to focus on preparing for our imminent confrontation with the Selyoids. Heading for my room, the first thing I did was to change out of my dress- it might be stylish for the current era, but I didn't think it was fully appropriate for the situation we were about to go into-, pulling on a pair of dark trousers and a shirt that would at least avoid attracting too much attention; if I wore my hair the right way, I could probably pass as a boy while we were out on the street, and when we were confronting De Sande I wouldn't care what he thought of me so long as we won.

More casually attired, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to catch up on my reading, and took a quick walk to the TARDIS library, which today was located relatively close to my room (The TARDIS interior seemed to change around a lot, as though the ship was trying to compensate for the fact that its exterior remained fixed). For a moment, my hand hovered over the section of the library containing my usual romance novels, but on impulse I moved away from the Austens and instead picked up The Time Machine by H. G. Wells; given how my view on the world had changed, it was only appropriate that I adapt my reading material accordingly.

The concepts in the book itself were a bit tricky to follow at times- and I couldn't exactly ignore the fact that my time in the TARDIS had taught me enough to know that time travel didn't quite work like what Wells was describing; from what the Doctor had briefly told me the TARDIS worked by travelling through the higher dimensions of existence-, but there was something interesting in seeing how Wells perceived the future would turn out based on the society he lived in when he wrote the book.

I continued to read through the text for an hour or so, but eventually put it aside- the mystery of what kind of creature was living underground was interesting, but it wasn't enough to grab my attention with the kind of stakes we were dealing with right now in my mind-, and put Time Machine aside in favour of a copy of War of the Worlds close to it on the Doctor's shelves. The story quickly proved more immediately engaging- the contrast between the methods of conquest used by the Martians and the more subtle and manipulative methods of the Selyoids was rather fascinating in its way, as I found myself comparing the raw power Wells envisioned the Martians using against us to the more secretive measures used by the Selyoids-, but my reading was cut short when the Doctor walked into the library with a smile.

"We've got it," the Time Lord said as I looked up at him, holding up what looked like a silver aerosol can with a smile. "If I'm right- and I generally am-, this should allow me to drive the Selyoids out of their hosts, so long as I can spray it onto the hosts in some way or another..."

"Spray it?" I repeated, looking at him curiously.

"I wanted something that could get the job done regardless of the circumstances we found ourselves in," the Doctor explained. "Selyoids can heal, but they're not exactly more physically powerful than the average human host in a fight in my experience, so besting them in a physical confrontation isn't out of the question; I don't think we have the time to worry about trying a more subtle approach, and we want De Sande to get our point anyway."

"What... is our point, exactly?" I asked, looking thoughtfully at the Doctor. "I mean, what exactly do we want him to do, apart from just... leave Earth alone?"

"Well, our immediate priority should be to get them out of their current hosts; I don't exactly like it, but if we can confront them from a position of strength, we should be able to make my argument more convincing," the Doctor explained. "Hopefully, if I can convince the Selyoids that I'm willing to help them regain corporeal form without the need for them to get the rest of the human race involved in the process, we may be able to get them to listen to me; if at all possible, I'd rather not destroy a species that are just trying to survive after a bad experience."

"And... can you?" I asked. "Help them regain corporeal form, I mean?"

"With this as a means of driving them out, I should be able to reverse-engineer a means of restoring the Selyoids to some variation of their original form," the Doctor replied. "Making them reject existence in a corporeal body isn't that far removed from being able to restore their ability to manifest an independent corporeal form; I'm essentially 'reminding' their forms that they don't need to use others to get around, after all."

"I'll... take your word for it," I said, nodding awkwardly at my friend; I might trust the Doctor, but at the same time it was still often hard to follow some of his more complicated scientific explanations, and I definitely didn't understand how he could make beings that were once essentially light do anything. "So... where to now?"

"A quick stop on the way over, and then we're on our way," the Doctor said, smiling at me as he turned to head back towards the console room, leaving me to hurry after him, my own spirits bolstered by the Doctor's obvious confidence.

I might not know what the Doctor was planning to do yet, but with him leading humanity's defence against the Selyoids, I already knew that we would be safe.