31 The Fight Song – Marilyn Manson

"I love the smell of teenage rebellion in the evening." Fanboy chuckled stepping out on the roof of the Fanlair breathing the thick smoke from the fires across town.

"This goes a little beyond that Fan." Kyle smirked turning to face the masked teen. It had been a quick rebellion one that that no one had saw coming.

"Who knew so many would actually be willing to fight."

32 The Bird and the Worm – The Used

Escaping the foster home had been the easiest part for him; it was really the voices that wouldn't shut up that made his journey so terrible. The guilt was causing those voices it had to be. As soon as he accepted that, the voices would stop and he could finally stop worrying about what he was capable of. He could forget about the blood staining his hands.

33 Say You'll Haunt Me – Stone Sour

Kyle jerked awake knocking over his inkwell, he was lucky that it wasn't the candle. Although if it had fallen over and he had not woken up and he died in the roaring flames he wouldn't complain. In fact he would have gone just the way Fanboy had, but no Fan had made him promise that he would continue to live his life and not chase after him. And in return, Kyle said that Fan had better haunt him until then, but it seemed that weren't going to be together forever after all.

34 Stand Up - Trapt

"Whatever made you think you could treat me like this?" Kyle spat shoving Fanboy away and buttoning his crimson colored shirt. He could feel his skin burn where Fanboy had taken a not so playful bite.

"Come on babe, it's no big deal." The taller teen tried to pull the redhead into his lap only to receive what could only be described as a kiss with a fist.

"I'm not your personal whore."

"Oh, but you're everyone else's?" Blood dribbled down Fanboy's chin as he snapped at the wizard.

"Are you sure you want to go there Fan? Because things will not end that way you think they will."

35 Wait – Earshot

He was beginning to fade, his hold slipping, Death stood waiting for him. How long had he been trapped between mortality and the veil? Too long, long enough that even Sigmund had forgotten that he had been the one to trap the redhead there. Something about teaching him that he was alone.

36 Your Betrayal – Bullet for My Valentine

"I can't believe this, I trusted you. I trusted you with my life!" Kyle's voice echoed in Fanboy's mind as he sat alone in the other's room, which had been stripped bare for evidence. He could still see the raw hurt in those amber eyes when the guards had come in and said he was under arrest for being a magic user. Kyle hadn't even looked up at him when he came to the dungeon to apologize, simply saying; you have signed my death warrant, may you burn in the ninth level of hell.

37 Rain- Breaking Benjamin

Fanboy traced lazy patterns on his lover's back listening to the soft rain hitting the window. He smiled softly not even minding the slight tickle of Kyle's hair against his neck.

38 Superman's Dead – Our Lady Peace

"Finally give up on heroes?" Kyle asked teasingly taking a seat next to the former super fan.

"Yeah, you think that they'd tell you beforehand that superman's dead and has been for a long time." Fan half smirked in return, green eyes shining.

"When you're a child people assume you can't handle the truth."

"No one can handle it as an adult."

39 Click Click Boom - Saliva
"So this is where it all began." Kyle wondered aloud as he looked about Fanboy's old room, running a finger through the dust covering an old stereo.

"Yeah, every weekend I'd lock myself away and crank the stereo." Fanboy laughed before continuing, "It was just me and the click click boom of this old thing." The masked teen made a show of popping open the cassette player and closing it, the plastic making a distinct clicking sound.

40 Wings of a Butterfly – H.I.M.

"I don't understand how everyone claims we can be saved." Kyle murmured to Sigmund as they watched Fanboy search the apartment for the redhead.

"They don't realize what it takes to be saved, that you have to destroy something beautiful in order to save something as equally beautiful." The silver-haired teen replied carefully.

"He realizes that. He'll let himself be destroyed if it means I'll be saved."