Chapter 20

Sam hated long line ups now, officially. Because here he was standing with two boys who were hyper and wanting to get in to see the animals. Castiel didn't like the idea of them being in cages but accepted the fact that they are and that was how it was going to be. And Sam made sure to lay down the law.

One do not wonder off on their own. Sam didn't say that it was because he didn't know what kind of people where here and he'd be damned if some loser touched either boy. Damned because Sam would kill that person in horrible ways, and he would know how because he was a hunter so he knew all kinds of things. They'd be lucky that it was Sam and not Dean with all the knowledge he has when it comes to hurting others.

Two do not let the animals out. That one was directed at Castiel mostly because the young looking angel didn't like the idea that they were caged. Castiel sulked for half the drive here until he started to see signs that they were getting closer. After that he perked up and was as antsy as Dean was. Both boys had bright eyes from excitement. Sam was going to let himself enjoy this moment. These memories. They were important and they showed Sam that he could be a good brother and look out for Dean because his big brother always seems to be looking after Sam.

Sam knows he has the worst record for getting hurt or becoming useless. He hates it and hates that it seems to never end. But he can do something now, he can help and be good at it and he can look after Dean and Cas like he was looked after so many times.

The third rule was do not tell anyone about angels. Again that was directed at Cas who understood with understanding far beyond that of a child. But then again, Cas wasn't a normal child.

The forth rule was for both of them. They had to be have and have fun.

The other people finally stopped bothering Cas after the small angel put up a fuss and started to put, tucking his wings away. He was getting like that lately with his wings. He didn't like people touching them. Sam was okay, but Sam could tell that he didn't like it. The only one who seemed to get away with it so far was Dean. So far.

By the time they got in he had both boys held and had to put up with a few woman who were hitting on him because of how he was dealing with children. Dean would be all for it though, Sam only partially and so long as there was time and no one got hurt when it comes to feelings. He was a bit of a softie for that. But right now there was higher priorities and that was in the form of two five year old boys who didn't know where to go first.

"So where first?" Sam asked the two boys who looked up at him. Sam ignored some smiles he got for his interaction with the two boys. If they known the truth behind all of them about half of them would look on with pity or something worse. However that was a thought he didn't want to have. This day was meant for the boys, to give them a childhood memory they can hold onto for the rest of their lives.

For Castiel perhaps it would be his first childhood memory, certainly in a human sense it would be but as an angel Sam didn't know. For Dean this would be giving back a piece of his childhood after Dean has spent so many waking hours trying to give Sam one when they were younger.

"How about the cats?" Castiel suggested and Dean was rather enthusiastic about seeing them. Sam had to look on a map to figure out where they were. Eventually they were heading that way. This time Cas on his shoulders and Dean walking beside him or more like trying to pull Sam so he moved quicker. Sam was well aware of Dean's allergy to cats, but thankfully they might not be getting too close to them so hopefully that won't affect him any.

All in all it took about twenty minutes of weaving through crowds before deciding to hoist the two boys up as far as he can so they can see past a crowd and into the Tiger pen. Castiel mentioned facts about them that he obviously knows by instinct, the instinct or perhaps tucked away memory of Castiel's. Either way people assumed he liked tigers that much. Castiel corrected him and stated that he loved everything on this planet. Dean of course had his own input, at least he wasn't so shy at the moment now.

The bears were next. Dean insisted that this time they get up close to the cage, Sam pulled him back so they were behind the bar meant to keep a protective distance between them and the cage. Dean didn't like that too much but relented with a 'yes sir' that Sam remembered so much when they were a child. When he was young he thought it was out of respect, now he wasn't so sure. Sam ended up bending down and explaining why he didn't want Dean to go closer, the boy understood but didn't really like it all that much.

The birds were next and Castiel was not amused. A few people compared his wings to the birds, he corrected them by stating that they were angel's wings.

"Aren't angel wings supposed to be white?" A young woman said and Sam opened his mouth to get an answer out first, he however failed miserably.

"Myth. Angel's wings are apart of them. They resemble the elements and powers that angel has." Castiel explained in a matter-of-fact tone that had the girl thinking he was weird and Sam could relate to that. He got that kind of look a few times when he stated facts rather in awkward situations. The girl thankfully moved off.

Sam was glad that that situation didn't escalate, Castiel was rather stubborn and wouldn't have backed off. Dean of course was now questioning Cas as they moved on to the next area. Reptiles. Sam wasn't entirely fond of them but at least they weren't clowns so it was easy to accept. Of course Castiel was now stating facts about the animals in the cage. Even going so far as saying a particular snake likes mice over rats. Sam laughed nervously and moved the boys along.

Regardless of the odd awkward situation, it was obvious the boys were having fun. Sam couldn't understand why they had so much energy though. Checking his watch he decided lunch time was in order. They both had burgers and Sam had a hot dog, he would have preferred a salad but he didn't mind going without today.

A few more stops and then they would have to leave.

"Are we going to go see the monkeys next?" Dean asked out of the blue.

"Sure." Sam asked and Castiel seemed satisfied to go along with the suggestion as he got up, wings twitching slightly. They were probably getting cramped at having to stay still, but the young boy knew the importance of keeping up the act of them being fake. Maybe Sam could find a place where he can stretch them all he wants after the zoo visit?

With both boys within his sight they headed towards the section of the zoo where it housed the apes and the monkeys and then the gift shop, Sam didn't know if it was a good idea or not considering that they were going to turn back to adults within a few days at the most. But how could he not? They were kids at the moment and you buy kids a little something when you visit the zoo.

Castiel got a lion stuffed animal and Dean a gorilla. Sam bought a hat because both boys insisted on him buying something for himself too.