Childhood Revisited


It was one of your typical hunts after everything in the world was finally calming down and food was once again edible by the Winchester brother's standards, Sam's standard higher then Deans. But edible nonetheless. This made things a lot easier to take care of some of their needs, not all of them but most. And for the boy's that was good enough.

Their duo was now a permanent trio. But neither brother was really complaining, and after they lost so much they clung to what they had left. Each other and a friend they shared almost equally. Dean was still slightly favoured more. Not that Sam blamed Castiel, the no longer an angel oddball they had with them at all times. Castiel never really explained fully on what he was doing still alive, just that it was a gift and he was grateful.

It was a little known fact that there was a few other angels that were supposed to be dead, that wasn't. But they stayed out of the Winchester's lives, something both brothers were glad for. More or less. Unfortunately the odd illusion or prank showed up, but those were nearly harmless compared to what they could be. At least Sam didn't have to watch his brother die so many times in so many horrifically cartoon-like ways.

Their target was a witch found in the outskirts of a small town that was tucked out of the way. The impala once again purring around them, a sense of home was freely given by this car that at times had car fanatics drooling like kids against a candy stores window. Dean boasted, but kept an eye on them and his car. Nobody touched the Impala.

Sam at the start when he finally got his brother and Castiel back from their unwanted trip to purgatory was in fact jealous of how close Dean and Castiel has become since they left. There wasn't an ounce or resentment for the past between them, they truly embodied what it means to truly forgive someone. Just like Sam's been told that his relationship with his brother is a true embodiment of loyalty and brotherly love. Or maybe that was the fanfiction he once read says, Sam couldn't remember exactly.

And in truth, he didn't care. He had his brother back, his brother had a true friend and things were finally normal even after the whole Crowley being a baddie for awhile after their return. Kevin was in hiding thanks to the angels looking after him. Crowley was laying low, guess he didn't want to tango with an archangel who loved pranks. After all even Sam could admit that Crowley wasn't stupid, in fact he was intelligent and that was what made him a threat. Not his power or his position, but his intelligence.

Sam sat at the table in autopilot mode while Dean fetched the food and Castiel the drinks. Castiel went wherever Dean went at times, almost like the former-angel was afraid that Dean would fade away on him. On them. Dean shockingly enough didn't mind, and that was given the fact that Dean favoured his personal space too much at times. More so after Hell.

Dean doesn't talk about either Hell or Purgatory no matter how much Sam begs or nags at him to speak. Sam even offered up information of what his stint in Hell was like. Dean was willing to listen, but not willing to tell.

Sam got stubborn. And wished he didn't, he caved at times and told a few things here and there about his time in Hell with Lucifer, Michael and Adam. The thought of Adam being there still caused Sam's insides to squeeze threatening him with nausea. He was so sorry that Adam was there, why couldn't he be saved too?

But Sam knew the answer to that as well. Dean chose Sam over Adam. It was always Sam over everybody else. But not over Castiel, Sam had to admit that the socially awkward individual was on par with him now in how important they were to Dean.

Sam's laptop was already open and looking up information on their case when Dean and Castiel sat down. Dean by the window this time and Castiel at the end. Sam thanked Castiel, Dean gave a sound that could have been an acknowledgement at one time. Castiel obviously didn't mind.

"Figure it's a witch hunt." Sam states as he happily put salad dressing on methodically. Castiel decided that he liked putting ketchup on his fries instead of beside awhile ago. He was becoming better at the human thing lately. It was both good and frightening to both Sam and Dean, neither spoke about it though.

A few complaints later about witches, Dean doesn't like witches at all. But he doesn't like demons even more, witches in a sense were the lesser of two evils but still evil and still on the 'to off' list. That would never change.

The hotel they stayed at was cheap and the hotel room was smaller then what they would have liked, but it'll work out for what they needed. It wasn't like they'd stay in the hotel all day. They had work to do. And none of them really minded being in a small room. They've slept in the Impala many times. Hotel rooms were only a step up in arrangements for one reason, showers. And Dean could drink all he wants in hotel rooms and not worry about crashing the car. Or perhaps that was more so Sam and Castiel being worried.

No one spoke about Dean's alcoholism. After all, they all had their cooping mechanisms. Sam's was simple. It was Dean. Dean was a reassurance both physically and mentally that things are okay. That things were going to be okay.

Castiel it was duty and them. Perhaps more then that, but he doesn't speak much about it. It all comes back to the fact that Castiel feels grateful.

The second the sun went down they headed out.

Sam's research informed them of a ritual that required tonight to be performed. Castiel confirmed it with his vast knowledge that Sam and Dean won't even scratch the surface of.

And that was when everything started to go wrong.

The hunt started off like every other hunt that involved witches. This time the house it was being performed in was secluded enough for Sam and Dean to get this finished with a bit of privacy, it wouldn't have made too much of a difference for Castiel at one time. He was more aware of what not to do and what he should do. He wasn't stupid after all.

Dean entered the house first, followed by Castiel. Sam went in the back this time. All three of them silent and acting with the single thought process found in tight squads filled with soldiers. And they were in a sense. Castiel actually being a soldier in a heavenly army while Dean and Sam were raised to be due to their father's quest for revenge and the evil things that go bump in the night and taint the day.

There was five in total. There was only supposed to be three.

The first was taken down quickly, a shot to the head delivered by Dean. Angering the other four.

The chanting changed course and Sam found himself flung through a closet door and tangled with brooms, mops and a vacuum. His long limbs scrambling and struggling as he heard chanting, shooting and Dean cursing them out. Castiel was the silent one, he always was. There was the odd call out in concern, but words weren't important to Castiel all the time. They never were. Guess the human need for talking just doesn't always click with him.

Two thuds, two more witches down for the count. Sam knew that for a fact because he could still hear his brother and Castiel every now and again. That was a relief, now all he had to do was get out of the closet. It was harder then it looked.

One more thud. Angered explanations from the last two witches and a bright cliche light that forced Sam to look away in fear of his ability to see anything if he looked right at it.

Two thuds later and a skip in Sam's heartbeat he found himself watching as one witch fell dead and his brother and Castiel laying on the ground.

Shrinking. De-aging.

A dark anger barely felt anymore surged forward.

One more thud and the last witch was dead. The only ones left breathing was Sam and his unnaturally childlike brother and Castiel.

Pushing his anger down he carefully picked up the once grown men and took off towards the Impala. Placing them in the back seat gently before heading back to the house and picking up everything he could think of. Their weapons, clothing that used to fit Dean and Castiel and the book the witches were using.

And in the words of Dean, Sam couldn't help but say,

"Son of a bitch."

Authoress Note: Yes, this probably has been done before. With witches and de-aging. But I decided to try my hand at it anyway. This is based after Season 7 and probably ignoring whatever they have planned for Season 8. The characters no doubt would be OOC, but in my defense, this isn't your usual situation for the boys or Cas. I hope you enjoy and it helps save you from a few moments of boredom lol.