Here is the start of my 50 drabble iPod/MP3 challenge which most you know the rules of. There will be 5 chapters with 10 drabbles per chapter and I hope to update daily until complete. But for now enjoy the drabbles and if there is one you'd like to maybe see expanded just send me a PM or review and I'll try to give it a shot. On a side note I also have a Tumblr under this pen name where I also take requests ^^

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1) Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones

It was one of those nights in Galaxy Hills, where the heat of the day was determined to stay through the night. Fanboy had grown accustomed to such nights having to live through them every summer of his life in the dying city that he once was so proud of. He was used to the heat, but his longtime partner wasn't, no, Kyle barely tolerated the heat, but then again Kyle hadn't been able to tolerate anything in the last few years.

The wizard growing further and further away, becoming a shadow of who he used to be. Long ago, Kyle would be laughing in his ear over a joke that only a Brit would find funny. Or peppering kisses down his neck and enticing him to bed. But now the redhead was silent, unresponsive, curling into himself to escape whatever dark abyss was trying to pull him in. It was painful for him to watch, even more painful to know that he couldn't do anything, but watch him change.

2) Passive – A Perfect Circle Superhero AU

"So it's finally come down to this has it Fanboy?" the villain asked him from the shadows that held him entangled and unable to move.

"It seems so Necromancer, how does it feel to know you've won?" Fanboy spat blood glaring in the direction of his once good friend.

"I've hardly won, Fan. You can play all you want, but we're destined to fight for all eternity."

3) Cold -Static X Vampire AU

"Can I have the honor of making you my immortal companion?" Fanboy hissed against the side of Kyle's neck, his fangs just grazing the skin.

"W-what about Chum Chum?" Kyle shuddered in response, suddenly finding the room far too hot and his body craving something cold.

"He doesn't understand what it takes…" a pause as Fanboy ran his tongue up the redhead's jawline, " to be so cold."

4) Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie AU

"I was wondering when you'd be back, Sigmund did quite a bit of damage." Fanboy never blinked at the sight of his naked and bloodied boyfriend laying seductively on their bed.

"He seems to forget that I can't die and that I thrive in sin and death. Especially, sin." Kyle smirked a trickle of blood running down the corner of his mouth as he pulled his emerald-eyed lover into bed.

5) The Dope Show – Marilyn Manson AU

"This town is falling apart." Fanboy sighed from the roof of the Fanlair, looking over at his best friend and then his boyfriend.

"Why not, life is falling apart as well." Kyle flicked his cigarette over the edge of the balcony , frowning as Chum Chum light up something quite different from a cigarette. He didn't want to be under the illusion life was beautiful.

6) Keep Away – Godsmack necROMANCEr verse

A wave of dizziness washed over Kyle as he stumbled into the bathroom, the blood on his causing them to hands slipping off the smooth porcelain of the sink.

"Kyle! Kyle what's going on?" he winced at the sound of Fanboy's voice, it caused his heart to twist painfully.

"I told you to stay away, Fan. That if you really loved me, you'd let me be!"

"But why? If I love you, which I do, why wouldn't I want to be by your side?"

"So I could live."

7) Not Falling- Mudvayne

Ever since he had been forced to move to Galaxy Hills he had felt as if he was falling into a black abyss. Beginning to believe what other children had thought about him, what his rival thought of him. That he was a freak, an outcast, a no one.

However, after he met Fanboy, it had all changed. Those demons no longer had a hold over him and he could stand and walk away from them, from all the torment. Because Fanboy had been falling before he had taken up residence in that little city.

8) Stupid Girl- Cold

Fanboy swallowed thickly watching Kyle gather his things out of his locker, the red head had been readmitted to Milkweed Academy and today would be his last day in Galaxy Hills. Just as today would be the day Fanboy's heart would be forever broken beyond repair. If only he had said something to Kyle a year ago when he first arrived, Kyle wouldn't be leaving with a piece of his heart.

9) Fully Alive- Flyleaf

If he ever got a hold of Sigmund, he would kill him, simple as that. There wouldn't be an ifs ands or buts. Sigmund would be six feet underground, if he ever managed to lay his hands on him.

But that would have to wait, the broken form curled against his side was more important now. Kyle was more important now, even if tomorrow the redhead would simply put on a fake smile and claim that he was fine.

10) All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around You) - Bullet for My Valenine

He hated this city. He hated this school. He hated his classmates. However, really it was that he hated himself. He hated himself for falling in love with that purple and lime green moron. It was his fault after all, for making him feel this way, making him feel all this sickly positive emotions. All of them sugarcoated lies. He was an outcast and would be nothing more, how could he have fallen under the impression that he was anything more?