The next few weeks were joyous ones. The majority of Hyrule had gathered to witness the holy matrimony of Link and Teleli, which was held in the Great Banquet Hall in Hyrule Castle.

Captain Viscen had proposed to Malon publicly at the end of his speech at the wedding, to have Malon burst into tears of happiness and knock down chairs on her way to throw her arms around the soldier and kiss him passionately in front of all of Hyrule.

Sherim and Aya were unseparable, holding hands and singing and kissing and running around like lovestruck children, making sure the universe knew how much they loved each other. They later moved to Lon Lon Ranch, into Talon's old room, as Talon had run off to Gerudo's Fortess to live with his lover, Auntie Shada, who was absolutely taken by him.

Shortly after Link and Teleli's wedding, Prince Favian of Lotower and Princess Zelda announced their engagement and planned a wedding for the next year in the neighboring land of Lotower.

It didn't take Ghanim very long to find out that Yuta had fallen pregnant when she couldn't even hold down a piece of cake for more than a few minutes at Link and Teleli's wedding. The Sheikah girl gave up her job as a guard at the Shadow Temple to stay at home and carry Ghanim's child, and she didn't seem to mind one bit.

On a darker note, however, Kahalo and Ruto had broken up after Ruto had tried to jump in front of Link wildly before it was time to kiss his bride, and had sobbed uncontrollably when Link's best man, Darunia, had to pry her off the altar.

The Gerudo girls were now allowing themselves to fall into sincere relationships. Yagra had renewed her relationship with the narcissistic Keldiev, self-centered as he was, she didn't seem to mind at all. Nadin, Jamila, and Zaena were bachlorettes and loving it.

Dialeh had fallen in love with Keoni, the Zora owner of the fanciest restaurant in Hyrule, and they cooked together, resulting in an amazing, successful blend of exotic spices and seafood.

Gilad and Aneksi were the hot talk of all the younger teenagers of Hyrule. They were very obvious in their affection for each other, but what young teens aren't?

The Gerudo had split into two groups, one group leaning toward a scattered anarchy toward the late Ganondorf, and one group faithful and obedient to the fair rule of Shada.

But that didn't stop Link and Teleli from living peacefully in the Gerudo's Fortress, at least for now, anyway, as they were having a house built on the shore of Lake Hylia, which was all the rage now. Lakeside homes were in high demand, but Link and Teleli had chosen the best spot: Right where the scarecrow used to be, overlooking the crystal clear water.

Jamila's parents had gotten back together, leaving Jamila ecstatic and in high spirits. She would always be seen swimming in Lake Hylia with her brother Kahalo, splashing each other and getting to know one another.

The land of Hyrule was at peace, at least for the time being. Everything was beautiful under the broad skies as the spirits of the fallen smiled down upon them happily.

~The End ~