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Falling Stars

"You're sure this is going to work?" I asked, looking sceptically between the piles of containers that now filled the TARDIS's control room and the Doctor. "You've told me before that you're a bit erratic..."

"Have I let you down yet, Miss Swan?" the Doctor asked, looking at me with an offended yet amused smile.

"We haven't actually had a specific target date that I've requested yet, so I can't say," I replied, smiling slightly at the Doctor to take any potential sting out of my words (I might be sure that the Doctor wouldn't just leave me, but there was still that small part of me that constantly remembered how things had ended with Edward). "Add in the fact that you haven't been that clear on where we're going..."

In truth, my current 'banter'- and I almost couldn't believe that; I'd been constantly shaken after I'd faced people who wanted to kill me and nothing else when the Cullens and the Quillettes had saved me from James and Laurent respectively, and here I was being so casual about- was just to distract myself from thinking about the relative ease of what we'd just done; I almost couldn't believe that saving the world had been that easy.

Leaving Fallen Star Studios hadn't actually been that difficult; considering our 'secret Service' status, the receptionist had avoided asking any questions about what we'd spoken with De Sande about, and it wasn't like we had any kind of 'real' identity in this time that would result in us being questioned when someone found De Sande's body, even if anyone was willing to consider the possibility that we'd somehow managed to kill him in a manner that left him in that state.

Before leaving the office, we'd managed to gather all of the information that we needed from the files De Sande kept in his filing cabinets regarding the distribution of the Selyoids and his team's progress on restoring them- from what the Doctor could tell, De Sande had employed multiple scientists to explore various methods of regenerating the Selyoids, avoiding providing any one person with enough information to put it all together and realise what they were working on-, and, with that, we'd subsequently returned to the office via the TARDIS, the Doctor disabling the ship's temporal circuits to prevent us from time-travelling anywhere by accident and subsequently homing in on one of the labs that had been identified as the area where the Selyoid samples were kept.

With most of the Selyoids in storage awaiting treatment with De Sande's regeneration equipment, I'd spent some time loading the Selyoid vats into the TARDIS while the Doctor had gone over De Sande's files to find the addresses for some of Fallen Star's clients and paid them all a quick visit, but he'd soon confirmed that even those who had received Selyoids had only received a partial sample that would eventually decay without additional doses from De Sande. I felt somewhat bad about the fact that these people were going to lose the career 'boost' they'd received from the Selyoids, but consoled myself with the knowledge that, given Fallen Star's client focus, most of these people had already failed in their chosen profession on their own; if they'd needed alien influence to get anywhere, they probably didn't deserve to be in their current profession anyway.

"Where we're going is actually up to the TARDIS," the Doctor explained, patting the console affectionately as he looked at me, bringing my thoughts back to the present. "I've set the old girl to find a planet that fits the criteria I've assigned to the search pattern, and after that it's all up in the air."

"You're searching for a particular planet?" I asked, looking at him curiously; he'd been more focused on gathering the samples than explaining his plans, so I hadn't had the chance to ask him for more detail before now. "Why?"

"We're giving them a chance to develop on their own in a better environment," the Doctor explained. "The samples I acquired from Robert Chate give me an idea of what the Selyoids don't need to exist- the residue they leave behind after vacating hosts, you know-, while De Sande's work gave me some pointers on what they're lacking at the moment, so with that information I can use some synthetic samples acquired from medical facilities in the future to give the Selyoids the ability to regenerate their physical forms by absorbing certain energy wavelengths found on other planets."

"You can do that?" I asked, looking at him curiously. "Just... take stuff from the future, I mean?"

"I managed to 'steal' a synthetically-grown infant from a lab in the future and infuse it with the life essence of one of my most powerful enemies before leaving it with some friends; after that, acquiring assorted cell samples is relatively easy," the Doctor explained, shrugging casually before he turned back to look at the TARDIS. "Ah, here we are."

Before I could ask him what he meant, he turned around to open the door in front of us, revealing a brilliant jungle landscape illuminated by an equally dazzling blue sun, filled with purple plants as far as the eye could see.

"The Selyoids' new home," the Doctor said, smiling at me before he returned his attention the landscape spread out before us. "It's not perfect- it'll take a long time for them to develop any kind of civilisation, and they'll need some time to naturally develop what we've taught them to do artificially-, but they've got a chance to grow this way."

"What made you choose this planet?" I asked, shaking off my initial awe to look at the Doctor. "I mean, I get that you ran a scan, but what about this planet made it particularly appropriate?"

"Based on my scans, its' sun should generate the energy required for the Selyoids to regenerate their physical forms- in their natural state they were predominately light before whatever happened to them happened, after all-, and then it just takes a bit of time and patience for them to get back to the level they were at on their homeworld before the catastrophe took place," the Doctor said.

"And… it's safe?" I asked.

"Safe as anything," the Doctor confirmed with a nod. "Out of the way from the rest of the universe, no historical events scheduled to take place on it in the foreseeable future, and scheduled to remain intact for quite a few millennia before this particular solar system's run its course."

"Good," I said, out of a lack of anything else to say at that news.

Looking out at the rich young planet that the Doctor had chosen as the Selyoid homeworld, I had to admit that the Doctor seemed to have made a good choice.

After all, from everything he'd told me about the Selyoids, they didn't actually need any of the creature comforts that De Sande had been helping their hosts acquire, given their original state as sentient light; all they needed was something that would allow them to develop their own independent forms once again, and then they'd be comfortable wherever they were, enjoying whatever passed for popular culture on their world.

It might be a bit off to give the race that had tried to conquer Earth a chance to grow and develop in peace, but if they'd been able to find another way, then I couldn't judge them for what they'd done with De Sande as their 'director' any more than I'd judged Edward for the time he'd spent killing humans; they'd done what seemed right at the time, and stopped when they'd learned that there was another way.

"Now then," the Doctor said, smiling as he indicated the containers beside us, "shall we see what would make the best dispersal method, and get on with getting these Selyoids into their new home before we get back to our holiday?"

"Sounds good to me," I said, grinning at the thought of what we were about to do, both right now and afterwards.

My world's history remained unaltered, a madman with delusions of power above himself had been defeated, and we'd saved a species…

All in all, it hadn't been a bad trip to Los Angeles, even if it had been somewhat unconventional.

A part of me still couldn't quite believe it; I had just saved a species, and I was friends with a man who considered that a normal day at the metaphorical office.

God, I'd been face to face with a man determined to reshape the world according to his vision, and I'd told him exactly what I thought of him with nothing more behind me than… well, me.

I didn't know where I'd found that kind of courage, but I had to admit, after my previous epiphany in the Dalek mines, I was starting to like myself again…

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